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  1. This is denfinitely next gen,some say that it is a mash-up ubi game,I say it's years of creation from ubi workshops start to come into effect,brilliant mash-up (corrections:by the word "workshop",i mean "studio",poor english,sorry.lol)
  2. wow!I didn't see that coming,that's even better than I have imagined!can't wait.
  3. At the first glance of the e3 trailer,i thought to myself :This is the ghost recon you have been having in your head buddy.I mean it just fit so well,the reality based gear,the different approah to an objective,the scnarios shown in the trailer,etc.To sum it up,depth and variety,it could be a platform of so much possibility if this title pulled out fine,just like cod4,but with profession and depth,more like an operator simulator.Well here is some thoughts I have been coming up with: 1.The motion capture stuff of the new title doesn't seem to resemble that in the Future Soldier right?To put it in an subjective way,it's not as smooth and professional(the two words I could find in my head for now) as it was in the Future Soldier,not sure of this,just a little bit,anyway,I hope it will inheritate the professional motion of characters as it was in Future Soldier. 2.I really appreciate the different approah concept shown in e3 this year,based on this,maybe there could be something like,pure recon mission(with or without firing),air strike guiding,ambush,you name it...you don't fire all the time right,lol,all in all,what operators do,a more complete experience. 3.Is the character in the future soldier in?wait a second..maybe not,it's not the same era right?Just nonsense,lol.But I really like the characters set in Future Soldier,Team Leader,Kozak,30K,Pepper,they are some convincing characters,I can see them as buddies when I am in the game. The concept trailer in the e3 is really a good start,I truly hope this title could be a ghost recon with depth and varities,which can bring us immersion and the feeling of accomplishment for the years to come.Way to go guys!
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