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  1. Anyway you guys can give me one of your extra codes? Would be awesome!
  2. Look forward to giving this game a try. I remember when the GR:FS beta cameo out and it was only Co-op as well....could be interesting!
  3. Pretty cool you guys got to go! i bet playing the game was amazing! im really hopimg for pvp...but i feel like thats an obvious. looking forward to reading updates from you 2. ive been waiting over 7 years for this news. gr:aw siege is so missed.
  4. It's open IMO, in another you can take pictures ect. As for getting a code that's closed lol.
  5. They have names? sorry i just shoot and kill people and enjoy the hell out of it!
  6. I'll never buy an "off brand" controller, but the headset looks awesome.
  7. Um isn't the beta coming in April......I figured wed be playing the beta by April 16th, yikes!
  8. Because you could cheat by killing each other. and honestly who plays in ranked rooms?
  9. Yeah, best way to go about it is to find like minded players with the same goals in mind and have the same skill level. Sometimes it's good to have a mix of different player types, like the patient ones and the rambos, but chemistry and ability to get a long is the big reason.
  10. I doubt the 1st word is blood, unless you're assuming every word is a 5 letter word......
  11. I think this is one of those check back in april/may questions.
  12. I wonder about how this cloaking looks to the enemy. It's obvious where your teammates are in your on screen view, but is it as obvious to the enemy? Like in splinter cell you could see stuff a lot easier as a spy, and a merc had a much harder time seeing. I'm justcurious for multiplayer, even though i really hope there's an option to turn this off like there was wit the drones in GR:AW and the camera gun in GR:2.
  13. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/121/1217302p1.html Graphics are less then to be desired, but game looks like it will be a lot of fun in multi-player. Also looks like we'll get some weather elements, there's a rainy image. Hoping for some snow maps too, also I really like the open forest the video is in. I'm ready for some Siege!
  14. Funny that access to the beta is from a game that released 2 years prior.
  15. I find it hard to believe the beta is starting in 3-4weeks and game 3.5 months, and still the only videos/images of this game are from E3. I've been dying for updates on this game for 4 years now and still nothing quite insane.
  16. Still no info on the beta, and it;s less then a month away... it's time for an update UBI.
  17. Yeah I'm pretty excited about this piece of news myself. GR2:SS Siege was my best game, loved the element of surprise, seriously can't wait for the beta!
  18. This is pretty redic, if you can't do a clan vs clan match up. There has to be customizable rooms? ###### is UBi doing? I still can't believe they released splinter cell with any MP, and have yet to release another one and it's been 2 damn years.
  19. Interesting read, the no searchable rooms options is kind of a let down.
  20. A bit delayed in asking, sorry. I love the website, just don't check it often, since the community isn't too active right now. Let me know if you have any extras availible! thx. BTW i swear i joined this website years ago, i wonder if i have another username i had forgotten about.
  21. If it's pushed back to FY12 I might go insane.
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