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  1. yep, it's safe to say once PC and digital are factored in it probably takes a dump on Horizon, and so it should, Ubi made a great game!
  2. I'm actually kinda wanting to drive the monster truck to be honest
  3. I think he's lost his head a bit, don't you? lacks a brain? his head's not quite screwed on...
  4. Alex, bells and whistles when you find the RAH66 model please there's a texture there, just not a model
  5. haha, sorry it came off that I was being a sore loser, I wasn't, it's just my weird sense of humour, sorry! NOPE, they panic's, i can live without, was just hoping for something to pimp up my PC a bit, but honestly, I got beaten by a mile or ten, rightly so, panic gets his prize... ALL of it BUT!!! could you all get such pretty screenshots without ansel?! I THINK NOT GOOD SIRS!
  6. anything llama related? can i get a prize because i'm a miserable cow? gratz to the winners, even though it was kinda obvious who was gonna win...
  7. yeah, I didn't do any side missions and other than the VHC damage and the EMP drone (which just made life easier) i didn't really invest in skills much you can do it without, but i'd recommend investing in skill points that suit your playstyle, EMP drones make stealth infiltration a lot more accessible
  8. Pac... *remembers ending...* *laughs meniacally* Great shots ayu!
  9. fishies can be found in small rivers and in the lake under the massive railway bridge in pucara
  10. I set up a GR.Net discord a while ago, it might be a good place for you guys to come and chit chat, organize some co-op etc, and it's got its own inbuilt VOIP as well, saves a buttload of trouble! come join the chat! https://discord.gg/P5Ksuwc
  11. ask anyone here, i'm good at walls of text this would be a lovely idea, I quite agree! yeah that one kinda irked me a bit! but i can see the idea behind it too, you need to stay hydrated on long walks. pair this with a higher viewdistance and we're onto a winner! as for unidad post-maro, I agree, making them more passive to you would be a good addition I think.
  12. I'm not feeling these two I'll admit, they seem kinda like afterthoughts that didn't quite make it into the game, but nevertheless, that's just my opinion I'd like to see a major expansion pack similar to the likes of desert siege and island thunder at some point, THAT's the DLC I'd buy the crap out of... a new campaign in a new area that maybe focuses on a new team dealing with the aftermath of SB's takedown in another country, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, or even striking at the heart of Santa Blanca's origins in Mexico, or something similar, other cartels will no doubt be looking to take over, or maybe an addon with the ghosts helping to secure a safe future for the people in Bolivia. as well as an M107... just add it ubi, god!
  13. AHEM... rocky? where the hell is llamalicious? kidding, great entries guys!
  14. thank you word, I appreciate such a kind gesture! I'd hate to deprive you of such a well deserved prize should you win though!
  15. That's actually something I forgot to mention, the V/O isn't great, its forgivable, but its not fantastic. Female nomad can sound a little flat here and there, however when it comes to sarcasm etc its pretty good. There were a few bugs in the game where male nomad's voice was played instead of female nomad's, and honestly I'd compare him more to Ramirez than Mitchell. Different faces done have different voices, buuut it isn't exactly a deal breaker. As for Mitchell, i'm just not a massive Steve Blum fan, and the character was far too macho be all and end all Hollywood hero man for my liking. I much preferred Ferguson in GRFS, a more toned down low voiced, calm and collected character who wasn't made out to be the saviour of the universe. As for the endings, I've heard, hence why that mission crash has me prevented from completing the game, because I want to 100% destabilize Santa blanca before I go on to kill cross face god complex dude.
  16. good questions here! I would have personally enjoyed a more linear storyline, it would've flowed better and things would've seemed more connected, perhaps with some side missions along the way that weren't rebel ops, similar to how most RPG games play out really. I think a gradual opening could've been achieved in an open world if optional intel was more of a basis for this, similar to how sandoval's internal conflict was shown, it would've been interesting to hear recordings or watch videos regarding the regions i know you can pick up photographs and artifacts from time to time, but more would've been better, or even opportunities play through some 'historical' missions from the POV of a unidad soldier from time to time to make you feel really connected to the area in which you're playing and to the backstory of the game. I agree on the pillars of SB, and the consequences of these actions could've been seen better as well, everything right now is far too constant, and on the ghosts too, it irked me (in a good way, if that's even possible) that my nomad would engage in such activities or not hold Bowman back when she did, as a person who will never support torture, it's not what I would've done, but it's the unfortunate reality. I've had troubled dealings with GR:FS, so i'll refrain from comment on that one. but it's certainly a good game, and will some tweaks or with the next game taking some of these things into account it could be what we've been asking for for so long.
