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  1. awesome! guessing things are a little easier to take care of now? thanks for sharing!
  2. considering it's all future soldier-ish i can imagine the site looked different, say 5 years ago, no? does anyone have an idea of what it looked like before now?
  3. there's a widescreen fix somewhere, i think it was made by thales 100 i dont know i'll fish it out for you http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1207 yup
  4. Zeealex

    Crysis 2

    cool, it'll probably do if i had a bad day in school and just want to shoot someone.
  5. having withdrawals so yeah has anyone done a compatibility patch for Ubuntu 10.10? or do i have to boot into windows?
  6. reg values wont change unless you go into regedit and ###### it up that way, you are fine trust me, i've backed up game files before and put them in totally different PCs and i've never had issues before
  7. or it could be that stalker is spinning up the disc to a higher speed than ghost recon. either way, it's odd as for display you mean like control panel display? i swear you just drag the icon to the quick launch menu or the one that your press and it minimizes all the windows, its like a little bar in the bottom right to the very end of your screen
  8. what john said! have a great one AmEye.
  9. considering it's power i think you'll be alright with the stock cooler, download core temp and keep an eye on the temperatures if if you think it is too far towards the max temperature, then get one. the i7 should run at 30-40 degrees as normal temps. i don't know what the max is, for the sandy bridge if that's what you have, considering i haven't touched one yet so i cna't comment there. but you call the shots.
  10. good point cobblers, i think also with tablet PCs being released and laptops with gaming capabilities becoming more frequent, people will want gaming, chatting and other things on the go that could be another reason
  11. XD you'd be surprised, i aint gonna list all the girls i know on this site but but there is at least 5 maybe allot more, and all of us are girl gamers that whoop ass but hey, stuff happens and my name is unisex so understandable really.
  12. i've never been one OFP simply because in Dragon Rising, i couldn't choose my class or weaponry so i was stuck as a rifleman for the most part i played, struggling to kill long range targets then when i picked up a sniper rifle, i was slightly more at home, but by then, the mission had probably already ended. all of the family apart from my younger sister (she's too young) said the same thing we are a sniper class family apart from dad, more of a hot swap kinda man, long range to close quarter. so if he is able to, he'll carry a light sniper rifle and a compact Xm8 or an Mp5 to defend his sniping position Great screenies though Thales looks like an aesthetically pleasing game
  13. its probably because people want to brag because Gaming PCs are expensive, fast and pretty
  14. it's the first time i have come across this on mum's Test PC using an MA770-UD3 she uses to test DDR2 RAM modules and see if AM3 CPUs are defective after failed unlocks. this time i decided an 8400GS card needed testing when it started acting funny on a friend's PC. anyway, it made this really loud squeal when i pushed the power button and then posted with 1 long 2 short beeps which is graphic card error, which shows promising signs that the motherboard isn't bust (yet). when i opened up the PC to verify where the sound was coming from, and it is coming from the front bottom corner of the motherboard (not the hard drive) i tried it again with a working HD4550 card i used to hve in multimedia PCs a while back and it didnt squeal or post with an error, it just loaded and booted up ubuntu. i tried again with the RAM out and that squeal and a RAM error POST occurred. why is it squealing at me? is it to tell me it is almost bust? or is it normal. i wouldn't call it a problem as such, more a concern. i haven't told mum about it yet, she's asleep and she gets real cranky if woken up but she would know if it was normal or not. but anyway, anyone care to enlighten me on the subject? i'm only using hers because my test PC is currently having it's motherboard replaced to fit DDR3 modules.
  15. uuuh i've always had the concept of FPS games soon (10 years or so) going to the arcade style again, but YOU are the character, like bringing VR back but better and more realistic, like you FEEL the pain you develop a relationship with your teammates the way you want it to be, that sort of thing. and the screen isnt just in front of you, it's all around you. and you obviously get the light gun with it. that's an idea that will probably never come to life though, seeing as it probably breaks some ######ty health and safety laws I'd definitely try Bulletstorm, because you need to kill with skill in order to be rewarded with ammo and ######, the lighting and environment is spot on too. so it isn't boring you to death just shooting the enemy all the time
  16. you could certainly try and see if the next one does the same. i know my drive whines all the time, usually when something is wrong with the disk. but you can definately try it out.
  17. cool, thanks for being patient and using it
  18. all of the colors go together IMHO but i ain't gonna sell it to ya if you want me to have another try then go for it, but if you want to hand it over to someone else, again go for it. the brushed aluminium had to be brightened as it obscure the gun and i could probably do with putting your name in all caps, sorry for the wait, and the incovenience of me asking you questions and suggesting so many different types of sig.
  19. right so is silver/grey maybe with a brushed alimunium look: thats the closest i can get to said industrial texture without it interfering with the gun. i'll change the glow color and font of the text and show you in a momento
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