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  1. 32 bit accepts up to 3gb only uses about 2gb like you said. and like single core processors better than multicore 64bit accepts 4gb and above and loves multicore processors
  2. hhhmm, the only game xp to 7 transfers i have been able to do are from 32 bit to 32 bit, and the game didnt require a disk to run, so if any games require a disk to run, the disk has to make it's signiature in the registry, which copying the keys and binary data from a 32 bit to 64 bit OS is increasingly risky, it might be easier to let the disks do their jobs. if you dont have the disks, and you can still play them then file transfer without registry entries wont be an issue
  3. you just made my day more RAM always helps, but just make sure nothing goes wrong with the current build when you build it first, and if you find it works okay, go for it! 4GB is still sufficient
  4. haha! yeah, definately have to let mum loose on that when she is awake and able to. i think it may just amuse her.
  5. XD i found it while looking for cheer ups it never gets old http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=964uCtgsDoE.swf'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=964uCtgsDoE.swf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=964uCtgsDoE
  6. could have just asked me, i was doing them about a year ago on youtube. hopefully that works i have to reinstall the game and ge tthe whole thing back, but good job making it public. just be careful Ubi doesnt sue your ass. for copyright
  7. XD yeah, i think gangstas in the army arent really realistic, the army is full of discipline that type of speak isnt allowed. another thing, if the spentsnaz are being involved they should use the actual spetsnaz moves like their tactical reload and weapon change, and of course the human sheild thing they get going on with their AK straps as well as the vintarez sniper rifle and the shovel they use to behead people. i hate seeing russian portrayed in a bad light especially the spenstnaz being portrayed as "just another unit" just isnt acceptable, they are by far the best special forces i have researched yet. oh good luck completing your DS2 acheivment!
  8. awesome! looking like a pretty stable PC there. the GPU may require you to use a power adapter but hopefully the box should contain one. oh the very last link leads to a not found page right, advice advice advice now, i'll burn it into your head. ALWAYS know the instruction manuals for all parts left right back to front and sideways before you start, the hardest part for me on my first build was wiring up the case to the motherboard, i had lost the user's manual for the case so i didnt know the difference between the posative and negative wires so trial and error was my only way out of the tiny mess. also write down BIOS POST beep codes on a post it note and keep it on hand at all times so you know where to look if it beeps abnormally and doesnt boot. and if no beeps are heard and it doesnt boot, look at the RAM, take it all out, boot it up again and if it beeps to tell you the RAM is gone, there is your issue right away. most probably too high frequency. Never force something in that doesnt want to budge, the least you want to do is break it. be careful of the graphic card if it is anything like a 6970 it is a MONSTER oh and ALWAYS use logic and common sense, "what ifs" arent for a PC like this.
  9. what the?! no i dont get it
  10. agreed, also, none of this "posh" english accents crap, that is about as unconvincing as it gets, most brits i know these days talk with other accents like cockneys, scousers, mancs etc. oh and their regiment's tag should match their accent, no cockneys, from the machester regiment. i think the best example of foreign languages used apart from, ghost recon was spec ops, yeah sure it was a 3rd person shooter, but in airborne commando they spoke in native languages with a little traslation at the bottom
  11. sorry, i edited it, but in that case you can use those adapters and make it external rather than slave it. RAM is RAM i think it is the only non backwards compatable part of a PC i know of.