  17. Intro Okay, so I’ve been putting this off for a while because I don’t know, I guess it’s just going to be a long one, you might lose interest and who the hell cares about my opinion anyway? Nevertheless, I thought I’d share my views, open up discussion, feel free to disagree with me on any point but keep it civil. Ghost Recon has had a pretty up and down past, with the GRAW games and GRFS not being too great, the latter having a very rocky start on the PC and many considered it as the forgettable outcast of the series. 4 years of development in, we get Ghost Recon: Wildlands, so what’s my opinion of the game as one of the sceptics. I’m willing to bet a lot of us were sceptical about this game I bet even Rocky had his initial doubts, and some probably still are, especially with the relative hit/miss nature of ubi games at the moment. I put my money where my mouth is after the open beta was over, even after the beta was over and I found myself enjoying it, I still didn’t quite trust Ubi. But I bought the game anyway, I got a massive reduction on it and after the nice man in the game store took off all my unclaimed pre-orders the game was £7.99, so I’m not moaning. My opinion, simply put, is that it made me look and feel like an idiot. To all of the people I got hacked off at, to all the people I started heated debates with, and to the devs, I’m sorry. But to the people who remain sceptical and distrustful of the game, I respect your opinion. I’m going to try and keep this brief as un-technical as possible and structured, apologies if I ramble, I’m a woman, that happens. I've also added some recommendations, just on the off chance a dev does catch wind of it, but they're kinda just what I personally would do, and may not necessarily work. Pros -Have You seen It Recently?!- The game looks fantastic, the best entries in the screenshot competition are testament to that, the work that had to be done to pull off the procedural terrain, the new engine features to handle that terrain, is just genius, that in itself warrants my utmost respect. The characters, while some criticise them and I can see some faults which I’ll talk about later, look fantastic, and it’s inspired me so much that I’ve wanted to de-construct their workflow to see how they did it. If I as an artist feel inspired to do such a thing from playing a game, it’s usually in receipt of a lot of gratitude and respect from me. I’ve kind of cracked it, I’ll detail it in my gigglepit soon. -It Did Open World Right- The environment not only looks fantastic, but feels alive; armadillos scuttling about the place, birds flying off as you approach, falling silent as you shoot. The people talking to each other and responding to you walking by, the lack of restriction as to where you could go, nothing was locked off to you. Seamless blending from one ecosystem to the next, the wildlife is everywhere, from llamas in Inca Camina, to deer in Ocoro, to sheep in Pucara, to Flamingoes in the lake at montuyoc, the fact that the world around you isn’t ‘perfect’; things are on fire, some towns are burned out entirely, ancient ruins are seen all across the region seamlessly integrated with their surroundings distant gunshots can be heard on occasion, flares go off if unidad are in a spot of trouble, and Santa Blanca presence is all over the place, often doing despicable deeds in the process. And one thing I rarely see in these games; Children, it’s amazing how much more alive the world feels when it has children in it, it feels more natural, less artificial, I can understand the controversy behind adding them in but Wildlands seems to have attracted little on that front. -They Nailed the Playstyles- This was one thing I was worried about prior to release, is the ‘play how you want’ gameplay, with no consequences attached a majority of the time, I thought it would play out similar to a run and gun and it came across that way often in the gameplay videos. I was pleased to see this wasn’t a thing, I was also pleased to see I could literally approach the objective in whatever way I wanted, because of the open world nature of the game, if I wanted to take a potshot at a guy from 500 meters away, I could. I found myself in the end adopting the very guerilla style hit-and run tactic, taking out the alarm, then deliberately putting them on alert and make them search for me, before I moved to another position then picked off any pillock who isolated himself from the party. It rewarded stealth tactics by making the enemy relatively easy to kill if they weren’t jacked up and hunting for you. Not only that, but if Santa Blanca and Unidad were in the same area, shoot one of them, they start exchanging bullets with each other thinking it was one of the opposing factions, a nice touch I found, that made clearing certain mission areas very simple. While they still forced the no detection allowed playstyle in some parts, it wasn’t overtly silly to have it, and it didn’t force you into compromising situations if you didn’t want do it, you weren’t following a given path most of the time, so keeping your distance and remaining undetected wasn’t an issue. -Gunsmith... I needn't say much more- Gunsmith was probably one of the redeeming features of GRFS, while the gunsmith in GR:WL is more limited, it’s really great to see it back! -Character Customization- Something that was woefully missing in virtually every Ghost Recon game except maybe GRAW-2 on the Xbox 360 and the original if you count mods. Wildlands’ customization is a welcome sight for me, it makes contextual sense; I see a lot of people, including myself changing their gear to match their environment, some just play operator Barbie, some just want something a little more personal. The thought that has gone into this is incredible as well, the fact that your vest loadout changes based on your character class (what primary you have equipped) is a really great touch that they didn’t have to do, but did because it was a neat feature, it was a