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  1. I've always been a fan of the sniper elite series. Sniper Elite 4 is pretty decent too if you wanna try it out! Hoping they do a sniper elite in the cold war, I know it was briefly alluded to in v2.
  2. Jack57 Mods added, trying to find 5th Element
  3. Hi frigider, the download section is currently down due to some security concerns. What mods do you need?
  4. after a battle that was harder than it should have been, I've finally got the correct data types implemented for the vertices. I just really hope they're the right numbers now 🤔I get the strong impression I may need to use floating point after all, 56 verts seems a little high
  5. full backwards compatibility for the original Xbox has been confirmed for the Xbox Series X
  6. It was indeed, after GR2 Ubi began to use more general-purpose engines such as Diesel and Anvil. So this is the last GR game where we see variations on QOB files. GR2 had some great models and maps, hence why I'm here losing my ###### over these damned files! In other news - The very hacked together program I've written is successfully reading files and providing correct debug information so far! So the easy part is done at least!
  7. As always, regardless of what you go with if you need some eyes on what the programmer gives you from a security perspective, you know where to find me. it's been a little while since I've red-teamed but I should know enough to get by and I've done enough code review to get a good idea of whether or not its secure.
  8. yeah, cause we'd essentially be lifting and shifting the entire file structure, 🤔 we could set up redirects as discussed in PM, I had a column in the MSSQL database that would allow you to query the old file ID and allow the old links to still work to some degree, but setting up those reditrects would be a considerable amount of effort. Are you at least moving away from the old DBMS?
  9. are we not going with my asp.NET alternative? I'm guessing turning the entire site from php to ASP.NET would be an absolute pain...
  10. The download section is currently unavailable due to an ongoing security incident. Rocky is working tirelessly to get the download section up and running as soon as possible. In the interim please place a request here for a mod to download and I will attempt to seek it out and upload it to my google drive for you I have all Ghost Recon Mods (including GRAW/GRAW2) up til 2015 on an external drive. Any later mods I will attempt to contact mod authors as they may still be active in the community. I will edit this post continually with frequently requested mods. 1. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed - By ApexMods 2. DeCENT by Jack Wachter 3. Richard's FPWV Mod Jack57 Mods Ghost Recon & Island Thunder Xbox Conversion by C419 Ghost Recon HD Sounds Standalone by C419 Dangerous Babes by Monolith & Bajabravo Gangland by Monolith P2: A Cold Day In Hell Operation: Stabilise Many thanks Zee
  11. yes, I assume this is likely deliberate due to an ongoing security incident on the site.
  12. My home territory! Do you use the Office 365 Security and compliance center at all?
  13. your passwords are stored as hashes on a different database. The API key exploit is explicitly targeting the server control panel itself. if your passwords are weak, now's the time to update em!
  14. Hijacking my own thread to say it was a busy day yesterday... File Header Location Length Type Description Value 0 1 Int File Length Variable 4-7 4 String/Date XQOB File Header – Contains Date XQOB - 04/03/2005 02:13:44 2 1 Unsigned Int Mesh Count Usually 2, Sometimes 3 (Mitchell) Texture Header Location Length Type Description Value TXTR+1 1 Unsigned Int Texture Index 1 1 TXTR+4 1 Unsigned Int Texture 1 Size 512 TXTR+5 1 Unsigned Int Texture Index 2 2 TXTR+8 1 Unsigned Int Texture 2 Size 512 TXTR+9 1 Unsigned Int TextureCount Typically, 2 16 4 Unsigned Int Section Size for TextureList (In bytes) Variable 36 1 Unsigned Int Texture 1 Name Length (Bytes) Variable Variable 1 Unsigned Int Subsequent Texture Name Lengths occur immediately after Preceding texture name Variable TXTR+12 1 Unsigned Int Possible Vert Count Variable Member Header Location Length Type Description Value MEMB-4 1 Unsigned Int Section Length Variable MEMB+1 1 Unsigned Int Object Count Variable ~232 32 Unsigned Int Unknown Pattern Variable Material Header Location Length Type Description Value MTRL-4 1 Unsigned Int Section Length Variable ~165910 1 Unsigned Int Material Count Variable (Typical) Geometry Header Location Length Type Description Value GEOM-4 1 Unsigned Int Section Length Variable GEOM+25 1 Unsigned Int Possible Vertex Count Variable Mesh Header Location Length Type Description Value MESH-4 1 Unsigned Int Section Length Variable SLIT Location Length Type Description Value SLIT-4 1 Unsigned Int Section Length Variable MDLT Location Length Type Description Value MDLT-4 1 Unsigned Int Section Length Variable
  15. Hi All! I know GR2 is the long abandoned red headed step-child of the series. But I've been able to pull out some material from the 'Extras' Section of the game. seeing as the GR2 section is read only, I'll pop it here This for the most part includes concept art, images regarding gear and the Natick Soldier Center Future force warrior concept. Go Wild! DOWNLOAD Some of the pulled images below: https://imgur.com/ltsLKaX https://imgur.com/VBPvCrq https://imgur.com/Y6TgZdf https://imgur.com/HG4kvc5
  16. Okay, I have a very stupid question. How do I use the .bt files? specifically looking at the xbox .xpr file converter. I'm a little stupid sometimes, a step-by-step tutorial to set up and run the SDK would be helpful.
  17. *puts infosec hat on* Need me to take a look?
  18. Ever wondered what happens when you mix a 20 year old engine and cutting edge material generation tech? 🤔 I guess we're about to find out...
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