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  1. Hey Papa6, What a strange situation! I thought it was particularly 'funny' to read he has a degree in psychology. It sounds similar to my boss who also studied psychology, but seems to lack all things you might think that goes with that. Sad situation for all of you (wife, kids). How are things now? Any developments? Hope all is well. Paul.
  2. Popey, There should be an original map where you needed to rescue a friendly (not sure what the name of the map was, maybe Rescue Rosen or something?!). I would try to unbundle that particular mission and see how GRIN did it. I think you will find loads of information in there. JohnTC02 also made a map (if I remember correctly) where one or more friendlies needed to be rescued). Maybe unbundle his map? Reg, Spik@
  3. Yes! That is good news Popey! You will find that scripting for GR:AW2 is a challenge at almost every corner you take (edit: at least it is starting out. Not intended to discourage you in any way! ). Luckily somewhere, in the depths of scripting memories, a few of us will/can be of any assistance. Like John I am curious on what you did to fix it.
  4. "Second to none...." Oi! No need to be rude now! I am not sure yet, as Popey has not replied yet, but as I understand it, the extraction point works, but does not show up as an objective. I thought (with my second to none scripting knowledge ) that it might be because an objective (the text/direction) needs more than only a location... And yes...the good ol' days with brainstorming sessions on new 3dsmax props/buildings and scripting ideas... Good memories.
  5. LOL... After all...you know how good I was at scripting But John... Didn't you need a marker to tell you where the extraction point was? You need it for coordinates, but as I read it, it doesn't say where the extraction point is and for all objectives you need a marker, no? @Popey: So the games does end when you reach the extraction zone?
  6. Daro, There are several options: Artillery, Mortars, Airstrike, Apaches and Tanks. I couldn't get the last two to work. Somehow the Apaches crashed the game as soon as the embedded script for the explosion was activated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3QphbWJviI I never got around to figure out what was wrong and if I could fix it by tinkering around. Using the tank was something else that I could not get to work. I am sure I could if I put more time into it, but again...never got around to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0cHchdbfxU The options (for the Teamleader at the start of the game) are all set within the XML files. Teamleader dies? Another one will take over and have the same options, exept for the Airstrike and Artillery (if they are already used). Like I said earlier, the Mortar strike will reset as you can see in my video (XCOM) too. If you would want to have these option to reset all the time, I guess you could do that too. Simply drop a timer beside it in the XML and have it reset after x amount of minutes when previously used. You can see in the last vid that I (almost ) also had the MK19 working. Probably needed some tweaking too. Again...no time and I wondered if it was worth the effort (considering the amount of people playing the game)
  7. Hmnm. Not sure. Never got around to test it. It did work on a LAN game though. First one in game (teamleader) will get the possibility to use it. Once you are killed, the next in line will get it. If I remember correctly Air support and Artillery can be used once and Mortar fire resets after a certain time. Of course you can also script it so others can also get this when a certain points is reached or task is performed.
  8. "Damn....So many baddies and tanks and nowhere to run... Would be nice if we could call in some artillery or mortar fire. Maybe one of these 'flyboys' can rain down some fire and brimstone to help us out...?" Well,...you actually can... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h-jlV2vXjY
  9. Table Flip... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK8iSrbCUeA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfuSn722KTg Searchlight.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACj3j02zPEw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrRjJ4bwN_8
  10. Ahhhh yes,..."the good ol'days"... It was absolutely a pleasure to have been able to work with you on many of these things Who knows...maybe...someday...we will be able to rekindle our love... (for modding!!!)
  11. Hi all, It has been a looooooong time since I have been on the forum and it seems there isn't a lot of movement anymore (at least not in the GRAW2 Modding section) I came across some 'old' stuff I worked on for some time while clearing up some files from my PC. Some of it was still in development and other things ready for use. It would be a shame not to share this with you all and let it go unnoticed. Who knows....it might inspire somebody to create something similar or give them some idea on what can be done. ('what can be done' as some of these things were regarded as "can't be done" ) Oh and uhm...don't mind the 'chitter chatter'. These vids were intended for JohnTC02 https://www.youtube.com/user/Mr2Amazed Cheers! Spik@
  12. Hey! This looks really neat! Been a really looooong time since I have done ANY work for GR at all, but it is good to see there are still new things for this game. I hope this will make a whole bunch of new modders to the game! GJ!
  13. Status update?! Is this map done and ready to be 'inspected'?
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