great consideration that I picked up on back in the open beta, and still makes me grin to this day. I like that Nomad’s gender can be switched, as a gamer that happens to be female, it’s nice to play as a female character when possible. Now obviously I have some critiques for later, and I’m hoping someone out there in Ubi-land is listening. But I really like the character customization and would like to see more in the future. -The Setting and Story – Okay so some bits are a little high brow, but it’s otherwise a believable setting and the story is actually quite intriguing, especially Sandoval’s internal conflict that highlights itself along the way. Nomad and his/her team feel very natural, they’re not overly burly soldier guys who follow every order to the tee and are all dramatic in everything they say (*coughs* Mitchell*coughs*), the camaraderie feels natural, the jokes exchanged are cheesy, the friendship shows itself with little to no exposition at all, and that to me is commendable. Even Bowman is believable and occasionally has some bits that had me grinning. ’m not sure if any of you do either, but I get myself absorbed in the story, and I still to this second don’t trust Bowman a damn bit, they’ve developed her character in such a way that she comes across very much as the stereotypical CIA agent, every word from her mouth seems to have at least some malice attached to it, her actions are questionable, even though she may not actually be the stereotypical CIA agent (I don’t know, I haven’t completed the game yet) she has me distrusting her a lot. It’s the same with Katari, I’m still not doing any rebel missions because I’m half expecting them to turn against me once I’ve taken out Sueno. The antagonists, the Buchones and the underbosses are very diverse, they don’t follow the typical stereotypes you usually see in shooters, I particularly give a thumbs up to whoever developed El Pozolero as a character, he was a very interesting one, and it almost humanized him, he wasn’t an evil mastermind who wants you dead, he just had poor mental development, with the mind of a child. And these humanizing traits can be seen in a lot of other characters too, they’re not all inherently evil, except for maybe La Plaga, La Yuri y El Polito, and a few others. El Boquita is another that really had me questioning whether or not what I’m doing is moral, he has a kid, you hear him on the phone with that kid before the mission gets under way, and if you get yourself absorbed into the story like I do, you stop and realise that you are killing the father of an innocent child. I even feel sorry for Emilio, the runaway sicario you pick up when you’re taking down Lockheart, it makes you realise that every sicario went through that, and a good bunch of them would have found it equally as traumatic as Emilio I guess as a woman I’m perhaps more emotionally tuned in to this, and as a woman, my natural maternal instinct, that I can’t deny I have, no matter how much I try to reject it, has me being more ‘protective’ of children like Valeria and child like figures, such as El Pozolero. It’s a really great story with some really great character development, I only really wanted a handful of them dead. Another one is, it’s not overtly futuristic, it’s very down to earth, I think the most technologically advanced it gets is the AR system if you play with the HUD, and the Drone. -Mitchell’s not in it - PRAISE JEBUS, did I not tell you how much I hated that guy? -Llamas– I’ve said enough. Cons -The AI – It’s goes without saying it needs some fine tuning, the friendly AI have a tendency of freezing in the presence of an enemy, despite me ordering them to move away to avoid detection, when coming up against unidad, this is particularly annoying, because patrols are upped and it messes up my flow, or gets me killed, or both, not great. Adding on to this, the enemy AI has some bugs, they blow something up, they go on alert and somehow know where I am. I noticed this when a truck they were in bugged out and blew up, they all came swarming towards me, even though I didn’t fire a shot. Some AI seem to lack a self preservation instinct too, looking at you, El Pulpo. -My Recommended Fixes/Tweaks – -Add back “recon” and “assault” modes from previous games that dictate what behaviour tree the team will use, if on Recon and they are being detected, they will move to hide quickly and avoid contact. If on Assault mode, they will remove all detecting contacts by force. -Add an ‘instigator’ variable for explosions, if the instigator is known they will either set their detection level to ‘engaged’ and attack the instigator if hostile or do nothing if friendly. If the instigator is unknown, they will set their detection level to ‘suspected’ (NOT hunted as it currently is) and inspect the explosion and the surrounding area. Having the detection level at hunted can be frustrating, especially if the explosion was not instigated by the player and they are on a forced stealth mission. -Add ‘is on foot?’ and ‘Are enemies close?’ booleans to El Pulpo’s mission that, if true will force him to take cover if he’s on foot, until the player has eliminated the hostiles along the path to a car. -Mission Context - I couldn’t find a better name for this, but I noticed, due to the procedural nature of the game, things regenerate when you go about 500m away from the area. I was doing the El Muro mission, and there was a Unidad base nearby, with a buttload of SAM sites around that I didn’t want to deal with, I wanted a relatively safe and incident free extraction, so I did what any logical minded person would do, and tried to take out the SAM sites around the base, I did this only to find that the SAM’s had all respawned as I moved back to the helicopter. Along side this, taking out Security seems to have very little effect on the number of Sicarios on the ground in the region, it would make sense that SB presence is reduced throughout the game at least story mission wise, and that Unidad