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  1. .paa; arma's proprietary texture format, there used to be a plugin for it, but it stopped working on CC
  2. I think i'll be the judge of whether or not its worth it thank you. I use this file format on a regular basis, but having to convert it to a Photoshop compatible format in an external program is highly inconvenient and often leads to issues, because said external program hasn't been written well
  3. whoop! will check it at some point! out of interest, how does one create a file format plugin for photoshop? there's a file format I wouldn't mind making a plugin for.
  4. someone needs to tell her its bad for her health, she's already at a physical disadvantage she doesn't need anything more to add to that! XD
  5. yeah, I was kinda disappointed with their lack of flexibility tbh, especially regarding the mission editor.
  6. Okay so @Pilgrim and I were playing Wildlands yesterday and I'm not sure if it's a bug or if it's a feature, but he noticed that I (female nomad) had a pack of cigarettes on my molle chest rig, whereas he didn't, wearing the same vest did anyone else pick up on this or is it just a bug?
  7. Downloading now! Will report any quirks
  8. Its all good buddy, i'll be downloading the newest versions and playing with them to provide as much feedback as I can, I dont think it helps that my Photoshop installation is utterly mucked anyhow.
  9. If you happen to know, I'd like to know and understand what settings I should be using for foliage etc. right now i'm getting very hit/miss results, grass will work, if the alpha channel is flipped and the alpha testing function is set to greater / equal to with a reference value of 128 however saving shrubs and getting them to work has been almost impossible so far. also getting a horrible issue with blue textures when not saving with alpha.
  10. Photoshop crashes trying to access this RSB, I believe it's version 9 with alpha It's a modified one from a mod i made a while back, the original version 8 one works fine Character_Trans.rsb
  11. Just noticed the download section link is broken New link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/402t2l22e5ldn1z/Project_Novo_Preview.rar
  12. the two things i'm glad for: -In stealth missions, players now have a short time to kill alerted enemies to avoid failing the mission -Fixed a bug where the "missile incoming" sound would remain active when the player jumped from the helicopter if you have ever had the latter, you will know how insanity inducingly annoying it is. try to complete El Sueno's mission with that incessant beeping and you'll want to put a bullet in your brain to make it stop, BUT ITS STILL THERE AFTER RESPAWNING!!
  13. it's working better than the original plugin now though!
  14. getting a crash when the game tries to load a 32 bit RSB with alpha saved with the plugin, no input in logs, it just crashes. will try again seems like its being caused by erroneous inputs upon save
  15. It would mean that some things that haven't been done due to old software can be done. Modifying characters models etc etc. In previous years you needed 3DSMAX5 which is so old its licensing software no longer works and has to be run through a virtual machine and a naughty thing to work. With meester kimovs projected plugins you can do this on the latest versions of max. The RSB Plugin will allow us to texture assets in Photoshop CC 64 bit, meaning we don't have to switch software to do the same job, as again, the old plugin doesn't work correctly in newer versions of the software I think I now follow what you mean by 'ghost recon with modern textures' in which case, yes it can be done, I did it 5 years ago... And may be looking at it again now that i'm older with more of a penchant for detail, and now that Mr Kimov is adding some fantastic new tools to the array. My apologies 'modern textures' to me translates as the full honcho, diffuse, normal map, specular, etc etc
  16. Hey Alex! I've found an issue with saving alpha textures on the RSB plugin, this happens Any idea what's going on?
  17. wait... hold the borking phone is that what I think it is?
  18. Hey @Pilgrim this might make things more interesting! Sounds fun, i'll give it a go if I have the extra cash by then.
  19. And this is what I'm saying, it's possible, but not plausible for one or two people to do what lightspeed is suggesting.
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