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  1. if it is a patch to control farming I'm not wasting any more of my time on tier 1 mode. It's a fair way of getting points and no worse than replaying the inca camina missions for the umpteenth time. I was sneaking up to a convoy while on hunted mode where there's no feasible way they know i'm there, they suddenly turn around and run in my direction and shoot me before I can even aim in his direction, seems grossly unfair. that's not mentioning the gross unbalance of it, I have to put 5-6 shots into them but they can one shot kill me with a pistol no problem, or we have cars spawn right next to us as 'reinforcements' just as we're close to clearing the area and we get slaughtered. that with the constant grind of convoys, missions, more convoys, even MORE convoys, plus a few season challenges it's getting really boring, really fast, Pilgrim and i decided to mix it up a little by starting a 'horde mode' of sorts by ###### off unidad and hiding out in a defensible building, only to find that I wasn't getting any points when I took down the choppers or the cars, despite that being my primary role as I can take them out quickly and accurately.
  2. hey guys! I used to be able to take down helicopters with an HTI and get 300+ tier points for it, but since the helicopter update I've been getting no tier points for taking down choppers or cars, is anyone else experiencing this, is there a fix?
  3. I genuinely couldn't breathe from laughing when pilgrim and I found this. Also found out you can do wheelies
  4. and this was the moment that zeealex lost her ######...
  5. Pilgrim Got invited to the closed beta and has given me an invite, obviously there's an NDA, but I can let you know how i found it on a scale of 1-10 right?
  6. Awesomely superb is two words, rocky, gawwd! looks fab tho, can't wait!
  7. yeah, my faithful MP7 is as powerful as an MSR now XD
  8. i've been enjoying beating Pilgrim's ass on it, but it's mainly a bragging rights/difficulty kinda thing not sure if the magic will eventually wear off. also, the red shemagh is grey...
  9. You'll learn in due time that I can be somewhat tough in my critiques, please, don't take it personally and try to understand that i'm attempting to help your work improve. I'd love to see a future soldier game done with the wildlands formula tbh.
  10. PSD is a photoshop file, has all the raw data of what's been done to it etc etc. and EHDD is my external hard disk i have no idea what pic monkey is XD
  11. These should be JS_Eurostile and Eurostile Black, used in the titles from the original up to GRFS EROSYT.TTF LEUROSTN.TTF LEUROSTB.TTF LEUROSTO.TTF LEUROSTT.TTF I also have a PSD on my EHDD which explored their typography, did it for college, I'll try and dig it up and send it to you
  12. hmm, i'd change the font you're using, you want me to pass over the original Ghost Recon font? I will also be doing my own fan piece based on the 2010 future soldier concept soon
  13. heh, buildings eh! looking very nice!
  14. normally means you'e using an integrated graphics chipset that isn't compatible with the game. system specs?
  15. Jelly! should try and make them give all of us swag!
  16. Hey all! I've been trying today to create a game for a couple of friends to play and I've found I've been unable to since I've moved in to my new apartment. All I really know is it gives me my local IP rather than my internet IP, despite being an internet game, and when my friends try to connect, they find themselves in a loop trying to connect. I've checked my router to try and open port 2346- 2348, but the router is just saying it's already open to some effect. Any ideas? thanks all!
  17. glad i'm not the only one, I call it 'baby barrett' even though it's not a barrett, it passes off as one. SPOILERS!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!! I liked fallen Ghosts, bit of a continuity issue though, why the heck is Bowman there? isn't she supposed to be in prison? I know you can get the good ending but that good ending is supposed to be the alternate, no? I was saying to pilgrim yesterday, it would've been really good if they really darkened the story, like, Spec Ops: The Line level darkening, you see all of this shiz the extranjeros are committing and it pushes you to the brink of your sanity, but not as dark as Spec Ops to the point where you willy pete civilians, cause that's a little too dark. still, would've been 'good' to see nomad and crew really having to steel themselves with it all but with more than just a few bits of dialogue I like how they tied it into GR:FS with the weapons and equipment too, and I'm a sucker to say the crossbow is my favourite toy. pair that with the fact that I couldn't trust the forest because of those scary as hell invisible people and you're onto one hell of an experience.
  18. Hmm, I could never get into CoH, even as an RTS buff. Always was much more of a 1C/Men of war fan, I guess it just felt a little more open, and Men of War was safe for the most part from the DLC crapwagon, which CoH 2 at least, didn't handle well, I mean, locking off entire factions seemed like a ridiculous idea from the start. But this is pretty awesome, i'll check it out!
  19. Recorded from today, it was hilarious at the time, apologies for the swears!
  20. reminds me of that time pilgrim and I chased a heli all the way down a mountain after it spawned in
  21. here's all of the information on the file format BI have written https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/PAA_File_Format
  22. loading .paa files and saving them directly from photoshop would save a lot of time and confusion.
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