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  1. Ah, oh well then. Top notch mod nonetheless though!
  2. Not sure if it's been addressed yet, but did anything become of those black skins you were fiddling with for the Masadas, Snow?
  3. Absolutely top-notch work yet again, SnowFella! Although I really wasn't expecting less seeing as how your Ares Shrike mod is still one of my favorites. Don't think I've popped in around these parts in a good year or two, but I thought I'd come in a give my seal of approval.
  4. Yeah. I left after hearing Jason sing Seek and Destroy. I have a bootleg of the show, though, so I know what happened afterward.
  5. Powerman 5000? Yeah, the sound absolutely sucked where I was sitting. The Dome's a very bad venue. I also liked the free show they came back and did. I was in a wheel chair recovering from a leg surgery at that concert though so I couldn't stand up and sing along. I missed SOAD and Powerman due to traffic.
  6. You were at that concert? I was there too. Sucks James wasn't there.
  7. Yeah. I was like "oh crap, they didn't package it with it"
  8. I got the game the other day. Love it. Took me forever to find the CD Key though. lol
  9. Will the retail version have music in the vehicles like Vietnam did?
  10. I put all the settings on Medium. Works great. Doesn't look much different High so that's a good thing. I also pre-ordered the game earlier today.
  11. I have the 5.6 drivers. Weren't they supposed be performance boosting?
  12. By resetting your gfx. Do you mean in the game or via a control center like ATI has?
  13. Hmmmm... Then I have no idea what's going on. I have everything on high, 1024X768, and no AA.
  14. It's so ######' laggy playing the Singleplayer part on my comp. Havent played Multiplayer yet. My specs are: 2.4ghz P4 Processor 1 GB of RAM Radeon 9600xt What's going on?
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