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  1. Loaded it on my tablet... not really good for touch... seems to unfinished like it was a stepping stone to a polished windows 8. Haven't found a use for multiple desktops yet and apps don't seem to like portrait mode...
  2. I'll post a small review from my experience... Gameplay is fun. Intense at time and in TVT you can even run around Call of duty style if you wish. Will be great for matching. Here is what i don't like. I haven't found a way to mute a player. Had a few 10 year olds repeativly testing the voice thinking it was funny. If anyone knows how to mute one player i would be greatful. And the server list... not reporting how many players in a server and very few servers. It's rough and beta like but i didn't experience and horrendous lag which is great since you are playing off the hosts's pc. Also i am running this in WIndows 8 pro 64 bit. Only issue is sometimes if i close out it remains in the background and won't let you start the game up untill you end the takedown process. Looking forward to patches to make this game better.
  3. Got my kickstarter key... woot! gonna be a long day at work tomorrow!
  4. GR1 runs fine on windows 8 For those new to it.. here are some cool shortcuts to get you going. Each of these involve holding the windows key and pressing the letter i specify X cool pop up with command prompt and many system functions. I Charms Bar P presentation mode for projector or 2nd screen w Windows Search settings highliged q Windows Search Apps highlighted f Windows Search files highlighted e Same as always windows explorer m Minimize . Snap Right L lockscreen Pause Break - Same as always system properties R run T Tabs across application on task bar in desktop mode U Ease of access D Minimize everything to desktop when in desktop mode H Share And here is even more http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/new-keyboard-shortcuts#1TC=t1 Once you get past the start screen shock, it's VERY fast. Press windows key to get start up and type what app you want to open (1st letters) All of the games i play work. Every driver i have thrown at it works... Rat mouse, g15, belkin speed pad. i use the metro apps for quick reference and to see if i have anything new.. and a few games but i mainly use the desktop.
  5. No windows phone love for tapatalk so i guess i won't be using it.
  6. LOL my wife was just complaining about my 3 tower pc graveyard next to my desk. I keep telling her it's spare parts for in case something goes but i don't think she's buying it.
  7. confirmed posting working good in both skins for me now. Thanks Rocky!
  8. Is the head slapping? if so... i had this method work... but it only works until you power it off and may not come back so it's a last ditch effort. Take the drive in the palm of your hand and slam it flat against a carpeted floor. When powered on, the heads reset themselves and let me get all the data off it. After powering off the pc, the drive never worked again but it saved my Bosses daughters pictures. I've never been successful with freezer method but have seen reports it may work. Good luck.
  9. too bad your going to miss the OGR 2 secret UBI relea.... Just kidding haha!
  10. An old tactic i used to use for cheaters especially if team killing had punishment was to switch to the cheaters side and run in front of him standing at point blank so he would kill me. after 3 times team killing me (depending on servers setting) he would get booted and all was good with the world. I used that a lot for people that used aim bot. I can only imagine how mad he got with me in his face not letting him shoot. Our clan used to get a lot of praise dealing with cheaters this way on public servers when no admins were present,
  11. Man you can really see how fast he was spinning about half way in that video!
  12. I use a razer barracuda 5.1. Wife sleeps when i'm playing lol... they are great!
  13. Just to add to this... i tried it off an android tablet. No mobile luve there also.
  14. No luck yet... still no mobile option when entering the forum Not sure if this helps http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/331475-mobile-support-for-windows-phone-7/ Now with mango the latest update it became 7.5 but i'm not sure if the useragent changed. Also with the windows 8 tablets coming you may want to consider the user agent of IE10. Just some thoughts. Us windows phone guys are always the last to get any love lol. It does work fine in desktop mode though... just a lot of zooming in and out.
  15. with my phone i can do 1 of 2 things... set it to desktop version which makes full desktop of every site like cnn, foxnews, ect or mobile which if a site has a mobile version will show it. On the iphone usually you have to load the mobile version then choose the desktop if it has a link at the bottom. Windows phone locks to whichever you choose in your settings. Neother though brought up the mobile theme. Here is the user agent... granted i have an htc titan not a samsung but this is what it is. "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows Phone OS 7.5; Trident/5.0; IEMobile/9.0; SAMSUNG; SGH-i917)" Windows phone uses Mobile IE9. The newer windows phone 8 will probably use IE10 mobile but it's not out till after October. I also noticed if i load the mobile version of the site in IE 9 on WIndows 7, the forum still doesn't give me a mobile choice although the entry landing is. Thanks for looking at this ... Nokia is pushing windows phone big time in Europe so i'm sure more peeps will benifit from this.
