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  1. YOTM has pretty long firefights. Actually, in that mod (and in WOI btw) it's simply better to avoid, if possible, the enemy. Let your sniper take care of it or throw a grenade at them, or simply run past them. The firefights were pretty lenghty by GR standards (20 seconds or more, if I remember right, unlike the 5 second norm seen in the rest of the game). The weapons, actually, were pretty accurate, but you, most of the time, couldn't see all the enemies at once (think "Defend", the game-type). I'm sure most of you played these two mods, you get what I mean. Also, in WOI, I got the feeling the enemy gets some lucky shots on you, but they really like to press the trigger!
  2. I thought about that before (using the scope mask as reticle), but I'm not sure it's realistic. Of course, while not looking through a scope, the reticle should be somewhat different, but scoped rifles can be used in CQB. Some scopes have simple iron sights mounted on top (think ACOG TA01), or allow you to still use the weapon's iron sight (PSO-1 anyone?). Also, there's one with pistol-like open sights on top (neat!). It would be nice if we could simulate two reticles.
  3. Oh, come on prozac, you are really faster than me! Good job!
  4. Found this on a sig on Twcenter.net/forums
  5. I'm sure that DRM (the spyware that comes with 3DSMax 5) doesn't run on Win 7. That's what prevented my friend of installing it on his newer rigs.
  6. Send and email to Earl, I'm sure he will answer you... I made a request to him and he asnwered it, but no results so far.
  7. Or you could 'divide' the plane in more squares. A seamless texture, even in lower resolutions, would look good.
  8. Great news indeed! Sadly, I don't have much time, but I will play it in the weekends
  9. Well, that's the way Ghost Recon was meant to be played.
  10. I don't speak spanish, but portuguese is so similar to it that I could translate it: Hi, I cannot join the server, it seems I was banned, if I failed with the community, admins or anyone, I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention, I hope you understand and can allow my IP again. Thanks.
  11. I think UBI should do that free GR thing again, but now worldwide and permanent!
  12. So, you were working in a new M4? I think the M4SOPMOD is really good, still. Also, I would like to ask you to please take a look at this: http://www.ghostreco...showtopic=59174 I got the weapon modelling thing, but I still have only one weapon to offer haha STGN (from OFP) offered us some good quality M4s, so, for now, it's his M4s and mine AR18s. EDIT: Also, I'm glad you are still around! I use a good amount of the models you included in M4SOPMOD (nothing released so far ). Top quality!
  13. Correct me if I am wrong, but we could take the plugins to some 3DSM gurus and try to make them work with newer versions or GMax, right? Anyone tried it yet? Also, why don't they work with newer versions?
  14. During the birthday, people may get to say about the mod (when refering to OGR and it's solid fan base, etc). So, maybe you could get Moddb, SimHQ, Ubi FB page etc to cover it.
  15. - As always, backup - Pick the original M4. With a hex editor, go to the very bottom. There you'll find the helper points. Copy them all and all the numbers til End of Model and the last block. In your model, delete the same blocks you just copied (delete the first mention of a helper point til End of Model) and paste the copied selection.
  16. haha, thanks wombat! Hey Riley, we could try to solve this together. More details please!
  17. Sorry for the double post, but his way people can see it in the new content tab. Final update: I'm able to copy single helper points, instead of them all now. So, in theory, now we could add holster points to all original weapons.
  18. Well, there's a glimpse of hope at least! So, it's possible to exchange lefthandpoints between, at least, two working models. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think I discovered something, after looking at the righthandpoints of several models. The coordinates are dictated by a 12 blocks string. You can clearly see that because only righthandpoints have a twelve '00' block sequence, in every model. Of course, I'm going to try to designate brassejectionpoint or muzzleflashpoint as 0,0,0, would be pretty spotted. Hell yeah! ~~~~~~~~~~ It worked it seems. Did not try the brassejection and muzzleflash, though. The left hand 'appears' to be higher than it previously was. So, if I'm in the right track, which numbers dictate the height? I'm guessing the last four ones, let's see. Hmm, I'm really not convinced yet, will keep trying. ~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, it seems this has nothing to do with the coordinates. I simply put everything as '00' amd the hand was at exactly the same place it was before. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~Testing again, IT WORKED! Septuple checked it (haha)! It really works! I have no clue what each block actually means, but I suceeded in importing the helper points from another model.~
  19. Theoretically speaking, yes. I must learn how to do it, haha. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~So far, only CTDs haha~ I'm probably trying to change too much thing (all the points together). Should concentrate in finding the actual coordinates.
  20. Hmm, knowing that the ^righthandpoint is always at 0,0,0 I should be able to figure something out of this. Also, will try your copy/paste suggestion, thanks!
  21. Well, I know it, but I would have to reassemble and export 67 models again, a very lenghty and tedious process I'm experimentating with the original M4 model. Let's see what I can sort...
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