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  1. Any version of Photoshop will work with the plugin that comes in the GR CD's.
  2. Your version of Max 5 will last for 30 days, to continue using Max, you will need to reformat your hard drive & re-install. The plugins needed are in the CD's of the game. It includes instructions as to how to make a basic map. In the 1st month you will learn how to make maps, but it will take more then a month to make a full on map that is playable in GR, it is a lot of work, but man, it is worth it! Yor best bet is to find a full version of 3Ds Max 5 or 4. As long as you have Max 5 or4 and GR, you will be able to make maps/levels for GR. Here is a great guide for making your 1st map: http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/map-guide.htm For learning how to use 3Ds Max, go to: www.3dbuzz.com, they have video tutorials that are free and will teach you how to use Max, also visit: http://www.3d-palace.com/ They also have a great number of videos that are free, from basics to advanced.
  3. Yeah, the first one is the best, I still play it.
  4. Is he still making mods/helping out on modding GR?
  5. LOW That the Team-mate AI dont use a bazooka against enemy armor!
  6. Download REPLAYABILITY v1.2 at this web page: http://gia.multiplayer.gr/main.htm This is the description: Bored of the exactly same missions? Bored of the "always the same" experience in the Firefight mode? Want more or less enemies than 30 in the Firefight mode? Want to play Firefight in the Multiplayer Maps? This mod allows you to play the known Firefight Mode in Quick Mission and Multiplayer Coop with the enemies placed in "completely" random positions. It also gives you the ability to select the "number" of the enemies that will be placed randomly in the map. So this means that every game will be different and you will have a different experience. This mod allows you to play all the multiplayer maps in firefight mode as well.
  7. You will need 3D Studio Max to make the maps from Rogue Spear and import them to GR, they will have to be made from scratch.
  8. If the guy carrying the bazooka calls out "ARMOR SPOTTED" and does not do anything, what is the point? Maybe I'm busy hunting/defending against enemy forces that are attacking/counterattacking & I can't/or do not want to use the bazooka man. THAT is what makes the game fun for me, I know my teammates can help out in the mission. But as they are, the bazooka man does not do his job.
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