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  1. it'll work sometimes but a majority of the time it will say it cant connect, whats up with it?
  2. true VERY true i actually like not having a jump feature in GR, i think GR2 on the xbox had what i wanted. if you see a small obstacle, you can push a button and the character will jump over it or step up on it. if only the AI did the same that way you are eliminating the need to have a jump button and replacing it with something much more practical. if you ask me, when Ubi say GRFS is going back to it's roots, i believe them, not because of the russia thing, but because, you still had to go stealth i mean, sod the cloak, you dont have to use it if you dont want to. at the end of the E3 demo, when kozak lines up all his buddies to shoot and kill a guard each, it sort of reminded me of the thing you would see in GR.
  3. oh another thing, sorry to butt in here, something i notice in Crap of Duty Black Ops SP campaign, if you are a CIA agent, wearing civilian clothes and no ghest rig to carry mags, your pockets arent going to be big enough to carry 10 magazines that needs to be adressed, if you pick up an AK47 from a dead soldier, you are only going to have the mag in his gun plus possibly 2 that you can fit in your back pockets. not automatically ten. it would be a good idea to see when a soldier picks up a weapon, that they actually root around the dead soldier's mag pouches and take out the mags too, and putting your old mags in his or something nuts like that. that sort of thing i would like to see implemented into Co-op only, i wouldnt expect to see that in the heat of a deathmatch.
  4. Anti aliasing makes the edges smooth but because Ubi Cocked everything up, it just blurs the background oh as for the tunnel vision thing, you probably just need to sit back a little. then you can get a clearer view, i mean how big is your screen again? can you see why gamers have a smaller screen now? oh and the mouse reveiw XD yeah, i wont sell it to you more than i have to, if you arent going to use it's full potential, then there isnt any point having it. but Gigabyte do make other gaming mouses if you want to take a look at a later date or something
  5. so crap i would dare call it GR5 okay okay, so minus the GRIN part then UBI ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!
  6. i would love to see a GR movie so long as Jacobs, Cohen, Diaz, Foster, Burke and Gordon are in it, they where my favorite characters going on their Bios probably like to see Kozak in there too. i'd probably like it to see how the relationship between characters builds up.
  7. just goes to show that ubisoft dont really give a ###### about the customer, so long as they have money lining their pockets they dont care
  8. one thing noticed recently (sorry if i sound dumb and slow here) is games like GR2 (yes i mean Ghost Recon 2 the one with the Cancelled stamp on the PC version) upward seemed promising in terms of realism and yeah graphically it was fantastic. but they lack the REALISM from a game almost 10 years old now (in november is it?) the newer game's AI is apparently complex and know how to kill you - uhh [GR] had great AI that when shot at. they would supress the source of the shooting while fellow team members got to cover and allot of the time they would try to flank you. graphics are more up to date with blood clouds coming from the body - yeah sure whatever, but what about the actual wounds it's all well and good having the blood spurt out, but from a non existent wound? uuhh hello! Scott Mitchell isnt Wolverine! at least Jacobs actually bled from somewhere! ragdoll physics make the fall of an enemy more realistic - yeah because an enemy is really gonna break his back in 4 places, twist his arm and both legs from a low heigt fall like that isnt he? at least the fall of an enemy in [GR] wasnt going to be nearly as violent and unbelievable, sure it's 'hollywood' and repetetive. but if you dont like 'hollywood' why are you playing GRAW? set in a vivid urban environment where enemies come from nowhere - thats great because [GR] is so linear that enemies actually do spawn from nowhere inparticular! but seriously, i think a guy on here who, quite rightly, gave up playing GRAW said the same. all well and good having an urban environment to play in but not being able to play in buildings on those vivid urban streets, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter might as well have been Ghost Recon Street Warfighter you arent really advanced if you are so dumb and restricted that you can beat down a door to find a good sniping position. realistic characteristics - oh like limping? i dont recall seeing that in GR2 or the advanced warfighter series implementing that. i remember managing to get seen by an enemy when i was hid behind a rock he couldn't possibly see around in summit strike and getting seen by enemies that could see through walls in advanced warfighter. oh and another thing when someone dies in the later games, they magically reappear in the next mission you are with them wow! now your team mates are jesus? they even work miracles for your enemy by getting in your fire lanes how cleaver! - when someone dies in [GR] they STAY DEAD! yes Ubisoft/Grin death does exist! anyway, enough of my ranting, what are your views on said subject?
  9. nice to know you like it do you have anti aliasing on or off? sounds like the SCAR or the SAW and yes, short controlled bursts are best for any type of stiuation.
  10. okay, take an educated guess, i'm a Gigafreak wich means i am addicted to Gigabyte products, the Gigabyte Ghost. this conveiniently named mouse has a record breaking 6000DPi sensitivity, nice and reliable, clean, ambidexterous. this could be what that 180degrees turning dude was using a flick of the wrist and you are there just dont use it with cloth mats, it is easier on laminated mats or hard surfaces
  11. it's okay actually the beta was really slow for me but it has sped up enormously since then in my eyes, like i can actually load google in under 5 minutes! XD but sadly i will be sticking with firefox i dont want to get used to yet another IE and when i go into Fedora, forget where my bookmarks are on firefox
  12. also, from what i know there is a file (i think it is SB_global.xml you have to extract quick.bundle to see this file and make the game run unbundled) which allows the player to set move speed, was your opponent moving faster than normal? it could be the case of only single player allows this, Rahnman, will you know?
  13. if you ask me the reason we are getting so many earhtquakes these days is because we are sucking the oil out of the ground, the oil is there as a sort of lubricant so the plates can move with ease, but thats just my thoery
  14. i gave the laptop a full revamp, new screen, new battery, new RAM and a fresh install of windows 7 with Ubuntu as Dual boot, it seems to work okay now, she only had 1 BSOD but that was DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL_TO wich was easy solved, that could have been the problem in the first place XD
  15. the only thing i can really suggest is by the sounds of things you know the places, but you seem to be (no offence) predictable so here it goes: seek, cover, shoot, move if you see an adversary dive to cover, poke your head out, kill them, and move position. if they know where you are, there is a VERY high chance you will get killed easier, be unpredictable, dont have a 'routine' because the enemy will get to know that routine and follow you. if the cheaters go to the same place, avoid that place or work around it, if they want to cheat, dont give them the satifaction of the kills by trying to get them down.
  16. Position Music- Blood Brothers
  17. i noticed you edited a post that was in all caps for the same reason it annoys me most, becasuse its hard to read. well in my eyes you're doing a great job
  18. i can imagine, but hey, it's occupation
  19. roaming around this place, it seems really well moderated you lot definately keep to your word when you say 24/7, 365 days a year. i havent seen one bit of spam yet, so how much do you guys get a day on average?
  20. Did you know... I thrashed your ass on SHOWW2 even with your fancy Pz6 Tiger Camoflauged
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