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  1. Well, I didn't want to answer the third question because I'm not a big fan of bonus missions.
  2. Yeah, Tinker got it. I had the same issue installing GR Gold Edition.
  3. Just watched this one (the same). It's a bit ninja-esque, but looks like a fun game to play.
  4. I've played a lot with female characters (mainly while messing with the MP3 mod, adding the SOAF female operatives). After some trial and error, I got it right. Shamefully, I deleted the mod BUT I kept all the modifications I did to it in a separate mod. To get female voices, you need to rename the 'chr.'s. Add "astra_" in every one you want to sound female. Like "astra_thenameofmycharacter.chr" Also, remember to edit the '.atr' Like this: I'm pretty sure it will work The LOD2 and LOD3 '.chr's may be the same as the ModelName. If you have/want to use lower lod .chrs, they come in use here (you probably know this, but someone that might read it in the future may be confused if he has only one ".chr") Instead of "astra_" you can use too "susan_" and "lindy_".
  5. @Pz3: Dude, I really enjoy your mods (and your contribuitions to other mods). Glad to see you around
  6. There's a Report button, perhaps you didn't use it when you thought a mod should take some action against abusive behaviour of fellow members.
  7. I like the ideas about unlocking the specialists, really original.
  8. Other than 3DSMax, sorry but no. You can make your models in any program that support a format that 3DSMax supports, then have it converted by someone else, but I'm not too sure it would be that easy to find someone with an older copy of 3DSM at hand. I was messing with an older PC of a friend of mine that had it installed, but didn't finish anything (although I sorted how to export the models to GR with the help of our forum mates), but I already returned the PC to him.
  9. Nice to know It was pretty foreseeable that the giveaway would increase the number of members, let's hope some of them remain and get some interest for the series.
  10. While I wasn't around, I've seen the SST bugs, and they look really good How are they done? Some strange skeleton position ('off' the model, persay) or a loop animation (I guess it can be made to loop while they move), or something else?
  11. Omg Tinker, that was really awesome, I mean (lots of people have been using this word, but I really mean) really awesome!
  12. Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
  13. Yeah I actually know that because I own VBS1 through BIS via australia (along with all the addons minus AAR) Same company just divided to give a corporate look to VBS1 which now is defunct and under the parent BIS. I said that because you were comparing the military-game series with the military-simultation series. So, as you own VBS1, you know it's not too similar to OFP. The same way, VBS2 is not that similar to ARMA1 (the game it shares the engine with). VBS has more funding and is a great tool for training purposes. For this very reason it's was picked as the base simulator for soldiers all over NATO. On the other way, ARMA don't receive money from the military, so it's basically a sucessful game developed by an independent studio.
  14. Nice speak... you only forgot BIS did not develop VBS: I present you BIA (Bohemia Interactive Australia).
  15. I remember the hostages can be armed, maybe this is a way.
  16. In M01 (Caves), I was able, several times, to get past the patrols, secure the caves, eliminate the tent soldiers (they come in rescue to the caves if you kill the soldiers there) and then go steathly all the way to the end, avoiding every enemy possible. I like how the mission gives you this option. You can snipe most enemies, you can engage in firefights all over the map, you can go past them without being noticed.
  17. It was meant as a training tool/simulation. The US Army has put some money on the project (some say 50 million). I'm not sure if it's the same on the DSTS project, but both (if they are not the same) use CryEngine 3. At the Bohemia Interactive Forums, people are very skeptical about this product (maybe a bit of fanboyism, but no one can deny it relies to much on excessive lighting and all). Also, when they say tech demo, I'm more inclined to believe it's only a graphical tech demo (no other features being shown). VBS2 (the simulation it's meant to compete with) soon will be upgraded to version 2.0, using the RealVirtuality3 engine, the same used in ArmA2. Then, when RTI get's ready, I would like to see a side-by-side comparison. Yet, there's nothing to show, but I'm looking forward to see what it will feature.
  18. I too used this model for sometime. I just asked because I have a strong interest in this weapon (you know, the black sheep of the AR family and all). The LMG uppers are known for being very accurrate. It's a nice option for marksman/automatic rifle position, much like the current M27.
  19. I suppose this is related to this mod, and not CL. In SpecOps Campaign thread, I noticed you mentioned the Colt 750. Do you plan on using Natsanwas model or you got another one to use? Also, if it's your model, why not a newer one, like the Colt 950 or the Diemaco SFSW, or maybe a prototype like the LSW99 (Improved Light Support Weapon). I ask this because I too planned on using the weapon, going as far to model and texture it, but then I switched to the newer variants.
  20. This ARG is getting way more immersive than most I participated O_O
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