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  1. Well i can tell you that i have bretzies mod and havent found a game with anyone else, even if i host it, i noticed rahnman mod has players and i've seen weapons masters a few times, other than that if i want to play multi i need to use regular weapons. All the maps to download are fun even if you play by yourself. I myself might go ahead with the rahnman mod hoping the weapons are just as fun as bretzies. Mostly the M468- if its on there! And there always seems to be a rahnman mod game going on, with downloaded maps mostly
  2. And thank you for everyones help!!!! sorry about cross threading i lose track of were post are as i am involved in many forums but will try my best
  3. again any suggestions for which weapon mod to use that people are using, also can i have more than one mod at a time, and finally how do i disable a mod (ie bretzies 3.02) but still keep it?
  4. i posted this on general disc, but what about blender?
  5. will the blender 2.56 work for weapons creation?
  6. Both actually but what programs to make skins yeah not anticipating cheap, but worth it if i can make my own weapons
  7. Can i change the color of the weapons, mind you i'm 2 days into PC GRAW2 but know my way around windows explorer and sucessfully have installed extra maps and BP weapons 3.02
  8. Tom i use 3.02 as well and start my own mutliplayer, i name it "Graw server bp weapons3.02" or "bretzies3.02" feel free to join me as it seem i am the only one playing it as well. i do use some downloaded maps. If you start one and i'm online i will gladly join, that goes for anyone else too, love this game
  9. Hello, new to forum but been playing ghost recon since the beggining. This my first experience with computer and have to say i love it! Mods, maps, everything. Jobs well done and appreciated to all. Anyway, wondering if anyone uses bretzies for coop, would be nice to play with someone, i have 3.02, maybe i should use weapon masters? or Rahn? I know this game is not new but i'll be playing it till i die. Thanx
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