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  1. My cousin has a PS2 and loves these type of games. Lot of the games for PS2 he has does not have online support anymore and he would be interested in playing GR online co-op. Can this be done and if so is this still done?
  2. Wanted to introduce myself and this was IMO what may have passed for the most appropriate forum to do so in. New to Ghost Recon. Decided to give it a try after seeing my cousin play these types of games on his PS2. I play a lot of BFBC2, COD4 etc and GR seems like a nice change of pace, plus I got it new for $2. Anyways got it installed and all updated. I dont have any mods yet. I have to learn my way around the game, and it seems like there is a bit too them, before I can try and tackle anything online. It is my understanding there is co-op online games? Way cool.
  3. Is this server still up? Plugged it into my server browser and got nothing. I UPnP enabled on my router/modem. I'll check the connection thread see if something not working there.
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