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  1. I just had a dream about this virus. I need to take some time away from the computer.
  2. I grew up to wing commander II, it must have came with my soundcard. This is really cool.
  3. haha, no. :b I just been messing around with it a lot lately, experimenting with a few configs for some other game (deus ex), and then I thought that with the re-texturing project GR deserved some post processing effects. And have you tried it? Does it work for you? I haven't been able to try it on any other pc.
  4. Good news: Look at this screenshot, you can see the bloom and the motion blur, but it has an ugly color config, what does it mean? I'm running the FXAA Injector in GR with the ENB mod, I just used the color config to make it clear that the FXAA injector was working. For those of you who doesn't know FXAA is one of the latest (and fastest) anti aliasing techniques, and well, this is an injector that's been widely used recently. It is waaaay better than the ENB AA. No more lonely pixels floating around GR treetops. EDIT: That was quick! Download link added to the OP.
  5. oooh! I'll try the occlusion with those models that came with your beta from project novo! If it works I'll post some pics. And for the D3d_dx9.DLL error, I'll quote the ENB website: EDIT: Direct links to files doesn't work, so here's the link for the download page, just look for the text quoted above. http://enbdev.com/download_en.htm
  6. I have no idea to why this happens, try with a lower screen resolution. And if it doesn't work you can disable it through the enbseries.ini, just change the line "EnableMotionBlur=1" to "EnableMotionBlur=0" and you'll still have all the effects except for the motion blur. Make sure that, if you had another version of ENB in your GR folder, you replaced it with the new version. Also, try this "[MOTIONBLUR] MotionBlurQuality=0 MotionBlurVelocity=50 MotionBlurRotation=50" instead of this: "[MOTIONBLUR] MotionBlurQuality=1 MotionBlurVelocity=60 MotionBlurRotation=60" And I rec
  7. That's weird. Could you take a screenshot? What's your video card? Did anyone else tried it? Does it work?
  8. It is possible that if you add it it will work, the main problem is that characters appear with a lot of flickering shadows when occlusion is on, but I bet there are ways to fix it.
  9. That's the spirit! And some screens: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. (I know there is already another ENB thread here on the forums, but I didn't want to bump it since this one will cover a very different version) Most of you may know the ENB mod for GR we have on the download section (Bloom Mod), last night I've spent a lot of time experimenting with a DirectX 9 version of it, trying to make it work. (Ghost Recon uses DirectX 8) This version uses a DirectX8 to DirecX9 convertor, which enables DX9 post processing effects on DX8 games. I've experimented a lot with all the settings, and I was able to come up with a few (good looking, may I say) effects.
  11. ike.log says Loading map e:\arquivos de programas\red storm entertainment\ghost recon\mods\project novo beta 4\map\m02_farm\m02_farm.map RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file anim00.rsb RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file anim00.rsb Unable to find anim00.rsb anywhere. DS and IT activated and game is patched to 1.4 will try now.
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