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  1. i forgot mum started this thread, well the simulation has had all the awkward parts changed to be a little less heroic and more "let's just get on with the job" so that should put your mind at ease slightly. and the whole thing is complete, just giving it touch ups were i rushed it. already writing the second which is a 3rd person narrative following a woman named Kaya and still maintaining Kristen's main character i'll post the finished product up when it is uuhhh finished
  2. it just crossed my mind, i think if i read correctly ZJJ did a 4 page report and got a consultant ranking then up to staff then finally to admin am i wrong? did all the current staff have to do that?
  3. hhmm, i dont know i think with the prices of everything going up and if microsoft make the same mistak sony did with the PS3 i can safely say the PC market's future is secure, PCs will always be backward compatible so long as they have a CD drive.
  4. cool,i have my moments with grenade launchers and getting sneaky with C4 but that's about it
  5. the beeps are a sign that processes are running through the processor. AMI, 2 short: parity circuit failure, or it usually means something is up with the RAM what mhz is the RAM again? the video card is fine you wont get video output if there is somethign wrong that triggers the POST. listen again, but leave it, does it beep 8 times after that? then you have a bad board. see if you can return it and use the money for a Gigabyte board, in which i will know like the back of my hand, so any solutions to do with the board will be easy if you ask me OR consult the user manual because, Gigabyte knows the meaning of fool proof, not saying anything about you there, it is just really easy to get around and they ACTUALLY WORK! apart from one batch of mobos which has a bug at the moment, but as soon as the were informed, they got to work in fixing it. the GA-MA770-UD3 is a great board in which i built my first AMD PC on, i never had an issue with it other than it had no on board video, and sods law my nvidia card broke down 3 weeks in after the build. and the RAM support is DDR2 meaning you'll have to take the RAM back too.
  6. true, and it means spammers can attack from a different angle.
  7. there we go kyle! great tinker is to the rescue buzzer/ speaker whatever you want to call it this is why i am a Gigafreak, it tells you ON THE BOARD AND IN THE MANUAL IN CLEAR ENGLISH where the wires go. i would have said, oh get a GA-MA770-UD3 which does what you want it to, but i didnt want to be Gigafreak in yo' face plus i have never tried ASrock before so i didn't want to comment. i doubt it will fix the monitor but it will lead you to the issue if there is any to speak of. the manual should have the BIOS beep codes in there somewhere if it does beep more than once.
  8. sounds like either the case doesnt have a speaker/buzzer or there isnt a POST report. POST means Power On Self Test, the one beep means everything is ship shape and working fine, depending on the BIOS certain beep codes mean certain things, but no beeps, always points to a problem. if you didn't attach a buzzer again, there is the problem, it could be trying to tell you something but it can't because you dont have a buzzer if you don't have one, you may want to invest in one they are really cheap off amazon
  9. ah right cool, it should say whether the PSU has 12V rails on the label on the exterior yes. well if he is an energy freak it should be 80 plus then, 80 plus basically means the PSU runs at 80%+ efficiency all the time, in case you didnt know. cool, i was just thinking, the circuitry could've been an issue. were the screwdrives magnetic? if they were, theres the problem
  10. sounds like the CPU doesnt have power. does the computer beep? and the power pack DOES have a 12V rail right? even with powerpack capacitor aging it should still work because 480 watts out of 500 it should still run, and if it is 80 plus, then i doubt it would even go down as low as 500 watts plus did you take out the power plug for that XP old hard drive AS WELL AS the data cables linked to the motherboard. it could be an issue too. empty hard drives do tend to flash now and then, it's just to tell you it's being accessed by the system so there isn't a worry there, the hard drive should be okay to work unless you didn't earth yourself (touch a metal part of the case before assembling the parts/ wearing latex gloves or a static charge band), then it could be static charge damage, there are so many different reasons why it may not be working. oh, if it isnt beeping at you, i have come across this ###### too many times, and usually it is the motherboard or the CPU to blame, on occasions the PSU can be to blame if a capacitor has blown or if it isn't wired up properly, just open it up and either take a photo of the insides as you built it for verification or verify it yourself if you feel you know how everything should be wired.
  11. hhmm i've heard of citadel, gotta find it and play on it one day
  12. sorry, i'm trying to spark up a conversation on a dead weekend so i'm not expecting many replies. can you tell i get bored easily? anyway, usually i am the sniper type, i have never been one for fast paced in the face of danger type shooting, if you ever see me around playing on a single player game, like on MOH airborne or Sniper: art of victory, you will always see that i am much better and steadier with a sniper rifle taking life slow, i'm harldy ever get seen or shot at (apart from sniper, where it is almost impossible to stay undedected). however my performance as a rifleman or as demolition expert greatly decreases although i am still good as any class i am a sniper/long range rifleman by far. gimme a sniper rifle in real life, i doubt the outcome will be the same considering 1)i'm young, 2) people in real life are more awared than AI 3) sniper rifles are no doubt too heavy for me, i could probably cope with the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare or a vintorez (considering i have held one before ) and any other light sniper rifles unless i was wearing an exoskeleton then i could probably handle an M82 or an M99 just so you know as soon as my online is fixed i will only play Co-op missions, deathmatches are a rarity with me. so what about you guys n gals?
  13. mum says god bless and she (if you don't mind/with your consent) will pray for you both (yes she is christian, but not very in your face about it)
  14. chat would actually be quite cool, but i can imagine it could get clogged up with all the members online, no? anyway one thing i want to see around here isn't to do with the forums but, get the "arms" section updated and the downloads section. i'd quite happily research the arms for the "arms" section, i'm always up for boredom busting. i know no-one seems to pay attention to it but with some new additions and information on what GR mod contains said weapons, i can imagine it could make people's lives a bit easier if they are trying to find a mod with that specific weapon in.
  15. i really hope she doesnt have to get brain surgery. i can imagine it must be really stressful for both of you at the moment.
  16. ah right, downloading it now, i read on the wikipedia page it doesnt have violence in it because it is taylored for school kids, but you can give watergun mode proper guns. should be fun messing about with it.
  17. yeah, i agree with kaapo, it isnt you fault for helping your own loving mother. how is she?
  18. haha, i know but it still made me think what the bleep so the second one is a mugshot of a fat woman in a cow suit
  19. ouch! i hope she gets better soon john. and i hope it doesn't hit you too hard
  20. looks freaking awesome crash. any system requirements?
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