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  1. Surprisingly it worked on my T42 Thinkpad: 1.7 ghz 512 RAM Radeon 9600 w/ 64mb RAM It ran very slow, I'd consider it unplayable, but it ran.
  2. Chems: Sign up at obsidianedge.com in the forums or email Rugg at teambsr at cox dot net
  3. Yeah LOL I hope they don't include the Auto Aim and Enter Cheats in the PC Multiplayer And I only play X-Box for Sports games, but bought GR2 to preview the PC version.
  4. There are 3 option Menus: Options (on the main menu) Brightness Sound Output: Headphones/Speakers Game Options (within your profile) Auto Aim On/Off Invert On/Off Vibration Function On/Off View First Person/Over the Shoulder In-Game Options View Radar On/Off Enter Cheats IFF On/Off
  5. I also was disappointed in the lack of blood. My guess is they took it out to get the Teen ESRB rating. I hope the PC version has blood and an M rating.
  6. Some questions: - How many people can play online? 16 - Is the sound done in 5.1 surround? don't know - How big is the platoon (4, 6, 9)? 4 - What does the command map look like? Is it any different? Yes, it is different. Its hard to explain. - How big are the maps? about the same size as GR1 - How many things are destructable (Trees, buildings, walls, etc)? The only thing I've seen that is destructible is a gas tank and vehicles. - Can you really pick up friendly and enemy weapons? YES, its pretty cool when you run out of ammo. - What is the medic (first responder skills of the Ghosts) function like? Does it heal you 100% or just stop you from bleeding to death? Guy gets shot multiple times and falls down calling for help, you go to his body and 'heal' him and he returns to wounded state. Personally, I think it is really lame. - How are the tracers? Are they like the laser show we saw on the E3 demo? It depends on the gun, but they look the same as GR1 - What is the first person view like? Same as GR1, I like it. - Have the reticles changed at all (first person view). Yes they are a little different looking, but operate the same way.
  7. Guess we are all old school farts then
  8. America's Army also has the prone roll and does not have a prone peek. So what I do is if I am prone I position myself just outside a corner or a tree trunk. If fired upon you just roll back behind the object for cover. I hope GR2 will be like this.
  9. I've already moved over to America's Army and will stick with that if GR2 turns out like I think it will.
  10. Very well said, and sadly your 100% right. I blame everything on Clancy if he had not sold RSE to Ubi we'd all be in much better shape.
  11. The missions are the exact same, however a few of the maps are slightly different. Red Square has another entrance to that large hall, so that you don't have to run as much. Also the Island thunder map 4 (I think it is airstrip) has a little different looking terrain. Polling center has a few little alleys that open up the map. The kits are 95% the same but the console version has a G36. Teams are the same, command map is the same, and night vision and zoom are the same.
  12. I own both the PC version and the X-Box version. The PC version came out way in advance of the X-Box version and it is better in everyway I can think of. Graphically and ease of control are the biggest differences. Also the X-Box version is less tacticle and percise movements are hard because the control is so bad. The PC version is far superior due to graphics, control, mods, comms, alt+tab, the mouse, etc.
  13. Camel

    Far Cry OUT!

    Far Cry Editor "Sandbox" comes with the game. SP, MP, and Editor all for 40 dollars I'm a complete modding n00b, and I have managed to make a map already for Far Cry. (yeah, its treeless and looks like another planet, but its a map ). I have no clue how to script stuff or make it into a multiplayer map I'm sure experienced modders could do some awesome stuff with it tho.
  14. Camel

    Far Cry OUT!

    I strongly recommend Far Cry Best Game I've ever played, second to GR's overall legacy.
  15. Camel

    Far Cry OUT!

    I'm getting it in a couple hours I've played the multiplayer beta with about 7 other people and this game is great. I highly recommend all GR players to get the single player demos and if you like it get the real game. Assault mode is like siege 3 times on one map with 3 different bases. Assaulters capture one, then move on to the second, then the third (thats if the defence can't hold you there). Very team oriented and I can't wait to match with this game.
  16. they look good, like the green
  17. The 2 new maps (Bocage and Neuville) are awesome.
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