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Status Updates posted by Zeealex

  1. think I need to change my monitor...

  2. why the blooming heck is it snowing in march?!

  3. there are 4 things that keep me going, family, friends, motivation and a good can of monster ;)

  4. I love GR.net, and chocolate ;)

  5. sorry the upload's taking ages :P

  6. not been having a good evening so please excuse my snappiness, might take a break for a bit actually...

  7. at your comment, thanks riley, and nope, gotta wait another year in th UK. i can ride a mopehead though, and a bike of 125cc or lower, i think. :P

  8. about the profile comment, no problem, ;) the picture at the bottom always seems to make peeps laugh if they have that sort of Humour. You've never heard of the Big Bang Theory? well he's from that :P

  9. i win! i went a day without posting!

  10. loving the black hole, sort of avatar going on there riley :)

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