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  1. Ok now i have another problem when i start the server on the host is showing two server im playing in lan in there is one server but the server start to games why?????? Thanks a lot Coldwars
  2. Hello es this was it:-) now have i another question where can i make that all gamers are in one team?? Thanks a lot:-)
  3. Hello Im new on the board and i have a question about decticated server configuration Iwill open a decticated server with coop mode But when i try to jion the server alone he say waiting for a Rebbel but we will play at the same team can i make the configure so that all ist come in as a Team when yes Who I have working with the decticated_game_info.xml but its still so I hope you can read my englisch is not the best i have learn ) with frendly regards Coldwars
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