  12. thanks! glad i could help. it seems you are have a good eye being able to match things up to compatability of the components same story about the editing thing first question, unfortunately not, the DDR RAM won't fit in the DDR3 slot for a start, and the PC will fail to boot if you do manage to get it in there. as for the adapter, Ultra ATA i think is just a name to make it seem "cooler" and is actually IDE in which case there are thousands of power adapters going for almost nothing on amazon. the case, is a tricky one, as usually the boards made for said cases are generic sizes and dont go on the ATX/MATX form factors, you could certainly fit the drives, but the motherboard is the larger problem, does the motherboard have a product number like GA-MA770-UD3 (not exact, i got that off my old AMD motherboard, by guess who? but like a similar definition?) again, PSU's for big brands can have their own generic size, my Packard Bell Imedia 1559 (well, my mums old one) had a 250W one and when i went to swap it out for 300W the PSU would only fit at the top and it held on with 2 screws, it didn't fall out thank god but it made one hell of a racket. the 600W PSU will be okay as far as i know, usually PSUs are rather stable and dont give you hassle i recommended 750W simply so you had more breathing room when it came to upgrades in the near future. but if you begin to get louder than usual noises from the back of the PC, Random BSODs or shutdowns, send it back (if you can) and up the wattage. GPUs now, i have never been an Nvidia freak or an AMD freak (but ALWAYS a Gigafreak) but i have experienced a fantastic difference when i swapped out an Nvidia 9400GT (i think) for a HD 4550 in an old AMD build, my Youtube videos suddenly loaded allot faster and the picture quality from VGA is spot on. in games i had an issue here, my PSU died due to the power the 4550 was drawing during FFOW, it was an old 300W PSU from the packard bell mentioned earlier. so it was working more along the lines of 200W so i had to quickly swap it out for a more powerful 550W PSU which i found dirt cheap from the internet. as soon as i replaced the PSU, framerates improved i got the framerate up to 64 FPS average rather than the 10 it rolled out before the replacement. so i can't really comment, incase the PSU had something to do with it. but overall for more bang for the buck, AMD is one to go for. the CCC anti aliasing in GR is very subtle, you will notice hardly any difference unless you are on a better card. nvidia is the best if you dont mind spending more to get more, like PhysX but whts wrong with picking up an Ageia one from Ebay and running it with the AMD card? as for what AMD card to go for, the third one, it has a VGA socket if you are using an older screen. plus although i love gigabyte, i have used Sapphire before, and they are great! now the modem, so long as it is removable in a PCI slot, i dont see it being an issue with moving it. oh one more tip, earth yourself or wear latex gloves to prevent damage to the parts of you newly built PC i see where you are coming from with the Phenom there, if i remember clearly, i went through was it 6 CPU's before finally unlocking one? but none broke, i ended up using them in other PCs and selling those PCs on as multimedia PCs rather than gaming ones, with a distinct DO NOT UNLOCK warning.
  13. awesome build you have going there, i would go for the 600W PSU, or if you can 750W, it allows you to swap out the GFX card for a more powerful one at a later date, you'll see the little edited bar on soon i can imagine, as i read through it for the 2nd time and whatnot. i would definately get an SSD in there for the reasons you stated, Win 7 loves them. as for the CD drive, if you do allot of CD burning, you might want to look into a Lightscribe CD drive, then you can burn the disk, then flip it over and burn an image onto the title side to make it more asthetically pleasing. you could go for just a normal drive, which minus all those (to me quite pointless) warranties would save you allot of money. all the WD drives are quite solid and they haven't broken on me yet, even with my clumsiness, that's the whole idea of OEM though, and your motherboard, if the makers have sense, should provide you with the sata cables and mouting screws anyway. the heatsink is very much necessary, the AMD phenom build i did had heat issues with the stock fan, so i would definately go with that cooler you picked out processor now i think, you could go with a Phenom II X2 black edition and once you are a little mor literate with your BIOS you could ATTEMPT an unlock to quad core. saving you either heaps of money, or it will refuse to unlock in which case said CPU stay dual core, or it will break, which is quite rare if you know what you are doing uuuhh, and it is fantastic having all those parts but, you need a case. i had a Jeantech Phantom Case when i built my AMD one but i'm not sure they ship to america, worth searching though. the power supply thing is because, after the first 6 months the power supply starts to lose the power it originally supplies due to the capacitor aging, so 300W seems more like 200W i learned the hard way what happens when you only just pass the requirment for a GFX card. and if you have to, go with AMD for a graphic card in their HD 5XXX series, you could save piles of money, any one above the 5450 will do. AND you get better streaming quality because it is paired up with an AMD processor. neato! windows 7 big Yes, then if you want, dual boot it with Ubuntu Oh! quick tip if you build it yourself, build the PC from the case to the graphic card, seems stupid advice but other ameteurs like my dad, built the PC from the MOTHERBOARD to the graphic card, then he had to dissasemble it to fit it in the case. so it goes Case open, PSU in, Motherboard in secured and whatnot, then the proccessor, then Cooler, then the hard drive, then the RAM, then the CD drive, then any miscalleneous parts that need to go in, then finally the GPU, don't forget to plug the PSU up to the components, or it wont turn on then wire the case up to the motherboard, so the power button actually powers the PC on, then close and test! and hopefully Voila! oh about warranties, i dont think you need them to be honest, if they dont work, you can send them back.
