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  1. Hey @Pilgrim this might make things more interesting! Sounds fun, i'll give it a go if I have the extra cash by then.
  2. And this is what I'm saying, it's possible, but not plausible for one or two people to do what lightspeed is suggesting.
  3. It's been done before with Diaz but as i said before, if you want any measurable improvement you'd probably need to rewrite the shaders, which requires the source code; otherwise you'd be, not meaning this in a harsh way, polishing a turd... then by the time you've done that you'll need models and textures that will work with the new shaders, at that point you might as well just use Unreal Engine to save time.
  4. Its possible, my 1374 was with the MSR - if youre going on tracers, they tend to appear too high, about 4 foot or so
  5. I doubt it, that would mean getting the source code to change the shaders to allow different textures and maps, not impossible, but it would take a long time. If i'm right in thinking, Mr Kimov, here is showing the capability of his SDK to extract the textures from the console versions of the game + GR2 if GR2 models can be extracted, and rigged up for the original, its plausible to believe that, at least the characters and vehicles, could be put into the original game, however the maps may not work very well.
  6. and you're saying you're not arguing? becauuuuuse i'm seeing arguing here...
  7. fine, balls to it, I tried... have your petty ass arguments then, i'm out!
  8. guys, hug and make up, c'mon, we're friends here. 101's entitled to his opinion, you're entitled to yours, but let's not make this personal. I don't like it when mommy and daddy fight... on topic, but off topic, did anyone else notice the sign?
  9. The kids of today don't know lag til they've used 56k
  10. Good write up ruin! Added you, I'm radicalsiamang3... don't ask! hope you recover well!
  11. nice! will download later and test it out!
  12. ja, it's pretty tough to get a long shot without someone spotting you tbh, unless you know exactly where a sniper will be in his nest at any given moment. Longest for SP on my end was 736 I believe, hit a unidad sniper at the MOB near san mateo, which i have forgotten the name of
  13. Correcto, my current longest stands at 1374, I had a couple of friends closer to it walk me onto the target using reference points that I could see (such as buildings, cars, helicopters, etc) It took a few attempts. I tried going further as I had seen a youtube video of someone reaching over 1800 meters, however after several attempts by 3 people, we determined that over 1400m the sniper rifle wouldn't do any damage. I was hitting a guy at 1600 or so and he wasn't going down.
  14. Helo is usable on M&K but takes a little getting used to. Play MP with friends, always, better that than randoms, my boyfriend and I are free for games on most days, so just give me a shout, we're generally stealth/tactical. on occasion you're forced into "no detection allowed" but it's on about 5% of all missions, and sometimes you need to take a guy alive, but you can play the game generally how you want otherwise.
  15. I love how he's just looking out like "for god's sake nomad, we talked about this!!"
  16. hello person i don't know! playing it a lot and enjoying it! more in depth thoughts here
  17. Simple, but a very good question indeed! 1) Add more and original characters to the team/story/plot, it would link it into the timeline much better than an off mention here and there. And would allow for platoon based gameplay 2) Bring back soul switching, with customizable teammate gear, this would make a lot more sense than magicking up an LSAT whenever a chopper spots you 3) make the buchon missions more flexible, capture or kill, and make the buchon's response more unpredictable to make gameplay less grind-like and repetitive.
  18. easily but labours of love take time and the money people pay purchasing the game goes on funding it's development
  19. hit me a shot i'm proud of... My tactical and stealth percentage has gone down since I've played coop, i'll have to rectify that.
  20. I know exactly what you're talking about agree the fear element is something that OGR had that was sorely missed in wildlands, but only to an extent. Frankly, having played the console versions of every game, as I see those as the 'true' look through the developers eyes, it's again something that has been missed from most of the games since GR2-SS, i'm not justifying the lack of it in wildlands, but can we agree here the fear element is still there in comparison to GR:FS and GRAW consoles? I'm sure, if i were to turn the majority of the HUD off and ramp up the difficulty to extreme I would get that fear element back, I'd have no target markers reassuring me of enemy positions, I can be killed in one shot, and I can be detected almost instantaneously with no idea where from. I would be once again that vulnerable soldier outnumbered behind enemy lines, but before I speak too soon, I'm actually going to experiment with this to see if it's the case. I agree however that regenerating health kinda sucks, it's been one of my major gripes in video games, however one thing i like is the one revive per fight thing going on, makes it a little more necessary to preserve yourself, but it's not to the extent of the originals. Now I will say one thing before I go and experiment, that if i want that hardcore fear element with no health regen and a more 'realistic' attitude, I boot up arma. but if i want a more relaxed experience with frankly stunning visuals and a bit of fun. I boot up Wildlands, and to be honest, I've not played Arma since february...
