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  1. Hi guys. Im interested in getting a game server for GRAW. But im having trouble with finding a european gameserver provider. Does anyone know any good hoster from europe? or american with servers in europe
  2. Hi, Im new to this game and new to map modding/editing. I have searched trough the forums and couldnt find solution for my problem. I have created TDM map, but i cant get it work. When i enter the game, host a local server and start the game, i can only buy weapons and stuff, but i cant start the game. (the game is set to start when server is ready). It counts 5 seconds to start match...but nothing happens. I cant spawn. Can someone help me please ? (sorry for my bad english) EDIT: i found the way to fix it. moderators can delete/close this thread.
  3. Thanks everyone for answers. It seems my address isnt available for shipping (croatia, europe). European Amazons arent that cheap. I will have to search for other solutions.
  4. Hello, Im new here. I really like this game and i want to buy it. Does anyone know is it safe to buy it on amazon. It confuses me cause prices are different for the same product. I never bought anything there. I hope you understand my bad english
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