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  1. dont mess with a blown capacitor whatever you do, nice big zap to look forward to. plus it might blow the mobo, highly doubtful i've only had it happen once. and besides i'm a girl, apparently i dont know what i'm talking about.
  2. thats fine by me not your fault, you are new and you are getting suggestions but it's other things too. i do whatever i want, you dont like being told how to play a game and i dont like being told how to take things, i've had a bad day, leave it at that anyway too much of this: hope it works well for you. can't go wrong with gigabyte either, but hey i'm a girl what do i know? nothing apparently. and it was nice to know i was appreciated for 5 minutes which is better than the 30 seconds i usually get in the home or school before some idiot butts in and says i'm not good enough, i'm a girl i dont know what i'm talking about. so turn the tables dont take this personally either.
  3. what the heck is portal anyway, i dont see what it is about?
  4. not really, i've had CiT before and it has never been an issue to me. ugh i hate this, whatever. just another girl with the wrong dreams, i get it.
  5. nice job! high resolution and high detail i like it! when is it up for download?
  6. agreed oh another thing, you aint gonna get the playable character doing everything like a private who is a rifleman wont be carrying high explosives because it's not his field, that was the one let down in MOH airborne i found.
  7. i know i figured that out on the what music are you listening to thread. but i just felt like having a rant about the ###### chavs listen to
  8. Zeealex

    Crysis 2

    i haven't got it but i want it so bad, worth the money?
  9. wow, nice tattoo, tis all pretty and colourful sorry had to; right i'm making a new sig *cough* warning *cough* about thread jacking
  10. it's true though, i read up on that thread when mum was having issues patching her game you seem to know what you are talking about plus those maps you make are awesome anyway i really need to stop thread-jacking
  11. agreed, i wouldn't have givaway music, just music for cutscenes or something. all the stuff chavs and thugs listen to is just pointless i honestly dont understand it's point other than a rythm to have a gay threesome to... sorry being rude.
  12. oh another thing, a good game always has to have an amazing soundtrack, no cheezy ######. in other words this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89oDInfPnWs no your speakers arent broken in a part of it, thats how it is mean to be. or this not the cheesy ###### you get on GRAW or CoD agreed Tom salta is fantastic, but the music for GRAW was a little off, too hollywood to put it nicely. FFOW is better than GRAW with their music but it's still cruddy. Bill Brown is definately one to consider, his music is great. the cheesiest yet is Spec ops: Covert assault, realistic game, ###### music. call the music i listen to crap, but it's a matter of opinion, it's what i see in the music that makes me like it.
  13. you will always get a quick and professional response from John, he is like a GRAW 2 god sorry thead-jacking again...
  14. XD thats quite funny, i have to get the box set of A-team, i'll harrass mum for it i think the best portrayal of ragdoll physics was in GRAW as well -ish, looking back on it when you shot an enemy, they would just collapse dependent on where you hit them, it wasn't over exaggerated. but it's integrating that more believable havok physics with limping actions i want to see. that is a bit of a release fail. it makes me wonder if the game testers are slightly biased.
  15. oh wytch found some incorrect terminology for you to munch on in a game i glorify so much. "anybody got an extra clip?!" Frontlines Fuel Of War uuuuhhh its a MAGAZINE what else would i want in a game? oh yeah if you get shot, you dont get blood in your eyes do you? no, didn't think so. if you want to make it harder for people to see if they have been shot, you blurr the players "eyes" simple as that really. blood on a headcam, yes. and another thing, physics. if a soldier dies, rgdoll physics takes over most of the time in modern games calling it "more realistic" but let's face it, i've said this in a rant about ghost recon before but this is overall now. you are not going to break your back in four places, dislocate your arm and snap your neck from a short fall like that are you? again, no. so unique (or hardly repeated) dying animations may actually be better considering the circumstances. and one last one, when looking at an NPC when the sprint, their gun is down at their abdomen, but when you sprint your gun is in your face uuuhhh okay, when i am sprinting in airsoft against my mum and friends. i always have my gun near my abdomen or depending on the model i keep it close to my chest, NEVER in my face. thankfully GRAW had this done right, so if Ubi keeps on with that good physical work then it might just make me buy GRFS.
  16. hey kyle, no offence but i dont think computers like you didnt you have trouble with a turtle beach card that STILL isnt fixed? and GRAW 1 realism mods refused to work so you gave up and uninstalled it? you have the patience of a saint, if that was me, the PC would be out of the window by now.
  17. yeah, i've done enough of that in my building time (6 years) fiddling about with these things, so much easier and beneficial to chuck it out the window.
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