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  1. It's going to be hard to get the players back. Most of them have propably deleted GRAW from their hard drives and put their DVD in a closet to gather some dust. When they release the new patch it better have a lot of stuff for the players. Not just fixing bugs, but maps, gameplay fixes, weapons, new game modes ect... Something to show the people that we are getting a "new game" for free and advertise it alot so we get more players. If GRIN/UBI releases an expansion pack people will just thing this is another trick to get some more money and screw the people. If they release great patch that is like a small expansion pack and after that the real expansion pack people will have more faith in the company and are more likely to buy the x-pack.
  2. In single player in mission 2, 3 and 4. I DO NOT use target markers, but in those mission when I have crossed a certain point annoying diamond (the light blue one the friendlies have) appears into my screen right in the middle of the screen where the crosshair is. When I turn the target markes on it dissappears and will reappear if I turn the markers off again. The places where this bug is triggered: Second mission: After you blow up the fuel tank and start moving to rescue the president and are almost to the parking lot. Third mission: The same bug comes when the embassy blows up. Fourth mission: The bug is triggered when u go near the water in the start of the game. I havent played further than mission 4. Anyone else had these problems? Too bad I dont have screen of them right now, I will try to take some. Thanks in advance.
  3. Its a good mission and a challenging one (playing hard all the way). I only had problems keeping my AI mates alive and sometimes getting shot by the tank. I assigned positions for AI to cover all sides, but one side where there is a collapsed wall was always broken trough and there I lost one guy always. I tried to put the guys in different positions but always someone got a cap in the head after they tried to pull of some of their own stuff. They just wouldnt stay put in the places I ordered them to. If everything was going well, I get hit obviously. I was ###### of after 20.th time and ordered all my guys outside the embassy on all sides where they all covered one direction and shot the enemy from a far and were in a position couldnt be flanked or hit by tanks. All the guys performed well and got trough the mission after a few tries.
  4. I gave it an 8 (not everything available in Demo). I personally love MOUT and CQB and miss the times in the army MOUT training. I didnt have any problems with framerates. I saved some money to upgrade my rig because of this game and the old one wasnt running any games well. I bet people have enough money to upgrade their computers, Im a poor college student for crying out loud. Graphics seemed fine to me, I dont by games because of graphics anyways. The sounds were good except the weapon sounds are quite average and didnt have any balls in them, there are better sounds in RvS and GR modifications. AI was good, only times friendlies screwed up was because of my bad decisions and commands, although I hate when after a load they stay put unless ordered to. Its also annoying when they follow me so far behind, I want them right behind me. I like how it was so "slow" so we are going to get some really good firefights and no bunnyhopping rambos. I didnt find any big bugs/glitches yet. I hope the mod support is good, because with it this game is going to live a long life, I hope Ubi wont screw us like they did in RvS. Overall a good game. A64 3700+, 2 GB 333Mhz, Radeon X800 Pro 256MB
  5. 5-8 mags here in Finland + 2 nades. Though we carry all the other stuff like raingear, gasmask, fieldshovel, one days food and water (one needs to stay combat effective for a day atleast). That makes plenty stuff to carry and when going into combat with that much gear on u tire quite quickly. Like my platoon in RUK (Reserve officer school) advanced 150 meters towards enemy line jumbing from cover to cover and crawling in deep snow. I just wanted to drop all the gear that was useless at the moment. 300 rounds 4 nades and 10 Gnades, huh... thats a lot of ammo. I wanna see someone carry that much gear and fight for 2-3 days straight. But like in Vietnam marines said take as much ammo as u can carry, u dont want to run out of ammo during the heat of a firefight.
  6. Im in the finnish army atm, in AUK (NCO-School). I can say that there were quite many lazy people in basic period getting themselves releaved of combat training cause of "medical" reasons. Some just dont want to train and they went to the hospital to get some "motivation". In my squad there was one guy who was releaved of combat training almost the whole basic period (lasts 2 months). Well what can I say... some are stronger than others like me and others in AUK. Though instead of the usual 6 months we get 12 months of service. In every country there are some that arent cut out for military service, but still almost every guy in Finland is trained to fight in a war if one comes some day hopefully not.
  7. Maybe ammo-cheat was on... I hope so.
  8. Now days games need anticheat programs like PB, cause of all the cheaters that are multiplying. Replays do catch them, but when playing in puplic servers with or without admins cheaters are often free to play. Admins want to play also instead of checking every replay of "possible" cheaters. PB does that for them and catches most cheaters. Ladder tend to slow down when clans want replays from the games and it sometimes takes a week, before they enter the score/result or if theyre not happy they give the replays to admins and they have to spend lots of time to watch them trough. I stopped playing in ladders cause of all the cheating accusations and paranoia. Basicly cheaters killed the game and without anti-cheat program they were free to spoil the game.
  9. Just play a lot, learn the maps and learn from your mistakes. If u play with veterans u'll soon learn how to stay alive. Veterans will often outsmart you so u got to think a bit harder to avoid their tricks. Remember, u need experience and the only way u get it is by playing. I remember I used to be a noob camper... then I became and assaulter... after that I started using my head, tactics and manouvers. If I was in a bad spot or the enemy had and advantage then I would outflank him, leave him be or draw him to a place where I had the advantage.
  10. Its propably worth bying cause of the multiplayer, if it requires skill like in GR1. Graphics look good IMO, I dont need Stalker graphics or such cause I'd have to buy a new graphic card in order to play it with full detail. I just hope RSE would talk to us, show us a good game and prove the rumors wrong. Its very lame from UBI to keep their mouths shut about the game, they are just losing more and more gamers.
  11. North Korean policies are weird. Basicly nothing western products or trends arent allowed in there. Dunno if they even have TV-channels there that show something else than propaganda. Also that link El Oso posted about mandatory military service... weird I say. I can understand a small country like where Im living has a mandatory military service that Im just about to enter, but a country that has the largest military and spends more money in "defence" than the rest of the world (over 500 billion dollars I read) needs mandatory service. Politicians... ######ing politicians I say
  12. I had problems with sabre teams too. After I activated it I couldnt deactivate it anymore and GR only started with the sabre team launcher. GR.exe just crashed and when I deleted sabre teams I had to reinstall whole GR again to play other mods.
  13. Since the game is X-boxified we get a four man team coz the console players have hard time controlling 3 teams with pad. SP in GR2 is gonna suck anyways, I hope MP is as good as in GR1. Better just wait for brothers in arms, it has many teams and is realistic they say.
  14. I guess hardcore GR fans would've preferd a slowpaced crawling video over that
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