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  1. I like the new textures, just two observations: the door and wall textures looks too clean for me and I prefer the dirt floor over the wooden one in the barn.
  2. I think we should mod the AI sentences, so the kill confirmation ones are not played.
  3. Does it make any difference? I mean, the speeds are already configured/scripted.
  4. Of course, the Arma 2 skeleton is WAY more complex than the GR one. Also, there's scaling factors included. But one question remain: why would one do it? I mean, there's loads of high quality models in Arma 2, I can't find use for the low poly GR models in this game.
  5. I don't know what to think now after seeing this trailer, maybe Call of Duty: Terminator? And it keeps getting more retarded...
  6. I think they are trying to copy the features/looks most people are actually liking in other games.
  7. They banned the whole IP range of my country, but I do understand their measures. I always had fun playing at their server: TDM and siege, as I remember, where the most played modes. There's a Chilean server, but I'm not sure it's up anymore (because you see most CHI players playing on DKf)
  8. Call of Duty: Future Soldier?
  9. This is sad, but someday this moment will arrive for everyone. Glad to have played your mods
  10. Just saying, we all play GR for ourselves. I have like 50+ working weapons and variants modded, but you won't see them around for now. We didn't lose interest, we are just lurking
  11. WD is correct, but Unreal did not feature magazines as I remember it, just the ordinary sci-fi firefight. (I'm refering to UT99, the only I played before jumping on SWAT3 )
  12. Assassin's Creed: Steam Punk X-Files? Amazing!
  13. Nice rework on the BFS page Eager to see what will appear on groundbranch.com... (EDIT: Oh, yeah, I noticed the kickstarter announcement. I think they will wait some more, so people that donated to Serellan's project can donate again, but I'm sure it will be more sucessful than the latter, because BFS has lot's of things to show already. Give it a fair deadline and it will takeoff )
  14. Modding is what I call 'free marketing' in the games. I mean, several people bought Ghost Recon just to play some of the mods we see around here and, mind you capitalism, they are all free! No costs to the developers or the publishers, made of the pure efforts of the fans, and even then they still give you revenue.
  15. Probably the first refers to members, while the latter refers to members and non-member.
  16. Offtopic: Riley, do you convert your compositions on some software or do you keep the midi sounds? If the latter, I would suggest to you Fruity Loops. The demo version allows you to import .mid, change all the tracks for better quality ones and then export. I use it to compose, so I suppose it might interest you.
  17. Hmm, so probably BFS knew the event would be hosted in the date, so the "something more than Ghosts" line
  18. April 16th? Isn't that the date mentioned by Blackfoot Studios? ~~~~~~~~ Oh yeah, of course it is:
  19. Even guessing some of them, I'm really interested to know the details about each gametype. Keep up the good work
  20. Nice to know mate It's good to take a breath and keep improving at the same time once in a while.
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