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  1. In my Opinion:

    I do not think it would be realistic in a war zone to be able to just walk your way out to the Extraction pint, I think you would have a fight on your hands.

    I think John does a Brilliant job in making these maps for us, he always try to put New things in and also tries to keep ti as realistic as he can.

    It seems to me that John put a lot of time and effort in to making these missions, not many of us realise how hard it is and how many hours it takes and all you so called Gamers do is moan and need you hands held like Little Kids, but kids learn by their mistakes. For example while we are on the subject of realism !

    Car Bombs wanting to know were they are, kids would only die once and no to stay away from certain vehicles. :wall:

    But that is only my opinion.

    So can anyone tell me how having 400+ AI against one player in single player mode be Realistic. :rolleyes:

    I think it is impossible to make missions totally realistic we need to strike a good balance between realism and good game playing, I think we should be grateful for what we get as there are hardly any modders making missions these days.

    As I said I think we should be grateful and stop being worse than kids, I would just like to say thank you John for making these missions because I enjoy playing them so THANK YOU for your hard work John. :thumbsup:

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Daro,

    I have just played your mission: op. nature 1.0, I would just like to say well done on your second mission. :thumbsup:

    The tank got stuck up a building a couple of times, I found the RPG a bit confusing because when you have killed all the bods the RPG way point marker was still there. :wall:

    In a couple of places I saw some hot spawning one was at the bridge and the other was to the right of the bridge.

    The mule didn't move at all.

    But apart from that it played OK and no lag darling, All the best and a Happy New Year.

    Sonia x ;)

  3. Hi Dad, :drool:

    I have played all these missions:

    01 (C-SP) TC02 Plantation

    02 (C-SP) TC02 Stronghold

    03 (C-SP) TC02 Beach Assault

    04 (C-SP) TC02 Camp Badon

    05 (C-SP) TC02 Embassy Force

    06 (C-SP) TC02 Eagle Strike

    07 (C-SP) TC02 Osprey Down

    08 (C-SP) TC02 Night Hawk

    09 (C-SP) TC02 Tiger Force

    10 (C-SP) TC02 Iron Justice

    and I think they are really good. :clapping:

    Obviously I did die quite a lot but I had a lot of fun, sorry that it has taken so long Dad you Old FART.

    Love you Dad Sonia x

  4. Hi Dad, :drool:

    I have just played: Beach Assault and in the briefing there is a word missing ! [ we think the rebels will use this __ bring in ] were I have left the gap put in the word to. Also you have made a spelling mistake ! [ Before it's to late and the south cost is overrun ] it is meant to be spelt like this coast apart from them the briefing is OK.

    Out of the 88 AI's I got 84 AI's that's not to bad is it Dad well I don't think so, as for the mission it went really well no problems at all.

    I really enjoyed Beach Assault Dad there is a lot more AI's in this one which I like, :yes: and yes I did die quite a lot and don't you dare take the ###### Dad :nono:

    I think you have done a good job Dad love you lots

    Sonia xx

  5. Hi Dad, :drool:

    I have played: plantation mission 1 the first one you have done on GR and I liked it, I think you have done really well seeing as it's your first one. I didn't find anything wrong and it all went brilliant So well done dad. :thumbsup:

    Dad I have just finished playing: Stronghold mission 2 and well done again I really enjoyed playing it, I didn't find any problems and all went well.

    I think this one is a lot better than mission 1 Dad you have put a lot more AI's in this one, another good mission Dad well done I can not wait for the next mission. :rofl:

    With much love Dad

    Sonia xx :P

  6. Hi Bob,

    Just played your Coop Bulldog mission the new version and [ unlike before ] there was no problems with the start, the only thing I noticed was on a lot of the buildings and plants the textures were missing.

    I didn't have fraps installed so I will post a screenshot later.

    I enjoyed playing this mission but in my opinion I think it could do with a few more AI and Snipers, but that is my opinion.

    Many thanks Sonia :thumbsup:

  7. Hi Bob,

    Just tried your mission and it crashed at the beginning with the error below.

