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  1. Yeah, best way to go about it is to find like minded players with the same goals in mind and have the same skill level.

    Sometimes it's good to have a mix of different player types, like the patient ones and the rambos, but chemistry and ability to get a long is the big reason.

  2. I wonder about how this cloaking looks to the enemy. It's obvious where your teammates are in your on screen view, but is it as obvious to the enemy?

    Like in splinter cell you could see stuff a lot easier as a spy, and a merc had a much harder time seeing.

    I'm justcurious for multiplayer, even though i really hope there's an option to turn this off like there was wit the drones in GR:AW and the camera gun in GR:2.

  3. The following answer to question 3 is the best bit of news.

    A3. We don’t have Last Man Standing, but we ARE bringing back the multiplayer mode Siege, which is a lot like Last Man Standing with the addition of a central objective that has to be defended. We find it focuses the match and creates a stronger sense of team play. (In case you don’t know/remember the rules of Siege, one team spawns in a central location and has to defend an objective. The attackers are deployed randomly around the outside of the map. You have only a single life, there are no respawns!)

    I have been pestering RSE for years ( both Serellan and Geridak personally ) to implement GR2 style siege back into Ghost Recon and they are finally doing it with GRFS. I still think GRFS has some major flaws but even with the cover system this gametype negates camping and encourages flanking and advanced tactics. If the maps are open and the defenders don't know where the attackers are coming from then they have to spread out their forces to cover all available routes which means it is easier for the attackers and just more open. They key to winning this type of game for the defenders was spotting the direction the attackers were coming from. The key for the attackers was keeping your position secret until everyone was in place before the attack. Classic gametype. Brilliant piece of news.

    Yeah I'm pretty excited about this piece of news myself.

    GR2:SS Siege was my best game, loved the element of surprise, seriously can't wait for the beta!

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