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  1. I unistalled the game, I will try again tomorrow, but I can't imagine what do ports have to do with the cd-key. Thank you for the link anyway. I see no one has encountered this errpr on the forum..
  2. I just bought this game (2 hours ago) brand new from a store and when I try to join a server "Your CD KEY is rejected". I try to search for a solution, but the only one I got is to return it and this is what Im going to do tomorrow if I can't fix it. Should I buy the steam version? I saw on a forum that the steam version also has this problems
  3. I bought the game ................again. I have been a fan of GR since the release of the demo back in 2001 (I think) and my personal opinion is that the first GR it's more hardcore and you have more tactical freedom. Another problem is that I couldn't find a GRAW 1 or 2 player who wanted to play proper COOP (microphone, squad leader, tactical aproach etc).... anyone interested?
  4. Thank you for the answers Im going to buy it tonight
  5. I saw this amazing game very cheap to buy and I am thinking of buying it again (I lost my copy years ago), but I'm only looking for a multiplayer experience. Are there still players online? Can I find people to play daily at any time? Any active coop clans? Thank you
  6. Hey guys! I'm looking for people to play a more tactical coop. That means with team leaders, gaming strategy and voice communication. Like how these guys play ARMA 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0BPeCXORFU . Anyway, who's in? We could play other tactical games (SWAT 4, Operation Flashpoint etc). My e-mail is bullizro[at]yahoo[dot]com Good day
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