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  1. only found out other day i havnt been on this so long i forgot last time i was on it.the last time i was talking to him he was sick. what can i say i enjoyed him and he help remake maps for me for recon vs assault. we had some good laughs R.I.P Thanks bob for everything.
  2. its old one ill update download updated rvsa maps bundle http://www.gamefront.com/files/23752203/GRAW++2+RVSA+MAPS.rar also on zippyshare http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/51774141/file.html
  3. JOIN US PLZ GREAT FUN WHIT CUSTOM MAPS DOWNLOD AT http://www.gamefront.com/files/22914225/GRAW__2_RVAS_CUSTOM_MAPS_rar map rotation #1 calavera #2 timber #3 the_cut #4 crashsite #5 sierra #6 lagoon #7 dominion #8 urban_conflict #9 port_orion #10 groundstry #11 compound #12 lagoon_night #13 calavera_fog #15 crashsite_fog #16 the_cut_fog_dusk #17 timber_fog_dusk #18 hi_city FEEL FREE TO ASK ANYTHING
  4. not sure there's so many. something like compound but smaller and more buildings more bushes trees or naw map would be good
  5. can anyone make new one or or redo coop to rvsa
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