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  1. Hey Men, I't s been along time since I've been on here. I use to Host a Ghost Recon Sever long time ago. After some of the new games came out, alot of players just stopped playing GR. I kept it running for day's on end and no one played , Maybe 1 or 2 every now and then. I see some would like to have one backup and running. I have alot of Mods from the old Days. It wouldn't hard to start it back up. Right now I've have only the Gold Package on it right now. If I could get feed back on what Mods everyone would like on it i'll load them up. Bring Back the Old Days, Ghost Recon Style I'll Keep checking back on here to see if anyone is interested. If you have a mods you would like to have on it , just post it. Scout PS, this Server will been in the USA, EastCoast
  2. Started Ghost Recon Server back up after been down for many years. IP........ CoOP Missions or Firefights Visit US at WWW.TheMedicStation.net =MS=Scout Server Admin
  3. If anyone is looking for some Old School Ghost Recon ? then Login on to The Medic Station Server. IP..... At this time I've got 9MS Mod running. I do have alot of other Mods to run, But they are not active at this time. If there's one your'e looking for to have running, let me know and i'll start it up if I have that one. =MS=Scout Server Admin
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