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  1. so was the Gigabyte Odin, it's how you know it is well made the heavy PSU that is. break within a year? weird, my dual BIOS builds have been running fine since they brought em out, suppose i just got lucky
  2. nope, the temps seem fine and fan speeds seem okay, the processor speed is about as accurate as you can get without a load of numbers cluttering your screen and the CPU can down clock if idle. same with Caches and everything else, as accurate as possible while not confusing you. only without downclocking bit if in Kb or MB or whatever. looking fab as far as i am concerned. maximum CPU temperature before shutdown is 69 degrees so you are in the green. i doubt it will get that high without a fan failure (very rare if cleaned every 6 months or so with compressed air) so yeah, as per request, stick win 7 in and off you go
  3. cool, thanks guys, i'll try it out would there be an objection if i said Ubuntu is my safe mode? meaning that when something like this happens i just boot into Ubuntu and get what i need from there, would it have to be downloaded in safe mode with networking? obviously i would load it onto a memory stick and install it from there.
  4. :rofl: :rofl: stuff happens Kyle now enjoy the buld and i hope ou dont get Yet more ###### from it
  5. the Light scribe drive could be shorting out the system, so many different reasons, drawing too much power, the power supply is defective, the IDE Data socket could be bust, or something isn't configured properly. thats ASRock for you their fault really for not supplying what the beep code meant. would have been so much easier if they did. cocky ######. ASUS and Gigabyte are very informative when it comes to trouble shooting.
  6. well considering he'll have to pay for flights, the chances are slim good job by the way kyle.
  7. awesome mod, but i think it might kill my internet
  8. just a quick alternative if all the shops are closed
  9. sorry, didn't know where to put it, so i jus went with gut instinct and placed it here. in this thread you can post up artwork you have done or really like and give a reason why you like it. this one i have spent the most part of the morning on in between chatting and doctors appointments. it is inspired by a deviant art image that i wanted to recreate digitally for an art piece for school so, there it is, there will be more to come and i'l probably colour it in
  10. Avira or AVG paired with Malwarebytes is the best if you don't want harrassment to get rid of cookies. norton is just a bunch of annoying bollox dont use all three, conflicts cause system failures. AVG and Malware Bytes is what i had. and install Ubuntu on a second Partition of your drive so if something goes wrong in windows you can still use the internet.
  11. just a warning to all you windows users; not even your antivirus will help. the Kryptic Trojan opens a Back Door allowing hackers to do as they please to the windows OS. the severity varies from computer to computer but from the observations i have made i have collected this info; the Trojan attacks Basic windows functions stopping you from opening windows media player, windows movie maker, internet explorer, regedit, dxdiag and other windows native executables (i can run Disk Defragmenter and drivers so it isn't so severe as to BSOD the PC but i was forced to Cntrl scroll lock the PC (in other words deliberately crash the machine to prevent hackers getting in)) . it corrupts the firewall DLLs so you are open to all sorts of attacks, i suppose thats what a backdoor is meant to do. i (supposedly) got infected from here (sorry guys this was the only tab open) through "harmless" Google ads, you don't even have to click them to be infected. your inernet will suddenly close and windows security center will open, telling you to turn the firewall on, but you cant, and the antivirus will pick it up too late. i have Linux (Ubuntu) installed on another HDD on the G-1 but all gaming ability has vanished and all the documents stored on windows were able to be backed up and transferred to Linux. but i can safely say, i'm not giving Windows the 400th chance, I'm sicking to Linux. if anyone knows how to solve the Kryptik Trojan, please tell.
  12. no worries, we can all have a laugh once in a while
  13. you can only change the ingame resolutions, i'm sure a texture change in the menu screens would make it better looking
  14. ah fair dos, so far i've done okay, i've managed to get back on topic, suppose i could justify using the off topic one. thanks
  15. Yes, you should be ashamed. Besides, DS2 is not for the faint-hearted. I don't think it's about what people should or shouldn't be doing, that is a matter of perception. It's about freedom of choice - they don't have follow my advice. yeah, but it's there if they need it.
  16. not really, i've had CiT before and it has never been an issue to me. ugh i hate this, whatever. just another girl with the wrong dreams, i get it. Not really caring if you are a girl / boy / cat / dog, that PSU was not a good choice for this setup. Nothing more than an observation. For you we have hope all good. they are only cheap because they arent modular or or fancy, or 80 plus (the only downside, but they are incredibly efficient) or have a big name printed on the side, it's just black in colour,silent and does its job (the wiring was a nuisance with my MA770 board, getting in the way of the RAM still worked though). i had to resort to using one when my AMD PC was giving me ######, windows was telling me that my RAM was dead, when it blaitntly wasn't made a couple of observations and i had a 300W powerpack supplying 299W at 100% load so i had to go with a cheap alternative; CiT 550W black ed, sort of glad i bought it, it made me realise it definately was the PSU that was the problem, the PC was REALLY loud before it, now you just hear a beep and the CPU fan. so i though Cobblers might benefit from a cheap and cheerful alternative to spending over £100 quid on the fancy pantsy modular ones. understood feeling a little better today, still thinking girls and the computing side of life don't go, but hey there's nothing wrong with trying. but i'll stick with Marine Biology
  17. it's a low profile card, it gets it's power from the motherboard no need to worry there the processor has a 30% chance of being the culprit, IF the processor wasn't inserted in the right way (little triangle on it should be on the bottom left corner) i think they have fool proofed it theese days so you can ONLY put it in the right way. Buehgler has the diagnostics sorted for you can you tell i dont know the board?
  18. off topic yes, but i'm not a spammer i thread jack and i dont mean to do it so just thought it would be funny
  19. @mods thanks if you can, not bothered if you can't. probably already there right?
  20. if they think they can put CoD out of business with it, i say go for it. and Cobblers, any game is an improvment on that delay magnet at least we can actually be able to PLAY battlefield 3 sometime in the beginning of the year. and sorry, i'm having one of those days.
  21. nice work wytch, i dont play DS i know blaspheme right? but it seems informative as to what you should be doing
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