  21. I've seen a few pretty large bugs, however due to my job it's kinda hard to turn off that attention to them, it ruins my experience in most games and even movies, because I can notice so many subtle glitches that I've trained myself to look out for. there's nothing overtly game breaking there, for a game of this decade it's actually pretty polished, but there are some rather frustrating ones around. I'd say the MGSV inspiration is fair, but from what i gather (i'm not a major farcry fan) it's very much its own game that deserves respecting as such. gonna have to disagree with you there, I think it is GR, both in title and spirit. Off topic a little and i'm not having a go, i'm just voicing that ever so frank opinion of mine on myself, not you, you are free to say as you will as that is your opinion, but my reflection on myself is that I'm sick of being the edgy old-timer who can't let the past go, we will never have another GR1 because GR1's experience can probably never be imitated again. you can remaster the graphics and keep the base game and i guarantee you someone will be displeased. Wildlands is GR, if you don't count narco road and/or any future ridiculous DLC Ubi pumps out, but then, is Arma 3 still Arma with the ridiculous futuristic crap slapped on and the karts DLC? yes! so we should hold wildlands to the same respect. Yes, the gameplay is different in a large way to the first, but when you consider that all Ghost Recon games since the first have been intended as third person shooters (aside from GRAW PC), you have to ask yourself which one was the true outlier here in terms of gameplay, and I know that's going to rustle some jimmies with y'all, but think about it, every Ghost Recon game that has come out people have said "its not ghost recon" maybe we have to start considering the original ghost recon as not ghost recon, and put this frankly outdated argument in the past where it belongs... GR1 is a great game, but it is by no means the perfect 'God Game' that every developer ever should be striving towards; it had its problems, and the more the game ages, the more these problems show themselves. But ask yourself, is Wildlands set in the Ghost Recon Timeline? Yes, Bowman confirmed this in the very beginning of the game, and Weaver linked to Kozak in ingame dialogue, I am expecting links to GRAW, seeing as SB was founded in Mexico in 2013, and to GRFS seeing as the first mission you're on as Kozak is in Bolivia, 5 years after Wildlands, in the future if Ubi truly wants to expand the story and bring a coherent canon back into the series. Is it a shooter with strong tactical elements that can punish you mercilessly with one wrong move? Yes. is it open with full autonomy on how you approach your mission like the original? yes, even more so than the original. Is it called 'Ghost Recon' Yes. Then by my (admittedly loosening) standards this is Ghost Recon, and frankly one of the best Ghost Recon games to date bar none. Add on to the fact that it has seamlessly combined areas and playstyles together, making the character set up worth a damn, you have terrific gameplay elements added into the game that the original will have struggled to have done so well. I played future soldier with my boyfriend on Wednesday while he waited for wildlands to download, and if any Ghost Recon game is to be accused of not being ghost recon by people's standards it is that linear crap-fest, needing a cutscene around every corner to open a damn door? no thanks. I'm sorry if i hurt feelings, it's my silly opinion at the end of the day, if you don't want to join along, you don't have to. I am hoping in six months time they capitalize on the major success of the game by releasing a mission editor. In other news, I played with the legendary @Ayu Taiyaki today was a cool game, sadly due to framerate issues (I was running an intensive max scene in the background and it was chewing my RAM, not the game's fault) I got a headache and became irritable so I wasn't able to communicate as well, but Ayu's a cool guy, i'd recommend anyone in the community who's looking to Coop with someone to give Ayu a go, he's really awesome!
  22. its almost like nomad has short term memory loss. wildlands does definitely have dark tones but approaches them more maturely than GTA, GTA always seems to put a satirical twist on their darker parts that softens the blow. but wildlands just goes full on in a lot of cases, only stopping short of showing us exactly what happens
  23. and if you don't win in this world, youre FOCKING DED yeah, tell that to your baby daddy, lady.
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