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  1. Something tells me those are not hallucinogenic mushrooms. Without going into too much detail, i have a lot of experience with Psilocybe mushrooms (cultivation and uh....consumption) and I've never seen a single Psilocybe like that. Nice looking shrooms though. Typically, the ones that make you trip are more brown, purple, and blue then they are red, and they're also very ugly and disgusting. I wouldn't eat any of those if I were you, you're likely to die.
  2. If i remember right, Sony had people putting graffiti ads up for the PSP all over cities. They're companies, not people, they apparently don't have to follow the rules. Hell, i have a friend who's doing six months in jail for graffing stuff right now. A lot of businesses have no ethics anymore. I could go on for hours, but I'll just put it this way: I'm tired of being told about every product ever, in every way ever, every single day of my life. Commercialism is a disease overtaking common sense every single day.
  3. Honestly, this is ridiculous, but I see the logic in what they're saying. Video games are designed to appeal to a younger demographic in addition to the age group they're really trying to get with it. I remember talking to an Army recruiter a month before it came out, and he was so excited for its potential as a recruiting tool. Obviously, they're not trying to get thirteen year olds to join the army, but I'd be willing to bet some thirteen year olds have played the game for years until they can join, and then sign up. Is that a bad thing? Well, that's up for everyone to decide for themselves I think. Just my $.02.
  4. This is very disappointing. World War 2 has been done and done again. Vietnam would also be very, eh, uninteresting in my opinion. Modern Warfare was apparently the only stroke of genius for the COD series. Maybe after 5 tanks, they'll go back to the MW theme. Honestly, the speed and ferocity of the gun battles has kept me coming back again and again. I won't be buying this.
  5. Odd, I was reading a tactical firearms magazine just the other day, and LE and soldiers alike were talking about how great the M4 platform is for urban engagements. Guess they just can't make up their minds.
  6. Enjoying a shooter that doesn't have a Special Forces team, flashbangs, and a fully customizable set of weapons makes you stupid? Everything you play doesn't have to be 100% realistic, they're videogames. To be honest, I agree, the tactical FPS market is waaaaay too narrow. It is a niche market, most people are not interested in 100% accurate room clearing tactics in games, or anything like that for that matter. But at the same time, that's all that the fans of tactical FPSs care about, realism. Sorry guys, but I'd rather have some compromises in realism if it means better games overall. At the same time, I'm not saying that most of the shooters out there these days are doing the job right either, I'm just saying that a game does not have to be a hardcore tactical simulator in order to be fun.
  7. I saw something like this in a gun magazine last week. It was in fact, exactly the same, but in the United States and it lasted an entire week. I think this would be pretty fun. The main appeal, I believe, is for people like me who have an interest in military things, but aren't quite sure if they want to get shot at for real. This is just like a video game, just more physical in my opinion. I'd shell out the money for this, it looks like it would be a great time. And honestly, I don't see any harm in something like this. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that people die for real in war, and its not something to be taken lightly. At the same time though, if this is "wrong" why aren't all the movies, video games, books, etc, centered around war "wrong" as well?
  8. Despite my best efforts, I've been unable to locate model files in any of the folders for the game. I really want to swap out the Act I marines for the Act II/III marines. They just look much cooler in my opinion. Is this possible? I appreciate any help anyone can give me with this, because its really starting to frustrate me. On a similar note, I really want to swap out the standard SAW for the SAW with the reflex sight in MP. I've succeeded in getting the game to read the file with it referencing the right models, but I only get a couple of weird boxes instead of an actual model.
  9. I have basically no interest in the 360. It's a fancy console, and its got some sweet games, but I CANNOT wait to get my PS3, for the sole fact that MGS4 is coming out later this year. That is the only reason I honestly care to get one or the other regardless, and I think the PS3 comes with some pretty nice stuff. I gotta start saving up my money.
  10. In regards to ammunition, I honestly hate games that have a serious lack of ammunition for the player, but everybody else can just keep firing forever. I had some serious ammo stashes in Stalker, and honestly, having a ton of ammo and grenades saved me in a lot of firefights. I'd carry around 300 rounds for my rifle, 40 for a shotgun, about 150 pistol rounds, and six of the big grenades. On some of my little adventures, I'd chew through almost all the ammo I carried for the rifle and the shotgun, all the grenades, and end up shooting my way out of the area with my .45. I don't really like tension created in games by a lack of resources, it makes the game frustrating. I think more effective ammunition (ie armor piercing, hollowpoints, match-grade, etc) should be expensive and more scarce, but generic rounds should be in a moderate supply (not overflowing with stocks of 100,000 rounds, but enough that even if you don't have jack, you can still scrape together enough full magazines to get your mission done). If you've gotta choose between having enough rounds for the job, or having rounds that work great but are way over your budget for the amount you need, which would you choose?
  11. Well, personally, I just wanted it for SP, because every single weapon only fired on full-auto, and I'm a semi-auto junkie.
  12. I'd guess the bottom scope is a night vision optic, so he has the Eotech for bright times.
  13. I personally don't think that a next-gen game built around the same old Ghost Recon style would be very fun at all. GR was and always will be one of the greatest games ever, but seriously, making a new game that had everything exactly like [GR], a bunch of fancy new things to boot, and a new storyline would not be very good at all. Making new games isn't about recycling old successes, tacking some new features on, and calling it a brand new game. Take the Mario Bros series for example. The originals, while fun in their own right, don't hold a candle to the newer Marios for their innovations that made the sequels worth continuing to play. Cookie cutter sequels are pretty lame in my opinion, and I avoid them. If the developers for that had done what you guys apparently want for Ghost Recon, Mario Galaxy would still be a side-scroller in 2D, because that's what everyone loved originally.