  14. agreed, but once they get the game compatability, there will be all sorts of adverse effects too.
  15. admittedly windows has its moments, the gaming side of it is fab, it works great not a lag in sight, i just wish opening applications wasnt unbearably slow. but given the choice between windows XP and Windows 7, i would no doubt go with the old dog. oh! as for the customising of Windows 7 Try this i used to use it on XP to make it a little more stylish, dont change too much and once the trial runs out, go to control panel and set the default there.
  16. at the moment i am still on dual boot with linux and Windows 7, and i have to say, Linux is much faster, much more secure and much more stylish than windows 7, it took me 3 minutes 45 seconds to load IE9 in windows and less than 5 seconds to load firefox in Ubuntu. Ubuntu allows me to edit the theme, and that is more than just the task bar and the window's top panel. it allow me to change the window colours, size and transpaerncy. shut down speed is another issue, windows 7 took me 2 minutes to shut down, Ubuntu, 30 seconds. the only issues with ubuntu is the compatability and the process of installations in new programs, like VLC and adobe flash player and possibly the loadup process with all the commands popping up on screen before the splash. but it is good people are still Using XP which is in my eyes the more favoured one of the Windows OS's
  17. just a quick Poll, I understand that most people here are gamers so I added Dual boot into the first question. if there is anything you want to say, just say it here. everyone has the right to an opinion, just keep it subtle. just playing around a little. what i would change about my Chosen OS is the process of installing new Applications like VLC, having to go through numerous terminal commands gets a little annnoying
  18. to be honest, i wouldn't pay attention to that camera thing. it could be anything and i don't really know of any hacks or model files that benefit the user in any way for GRAW2 going off your description. but if it still concerns you, take a print screen, upload it to flickr and send me the link to it in a PM and i shall see what matches i get. oh the stealth thing. if you are a stealth type, it might be easier you going for an M99 and another Compact weapon. that way you can pick people off at long distances. and if you see a nearby adversary, you can pull out the compact weapon and use it on him as he walks by, always vary the use of your weapons, sticking with one throughout is a weakness if an when you are out of ammunition.
  19. this one looks awesome on Ubuntu, nice one!
  20. why don't you refurbish your one. i can give you pointers and stuff, you could update it for less than $200, sadly all the PCs i build cost over 1K in GBP, just to get the parts. and we are talking about I7 4GHz (oc'd) 24GB RAM 3xAMD Radeon HD 6970 rigs here, not the cruddy 6GB RAM 2.6 GHz ants Acer rolls out for 1500 a go. ill post what i think is up with your SC here, linux is being unreasonable. the static is probably a loose wire in the speaker and nothing to do with the sound card, or it could even be that there is something magnetic next to your speaker? move it away. see if it helps, or buy some headphones and see if you get the static there. the squealing, again sounds like a speaker thing, my G-1 Killer rig did it all the time with my hi-fi system plugged up, and on my laptop, i think that is more age than anything though
  21. i'm guessing you had to use a naughty site seeing as it has been edited out and no problem.
  22. you could have been out of sync, thats usually an internet issue. as for the nerves. take deep breaths and take it easy being tense wont help you at all.
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