  16. I do Dannik but won't that change it overall... not just mobile? or does it remember? i'll have to look on my phone. OK checked it on phone. Both Forums (mobile) and Forums (Normal) go to the same theme that is the desktop themes. My only choices of change them is IP.Board and Deviant 3 (import). I keep it on Deviant but both selectable themes are not optimized for mobile phones... they are full desktop themes. Like i said the news, downloads and every other part is working under mobile but the IPBoard is not. Hope the explanation helps.
  17. The problem with a mod server is not everyone has every mod. If they were going to run one... it would be better as a 2nd so that the one's that don't want to play mods could still play
  18. Ewe it makes my windows phone look iphoney LOL... the 1st screen is mobile but as soon as i click on the forums mobile version or otherwise it goes back to full screen as in desktop like. Does the forum itself have a mobile version? the news works fine as mobile although i wish i could change off the iphone color lol.
  19. I think but don't quote me, you pay a premium on top of that for the applecare warranty also I could do all that on a 500.00 -700.00 dollar asus laptop and even play a lot of newer games so why would i want the macbook? I mean look at what you can get nowadays.... http://www.bestbuy.c...es&nrp=15&iht=n with warranty and any local repair shop can fix. Heck i just bough an exopc tablet from ebay brand new for 329.00. It came with a sandisk 64gb solid state and i loaded windows 8 to it. it's an intel atom processor but still boots in less then 8 seconds and is compatible with every windows program i previously have... heck even with mere intel graphics 3150, i can still play OGR haha, and hook any keyboard or usb device to it. That became more than just my couch surfing tablet as it can do work also.
  20. Hmm in reading through this... did i hear you have lms sometimes (Stock, no limits?) ? i may have to pop in. Any special night / time? I'm usually on after 10pm -5gmt. As for mods... AttackforceZ had ran a ghost recon server for years. Here is what we found. To many mods in the server cause crashes. What we would do is when we wanted to play stock.. we cut and pasted all mods out of the folder to a seperate one. We could play mm1, and / or any weapon with no problems. When we wanted to play a mod, we would copy and paste the mod in the folder than activate it through recon log. Their was something about too many mods being on the server (at the same time) that would make it unstable or laggy especially when certain things were going on. You all also are welcome to add the AFZFORCE gametypes Rocky uploaded to the mod section of gr.net just be careful with the "T" mode. It stands for Too many enemies and may crash the server on and off if their is over 4 co-opers playing. T was for too many enemies... i think it was like 120 of them. There is also a version for Team vs Team vs AI which had random AI running around in the middle of the map that would attack you and you got kills for killing. Oh and one more thing... replays use to put a little stress on the server. Without them it can be smoother but then you risk cheating and such. Reconlog was sweet for managing them and even making them availalbe for public download. I did a lot of reviewing back in the day when matching at the combat zone, running our server and such. If you need any help reviewing one, shoot me a message.
  21. Ghostly - That is your internal ip from your router or modem. Go to www.whatismyip.com and post the ip it says their so that they may support you better.
  22. As stated, try each hdd by itself. Is there a beep code? pull 1 stick of ram at a time, test. Asus bios will reset itselft if you fail to boot to many times in a row, hence the option to reset it to defaults. It's their failsafe as overclocking could lead you to an unbootable state without it. (only remedied by pulling the battery) Mac isn't a solution. Hardware can fail on them also. This is a hardware problem Also Mac's only support certain video cards (i've never seen extra power connectors nor powersupplies that can handle gaming cards although it's been a while) That is the reason one of AFZ built a gaming pc. he was running bootcamp but could only play graw on the lowest settings. If your gonna get a mac, might as well get an xbox to game on instead Recently i had an Asus board bite the dust after 5 years of gaming. Cost me 150.00 for a new evga one (next chipset up) online and i didn't have to reload any drivers!
  23. Hey oshook...blast from the past. A few of us are playing BF3 to kill time. If you play it at all look me up...ROCO75 . Super still plays with us.
  24. Rocky - Yeah definately was a hard decision and i think just for the memories is why we kept it up and going this past year as there hasn't been much activity. Twcrash... pm me your email address. I think the mods were small enough that i can email them to you. Yeah the firefights were awesome. We weren't even a co-op team but the AI were tuned up so agressive it was almost like you were playing another squad. Also the Team Vs Team Vs Ai put a new twist to it. OGR had so many options and we were glad to contribute them to the community. If anyone else wants them also, pm me and i'll make sure to send you a copy. They were a blast. We even have a few missions.
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