  14. A note though, it does this for every weapon. Switching to the SAW from an M4 while you have the game set to semi-auto and trying to hose an area down won't work very well, just gotta remember to hit the key again.
  15. I found this the other day, and I have decided it is truly a godsend. It turns all the weapons that have full automatic into select fire weapons with nothing more then a script that you add to your 'main' folder. The installation is a little weird, as you have to add an execute command to your shortcut's path, but it works perfectly in SP and MP. http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/callofd.../mod/20334.html That site also has a ton of skins, and a nice realism mod for SP that removes all the zoom from the weapons that aren't sniper rifles.
  16. Why wouldn't you be able to put it up for download? The readme states you can use my skins in your own projects, as long as you give credit where due. The pattern does look a bit low res there though, dunno if that is just the quality of the pic though. I can provide a high res swatch if needed. I have my own reasons for not purchasing CoD4 so I'm not coming over there to do some skins myself. Nah, it looks pretty awesome when the texture detail is a bit higher, I just have a lame computer that can't run everything at full detail.
  17. I personally thought the black thermals that all the SAS guys were wearing looked rather stupid, so I reskinned them to wear full British DPM uniforms. Just working out the spec maps. Credit for the DPM pattern goes to Wytchdokta, its from his skin pack. Don't know if I'll be able to put it up for download as such. Definitely if I can make my own DPM pattern.
  18. I've been playing around, they're labeled by units. SAS and USMC are all I've been able to find.
  19. I got it to work, wholly unimpressed. I don't think I could ever take a "militia" seriously when they're named after a group in Metal Gear Solid.
  20. Ooooooh, I'm really excited for mods for this game. I love this game. I only had three problems with the single player: 1 - The M4s don't have the front sights. I would have liked that a lot. 2 - All the desert skins are extremely boring for the Marines. Their black gear is a lot sweeter, and I think it would be great to have them wearing that in the desert with different skins. 3 - The lack of nightvision in the Hunted mission. That looks awesome Swartsz, can't wait to have some really awesome looking rifles.
  21. AGE - Women In Slaughter Japanese crasher crust/stenchcore. It rules.
  22. I've been playing STALKER non-stop for the past couple of weeks, and I have to say, it is one of the best games I have ever played. Nothing is quite as tense as checking the ammunition I have, finding nothing but a grenade, 10 pistol rounds, two mags of AK ammo, and whatever is left in the shotgun, and having to battle my way through a squad of Russian Spetznaz/two bloodsuckers/a horde of zombies bearing down on me/mercenaries assaulting my position/etc to escape. It combines a few excellent genres of games perfectly in my opinion. I've become very happy with the Fast Firing AK-74 w a suppressor and a PMO scope. Deadly and accurate. I usually carry around that or a nice SIG 550 with scope in addition to a pump shotgun of either variety and a high powered pistol plus at least 6 grenades, 3 of each kind. I've had some really heart-pumping firefights and battles to the death in this game so far. Tossing grenades everywhere, laying down suppressive fire, backpeddling and shooting a pseudodog in the face with a shotgun shell as it jumps at me, getting to the last thirty rounds in my stash and taking out a whole group of enemy stalkers trying to kill me somehow. Great game, I would recommend it to anyone. A second note: One of the coolest things I've found in this game thus far is that the best way to score cool things is to steal or find it, rather then shell out thousands in cash. All the weapons I have made a mainstay in my arsenal and all the suits I wear in the game are acquired through looking around and silently executing the right people. It requires some real guff to take out a guy in the middle of the Freedom or Duty base to score a rifle that will work just right for where you're going. STALKER rewards you for originality and planning. Barging into most areas will get you killed. Some creative sniping and distraction makes for some great ambushes and firefights. Armed with a suppressed AK and a handgun, I took out what amounted to a platoon of infantry at the area called Agroprom by using rooftops and bushes to hide my position. It plays exactly like a great tactical shooter and an RPG at the same time. Great game.
  23. Kid was stupid, there's no denying that. But, at the same time, I feel it is important to hold everyone accountable for their poor choices, officer and criminal alike, regardless of their intentions. The ends don't justify the means. If I'm at a riot and eat a rubber bullet in the face that kills me, I think it's fair to say that both parties were at fault. The police for excessive force and incorrect usage of their arsenal, and myself for breaking the law. High speed maneuvers, especially giving someone a love tap at speeds averaging between 80-90 mph, is very dangerous and has a high risk for fatal and/or crippling injuries. The kid was in the wrong, but officers should not have infinite grace just because they're stopping a criminal. It's a hard issue for me to take a side on, because speeding is extremely dangerous in my eyes, but at the same time, I have never felt that a badge and a gun is a get-out-of-jail free card. Another thing I'd like to point out is that there is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon. Less-lethal weapons for sure, but every weapon that a cop carries can kill you if you're unlucky. Most of them use pain to gain compliance. Batons, bean-bag rounds, rubber or foam bullets, tazers, tear gas, pepperballs, pepperspray, etc, all use pain to get you to comply with their intentions. None of them are nice things to get hit with, so it's hardly a wonder that people complain every time the police "do their job." It hurts human beings when they do their jobs a lot of the time.
  24. Everything I own has a bullet hole in it. Guess I should start taking my meds again. If you're serious, you need to get rid of your firearms. You're a statistic waiting to happen. Hahahahaha!
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