are more likely to instigate attacks on Santa Blanca following full destabilization of security, it would be good if the world around you changed as time goes on, more than just more rebel cars on the road. It would be nice if the player was rewarded for tactical decisions and destabilization of a cartel branch aside from stat boosts. - My Recommended Tweaks – -Add an “is on mission?” boolean in which if the value is true, will prevent the proximity based respawning of nearby Hostiles and emplacements while on a mission, if the player fails or dies, force the respawn. -Add a “security Destabilized?” boolean in which depending on the value will dictate the level of hostile presence and their difficulty on missions. If security has been destabilized completely, reduce hostile presence by half to three quarters on missions, and add random unidad engagements with Santa Blanca -It’s a little Buggy – This will fix itself over time, but presently I can’t complete a mission due to my scope crashing the game in a certain area. The Helicopter controls – I think everyone will unanimously agree that the Helo controls could do with some serious tweaking. Just to allow more control over pitch and yaw. -Low quality camo swatches and other character issues – One of the things that bugs me greatly is the quality of some of the camo swatches, the M81 particularly has off colour and poor resolution. While the quality of the models and textures is generally nice, these lower quality swatches really let it down, it would be great if the artists could go through the texture sets and just check the colour values of the gear to make them more consistent too. I know for a fact the brightness of the camo on the opscore is far too high and needs bringing down a lot. Along with this, some character options appear too cliché and also a little too outlandish, it would be nice for instance if we could just have a little bit of a facial scuff, maybe a scar on the jawline or something similar, nothing too overt, just something that paints the canvas a little. A MICH and a few more vest options would be great as DLC too as well as some lower profile headsets like the Liberator III. The Shemagh should also not have a skin weight to the head, it looks a bit weird as is at the moment, some more colours would be nice too. Along with this, the most fundamental thing I want to see is being able to change your teammates’ gear, I’m a tactical Barbie, my teammates? Not so much. It would be good if I could bring them in line with me so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb so much. -Nomad gives him/herself away- Credit is failure right? so why does nomad, at a party with dozens of people around yell into Carzita's ear that he/she works for the US government? pretty big tip off to anyone in audible range -The Loadout System is Illogical – you can change your weapons whenever you want, if I’m a sniper and suddenly get hit with helos I can go into the loadout menu and magic up an LSAT. It would be better if this loadout system was only available at the rally points of the area. -No Barrett M107 – just… how dare you?! Notes The one thing I want to note very quickly before I move on is people have a problem with the weapon collection thing going on, but to me it actually makes sense, government issue weapons and weapons sold in the US can be traced, in the interests of plausible deniability it would be better to use the enemy’s weapons against them, and make it harder for the enemy to fully know that the Ghosts are affiliated with the US government should they be KIA or otherwise, it doesn’t take an idiot to figure it out, but in the interests of evidence, there would generally be none. Conclusion I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Ghost Recon Wildlands, and I’ll probably continue to do so for a while longer, I’m hoping that Ubi will continue to support the title for a little while longer too, it’s too good of an engine and environment to treat it as disposable. In my honest unadultered opinion, Wildlands has come, experience wise, very close to the original game, it isn’t the original game, no, but does that deem it ‘not ghost recon’? No absolutely not. Ghost Recon Wildlands has done what other games have found it difficult to do prior, it has seamlessly blended multiple playstyles into one game and allowed the player almost full control over how they approach their missions. The environment is a beautiful, living, breathing open world and has been a breath of Mitchell-free fresh air… Ubisoft have shown me that they are listening, and that they are learning from their mistakes. They’ve taken their time, they haven’t rushed, they’ve ensured as smooth a release as possible and their effort for this past 4 years has paid off. It has inspired me to better myself as an artist, to de construct their methods, and has given me faith in the publisher again, my message to Ubi, if any of your employees are reading this right now, for the love of god don’t drop the ball, you have a GOTY worthy game here. My scepticism was misplaced, and I’m seriously glad I chose this over Mass Effect Andromeda given the mess that game is right now. Please, for the love of god make this game moddable, it would be the icing on the cake at this point... Discuss as you please, but as i said, keep it civil and love eachother!
  18. I believe that very issue has been looked at in the most recent testing update, i'll let you know
  19. they're kinda cute in a weird kinda way... the highlight of my play yesterday was finding a dog.
  20. they're all over the place, you can hear them, they make a kind of weird "rawwwwr" noise as they scuttle past
  21. I like this hoomin, can we keep you, word? but no, seriously here, whoever wins I'm willing to pay you for that llama sticker!
  22. NYET BLYATMAN! *tries to hide excitement*
  23. I quite agree, Ayu... but your shots were ing great too! you stand a chance for sure!
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