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    Here is me completing the final objective on the first mission.  Few notes, did it solo, wasn't too sure on what you meant by radar jammer so I disabled the drone jammer thinking that was the objective.  Also there is a little lapse in footage as I had to take two parts to complete the recording.

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  2. Just now, Rocky said:


    Absolutely. You'll already be aware of the awesome foliage in Wildlands. Imagine getting into a good vantage point, surrounded by bushes and hearing the footsteps of the enemy approaching, and then they run on right by you without seeing you, and again, and again. That's one aspect of stealth. I don;t think I can talk about more, but, I can say yes, stealth is a big part of it.

    Awesome, this was my main worry when PvP was finally announced, I didn't wanna have some big run & gun explosions everywhere type gameplay.  Glad to hear stealth is a viable and maybe even vital aspect for PvP

  3. Are you going to continue making things like these Paladin?  I can already tell I'm gonna love this and I'm already craving more.


    EDIT: I'm gonna try and record and upload part of the first mission I did, just like Rocky, although mine won't have the cool OGR effects like his ;)

  4. I just tried fraps and only got 43 FPS or so, I wonder how much space a 30 min mission would take up if I bought a retail version of fraps. Anyone know?

    43 FPS just doesn't do the game justice, I wonder if simply adding a couple gigs of ram would be enough to bring it up to 60.

    Like what wombat50 mentioned about Virtualdub, what you can do is record the video with fraps maybe to an external HD (so it doesn't take up room on your main HD) then compress it with VirtualDub (free program) There is a bunch of tutorials on youtube for it.

  5. So I have been lurking these forums for quite some time. I've downloaded a bunch of mods after reinstalling my Ghost Recon. But one mod that I want is the Sniper Team mod (with compatibility addon) But the download link isn't working. Would someone be willing to help me out? Thank you

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