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  1. Zeealex
    theres me sitting at my computer wondering why virtually no one had replied to any posts, then i realized, it's the weekend, it's usually dead
    i reckon this site should have weekend entertainment threads to bring more people in on the weekends or somp'in
  2. Zeealex
    in case you guys were wondering

    Ubuntu 11.04

    Windows 7

    if i am seeing correctly i see just that little bit more on Ubuntu than i do windows and in ubuntu it does look tidier? i'll let you decide, i'm not here to, metaphorically, sell Ubuntu to you.

    yes you'll notice in my ubuntu screenshot i did search the firefox version used in 10.10 for reference. i don't really keep an eye on versions but it was version 3.6 that was the default i believe.
  3. Zeealex
    always wondered whether such a thing would work but, here it goes

    Whenever a legitimate copy is entered into the drive, the executable file will work as normal for any amount of usage. asking for a key which is connected to that executable file (so keygens won't work)

    BUT if the files on the disk are copied, or added to the clipboard. then it immediately releases a program which bluescreens windows (and wreaks havoc in Linux and Mac) causing the data in the clipboard to be taken down.

    and the main game folder can be copied but will not work without the registry entries which will have a unique binary code for each install meaning that if on startup, the discrete database (a highly encrypted code in the engine of the game) check finds more than one PC using the same binary code then the game will shut down and not load.

    then, the legitimate customer will not be punished for buying the game and can use the disk as many times as possible for reinstalls and no internet connection is required for install as all the codes are in the registry (but are updated discretely every time the internet is connected). and the right person will be punished for trying to copy the disk.

    but creating such a thing would be one hell of a job, and it would have to go through numerous testing stages to ensure complete stability.

    but, the idea is there, and you never know, the concept may work
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