    John said it maybe that you have to many AI in one of your vehicles.

    Many thanks Sonia :thumbsup:

    Crash in application version: 30899.3048

    data\lib\units\ai\soldier\sdriverlogics.dsf(-1): Value is not of type <vector3>, it is of type<void>











    Renderer: threaded

    Physics : threaded

  8. Hi Dad, :drool:

    I have tested Mission 05: Operation Solare yesterday and in my opinion it could do with a few more AI and more snipers. :snipe:

    I had only one thing wrong in the mission and that was the Icon for the ROADBLOCK objective was there from the beginning and shouldn't be, but I believe it has been fixed now.

    The mission it's self in my opinion it is done really well and I enjoyed playing it, I found it quite easy or it might be that I am getting a bit better at playing these missions, well I like to think so.

    Well Dad considering what you have been through with Nan you have still gave us a brilliant mission well done , :thumbsup: I am looking forward to the next mission.

    Love you Dad keep your chin up love Sonia x :notworthy:

  9. Hi Dad, :devil:

    I have played the Taw Snipers mission, in my opinion it's not my kind of mission but saying that it was well thought out & well made.

    So another Gold Star for you Dad. :thumbsup:

    Taw Snipers mission is for those who like the shoot'em up missions rather than the objectives missions.

    I did like the idea of playing the mission from the roof tops, so Daddy dearest if you can do one with objectives I would love you for ever.

    I had no problems at all with the mission it went as smooth as a baby's bum, well done Dad.

    Soina :kiss:

  10. Hi Daddy dearest, :drool:

    I played your Los Leopardos mission about two days go, I'm sorry I've only just posted it today but I've had laptop problems as you know, :wall: thanks again for helping me with it dad.

    Even though it was really hard I had a lot of fun all the way through the mission, I only had one problem & that was near the end of the game, just before the extraction you have got the last ammo box on your right, when I went up to it & pressed x the game crashed on me with some kind of c-stack error.

    Thanks Dad for another brilliant mission keep it up :thumbsup:


  11. Hi ya daddy,

    I played your new mission Operation Terrorist with some dodgy geezer who kept shooting me. :o=

    We played it on hard & on the long version & there was no problems at all, the instructions were very clear & informative , it went like a dream dad.

    It was very hard but really enjoyed it, both of us died a lot. :lol:

    I have read the posts about this mission & I can not understand why most people do not read the instructions before tackling the mission, if they did so they would know what to do & wouldn't need to get you to do things like putting on screen instructions.

    I hope this don't offend anyone it's just my opinion. :unsure:


  12. Hi Bob,

    My name is Wacko & my dad is JohnTC02,

    I hope you don't mind, I have tested your Fierce Resistance mission my dad gave me your password, again i hope you don't mind.

    In my opinion I think you have made a really good mission, personally I think it would be better with a few more AI in the mission.

    I had 108 Kills & 33 Deaths, the only reason I had so many Deaths was because one of the Tanks was upside down, so that meant the gun was poking through the map & could see me everywhere, & the other Tank was stuck.

    I have taken a screenshot of the Tank that was upside down, the two Tanks where near the Palace.



    I really did enjoy playing your Fierce Resistance mission. :thumbsup:



  13. Hello Dad,

    I have just played Mission 03: Operation Manosos :thumbsup: I really like it, brilliant mission Dad.

    I really love playing the campaign missions because you can save the game, not like the coop missions.

    Thanks Dad i really enjoyed it, :D

    There are no issues at all great job.


  14. Hello Daddy, :D

    I have just tested your mission, the game crashed at the Explosives objective with the access violation error, sorry I forgot to copy the crash log.

    I also had one error at the car park there is an spelling error with the on screen message,"floorl" is spelt floor it's time you learnt to spell Dad. :whistle:

    I think this is one of your Best mission to date, i really liked the car bomb that was really cool Dad.

    The instructions were very clear & easy to understand, I Don't think you get enough Thanks for the hard work you do & also they don't realise how much work goes into making a mission.

    So i would like to say thanks for the great missions & all your hard work. :thumbsup:


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