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  1. unfortunately i dont have max. not that i know of, but i suppose i could invest in it and try to import the model over. thanks for the pointers.
  2. http://s1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee423/Zeealex/?action=view¤t=Jetfighter.jpg i want to get this fighter jet in GR, are there any converters or anything that will get it so it becomes a vehicle file? oh and can someone fix (or tell me whats up with) the image extension issue it keeps saying i am not allowed to use this image extension
  3. XD looks like the big shuttle thing off avatar crossed with a chinhook. and thanks operative @krise sometimes it can be convenient to have one especially when you are under heavy fire and you have a window pane or a flat surface for cover. instead of having the bipod seperate they decided to attach it to the front grip so you werent fiddling about trying to get the bipod back into position if you needed to move quickly say because sniper was zeroing in on you or you were under too much fire, you can just grab the front grip and move on i guess. i noticed the chest peice hasnt changed other than the colour since GRAW.
  4. thanks guys, i'll bear that in mind next time. i've decided i'll only check up once in a while when nothing is going on at home.
  5. no i'm just saying, my mum (zeealice, if you havent figured out) is in hospital with a serious head injury (trust me its more serious than it sounded in a previous thread, the impact has caused damage to her brain) and she isnt doing particularly well, i try getting help (not from here, at the end of the day, you guys are are gamers not therapists) but i feel no-one is listening to me. the 'say what you want' thing is just who i am, i'd much rather be told straight than not told at all. as you can see i have become bitter and not very good to talk to, thats why i am trying to get off the scene because really it isnt good for anyone if i am like this. so you can call this thread a stupid waste of time by all means but it is to let you all know what is going on, not that anyone would care. the uselessness is down right true, i am useless and always will be.
  6. wow this is a first, i'm actually listened to somehwere? i feel honoured thanks operative unless of course, you werent talking to me. then fair enough, but one thing to say. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT CHOPPER THING????
  7. i know pave low said that this place is for everyone, and for discussion of any type (apart from political in the military section or Spam) but i still can't help but feel a little useless. and with mum's condition not getting any better, worse if anything. i think it might be best for all of us if i stepped out of the scene until further notice. at the end of the day, i need to be there for my baby sis while my dad is at work. not just sat here on my PC all day. so, later gaters.
  8. oh why does mum have to go and smash her head now! i would have added Gigafreaks, but because of the total inconvenience of gravity, and the fragility of peoples skulls we cant join up! now i am ###### off. always next time i guess. on a better note, the missions look fantastic! are these going on public release after the tournament?
  9. snipers would have their own comms, as they would be further away from their main fire team than other team members. and the designated team leader.
  10. i have many, Tara Dakides, Thomas J. Bergsen, Pei-Chen Yeh, Liane Schirmer, Bill Brown, Tarja Tarunen and of course my own loving mother so who inspires you?
  11. wow Pave, that was what i was looking for thanks i sort of understand now with the difference in platforms with Ghost recon advanced warfighter. on the Xbox, the graphics were pretty poo, but on the PC although the model files were slightly more limited it looked much better develpers should really start thinking about making games slightly more compatible with mobile intel chipsets as i have seen many branded media PCs with them in there
  12. okay this is sort of a games console PC thing but i didnt know where to put it so i just stuck it here. feel free to move the topic if you need to, okay so here it goes okay so an Xbox 360 has a 3.2 GHz tri core CPU (okay fair enough but wait a mo) 512mb of GDDR3 ram at 700mhz and an ATI Xenos 500MHz chip. with (i think) a whole 10mb of VRAM! ¬¬ and it plays new games like bulletstorm without fail right? but if i was to have a PC with the same spec as that running XP it would refuse to run so why is it i need higher specs than an Xbox 360 to play a game that plays fine on the 360's specs (obviously for the corresponding platform)
  13. exactly, thats why these earthquakes are so violent and are causing the countries it affected to sink (japan sunk 9 feet i believe) and haiti is apparently lop sided. not sure about christchurch well the moon controls the gravitational pull of the tides doesnt it, so it being closer ought to do something. other than look pretty that is
  14. XD has the surprised kitty been on this?
  15. XD well i have narrowed the searches down a little, now knowing full well what type of car she is after (good looking, something that you would love to drive forever sort of thing as well as being practical and can get her from one side of the country to another.) well, i got these although you may be thinking "they arent practical" dont worry, when zeealice says practical see means fast and reliable Lambo Gallardo (in white) £117,500 Audi R8 (phantom black pearl) £61,850 Maserati Gran Turismo (Grigo Touring Metallic) £62,850 these arent tha actual images, Autocar wont give the image URL what would you go for? obviously i am not going to make the desicion (too young for a start), as soon as mum is able to get to a PC she will get the decider. sorry if it buggers up the internet speeds
  16. thanks wombat, i'll pass on the wishes to her ASAP
  17. right, first off, i am asking this because zeealice (mum) managed to smack her head against a curb when she was out skating with her pallies (hey, you're never too old to pick up a skateboard) so she is in hospital and apparently she'll have to stay there for a while to be observed and operated on, its a depressed fracture, whatever that is anyway, she was going to ask this when she got back, but seeing as that will be a while away yet, i decided i wanted to do her a favour. she said something about £150,000 on the car itself, and £2000 saved each month for emergency costs and saving back for insurance. and she was going to ask whether you had any practical suggestions on a car that will get her from london to newcastle upon-tyne easily. not sure what else she wanted,i wouldnt mind but we were talking about it in the living room over lunch, i have such a terrible memory.
  18. that is rather scary, james is a right up himself ######. pardon my french
  19. i like the word stable, it usually means good stuff thanks for the quick replies
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