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  1. one to get then crash? i havent got it yet, thats why i am rather hazy about it.
  2. woah! happy Bday Cpl Ledanek, hope it's great for you
  3. Zeealex

    Funny Cat Pictures

    ledanek, you never cease to amaze me XD
  4. that's the first one, just gonna see where this one goes, and see if it is worth making it in other sizes or new ones. please tell me if there are any issues what so ever, this one was taylored for my loyal 17" screen so it will stretch on widescreen, feel free to list the resolutions you want and i'll fix it for those. and feel free to drop in any comments. EDIT: Quick update, i have made the wallpaper in the following resolutions: 1280x800 1440x900 1680x1050 1920x1080 and 1980x1020 if yours aint listed, just give us a shout.
  5. I'm up for it, I'll make templates too you just tell me what you want on the lines and I'll add it in.
  6. ooohh i got one! battlefield duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! sorry. and stealth force, although the graphics are utter rubbish and it is glitchy as hell, it is still good fun sniper art of victory is heavily critisised for the AI but again, good fun
  7. true, true, but still, the point stands XD i like that; midlyfe crysis. from what i can make out, Crysis 2 is arright, but you must be like me, if people are hyping over a game, you keep away from it
  8. about that, i'm finnish born, yet i speak in a convincing english accent, just because someone is a polish citizen witha polish passport, DOES NOT mean that they have to speak with a polish accent, unless of course they live there full time. my school friend Dyna is german and she has a slight tinge of german in her voice, but she hasnt been in britain as long as i have. and Alicia Diaz from GR came from texas, yet she only has a slight texas accent. anyway. nuff said, we'll continue this in the "WTB happened to the..." you know what i mean
  9. Was this the game you talked about in that tactical fps thread? The history is interesting. It would be much more innovative if you were to play as a korean soldier, black ops and such. There are some interesting features like the drones and all, but it's really a run'n'gun, "don't stop shooting because the enemy wears a near-adamantium invisible armor". wasnt really hyped as much as Wytch said though, in fact i only saw the advert for it on filefront once THQ are usually quite good for game making, after all they did make FFOW which is awesome, to me anyway. i can imagine when they patch it up it should be okay to play again. anyway, back on to the subject of 1st person shooters i missed out a big one BULLETSTORM!!!!! awesome game
  10. that's what i mean, and the weapons flicker on mine too. so i sort of stopped playing it. good point on realism but hopefully you get what i mean.
  11. just like OFP dragon rising, it is just too realistic to enjoy, i think they should keep ultrarealism toned down for games like that, leave the Ultra realism to actual milsims used by the army. i'm a fun loving gamer who is really picky with historical and terminological accuracy (like hating CoD 7 using MP5s and AUGs in the 60s and CoD MW calling the M82 a barrett .50 cal, okay it is but that is referring to most (perhaps all) barrett sniper rifles i know of) but there is a line to be drawn in all games and allot of games i have played, even with fictional weaponry have come VERY close to that point. then there are just those games that are cheap, low requirements and fun to play (sniper art of victory) then there are games that are glitchy as hell with ###### graphics that still come very close to that line (stealth force)
  12. well i guess there is tactical and there is tactical. to the point were you just dont enjoy it.
  13. CoD is okay for a little run 'n' gun madness. Frontlines fuel of war is good if you dont mind artistic license to the max. obviously you know about GR homefront is glitchy at the moment, wait till patches are released. MOH is great but linear. breach is fab but it has flaws R6, nah!
  14. don't forget linux! agreed, and everyone's gotta have a command console
  15. yeah, true, the normal in science is something to do with light relfections, it's hard to believe i got an A in that module but normal is not deifned in the english dictionary apart from the normal mentione din science, because it CANNOT be defined. confusing, but okay
  16. as it appears in 3rd person, no the viewing point doesnt change outside the players eyes. you can still play about with the ammo and get OSOK on nearly everyone, they could have just made it semi auto, i have played about with the files on GRAW 2 before and it does take time to fire a follow up round.
  17. exactly. there is no normal either 'cept in science
  18. hhhm, sounds like they have messed about with the ammo allowance on the gun. do you see the player reload AT ALL?
  19. no problem yayeeeee!!! i was on the right time set
  20. This. Who says a book or DVD having a 5-star rating printed on the front of it means it's actually any good? The only difference between right and wrong/good and bad is peoples' perception. in my perception, you are right, that was the point i was trying to get across, but somehow, must have failed
  21. but who says it HAS to be 4? it could be a load of gobbaldy goop on another planet . it could be 3 billion, numbers are products of some idiot and very strong drugs i have always argued with y math teacher on this and she usually gives up quite easily. but when it comes to tests i put the "right" answer and no, Pi is Pie
  22. XD i forgot about this post sorry, okay, seems like a good enough reason. GO ROCKY! WOOO!! sorry i'll stop thread jacking now
  23. they do but it is Bidmas now brackets indices divide multply add subtact i'm not going to answer the question because from a philosiphy (or how it is spelt) point of view, everyone is right. who says the right answer is indeed the right answer? it's a free world there is no right or wrong. your arm doesnt stop you from stabbing someone, turn around and say to you "hey dude that's not right" does it? and if it does i want the ###### your on!
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