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  1. Hi John, hope u r ok!Didn´t write u for a long time but i am still here as u can see. The last maps like: Operation Arrowhead Fort Strike Eagle Claw and now Black Velvet are so well done maps, man i realy enjoyed them to play and i think that ur maps are getting better and better. Remember when i told you ( it was that time when GR Future Soldier came out and i told u my disapointment bout it) "pls john, pls never stop doing ur map cause GR Family need u?????Remember???? Now as u can see, i was right dear John. I just wanted to give a life-sign and tell u that ur maps r the f++++++g Bomb! Keep on and bring an other one for all of us! Greetz VICMAAL sorry for my gramma
  2. Everything went perfect...no problems with Installation! John, when i can do it, everybody else can....... Greetz Vicmaal
  3. TO CJo1964: JOHN is "GOD of GRAW 2 Modding Department" allready......we don´t need no "Voting"..... and rahnman "GOD of weapon-modding" :clapping: new version works fine!!!!! greets to all members....stay in GR2, nothing better 4 ONLINE-Gaming! :rofl: :rofl:
  4. Hey John, remember me???? :'> As i told u , I won´t leave into the new, great, fantastic...supergame GR FS - ######.....no John, in deed i will stay! To this map: another exciting map, i loved to play it. I played hard mode and got no problems, just as usual ( ugly soundbugs from TankGun ) As mexicobob wrote before it scared the ######( ) out of me when Tank came out...i was in the Building before scoping 4 enemies as i could hear the engine of that beast, then i saw the lovely ZEUS in the little garage on the opposite site of the street and i knew: TOOOOOOOOOOOO Late----- .....Tank didn´t moove, at this moment i thought "damn, J could let him drive a bit around" But guess what my friend: U DIDN´t....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I liked the knew gates and doors.....as i was written in forum before..... Quite easier as the last map, good snipers around but i got the most of dem !!!!!! I know U,J!!!! Keep on doing and don´t stop John, 4 real!!!! I played GR FS online and i was so damn disapointed u can´t imagine! Didn´t play the game actually but tried a bit onlinegaming, big disaster......not comparable to our good old GR2, neverever!!! So pls, take this words sirious bro, keep on doing this..... WE ALL NEED THIS MAAAAAAAPSSSSSS Greetz ,Vicmaal74 ahhhhh one thing! Floks don´t matter bout my gramma, plsssssssssss
  5. Supa-Troupa......next to urgent fury.....i love this one John! Worked perfect, no problems in easy mod..... I wished i had more enemies on Transmitter-mission but i loved playing the map!!!! U know what John, when u started this newbuildings-maps i was , ham.....like:hey i don´t realy like this stuff!!!!) But now i get more and more comfortable in playing with those houses and roofs.... Keep on John, i told you i won´t leave!)))))....... BIG UP PAPA!!!!
  6. Not Found The requested URL /2s8Qzk QyBmAmP7Q was not found on this server. Hi john, could not download the map.............. ok, now it works..... ham, let´s see what u did this time......PuppetMaster
  7. Yeah......thank God , he could hear my wishes........(2 John)) The Trick with changing weapons with going into secondary first doesn´t work everytime, also i had the experiences that when i get a weapon from enemy it happens or i don´t get one anyway or when i use m99, like u all know. But let me tell the it´s not a "MOD"- problem, cause i got to folders: 1. with the mod and 2. without my mod....so....... like John said:"I believe this problem is to do with the weapon mod rather than the mission" hey John:-), " For my next mission there are 9 Zeus dotted around the map, I still haven't used any Havoc's but for what I'm planning you will need them" sounds like X-mas in Summer!!!!!! Peace 2 u all
  8. to pick up another weapon and all the scopes are trashed. Then I have to let myself die just to get a weapon I can use Yes Bro, that´s what makes me mad as well......i alway say: I got a bug on my weapoooooooooooooooon!!!!! sometimes i try till i get shot but running with that wak weapon that is so useless at the end of the story..... U r so right!and tx for reply Bro!) kaapo- but nobody likes to die when it´s not nessacary (sorry for my bad Gramma Dudes) and one Jack Doe: try this....when u get in that situation that u had to use a M99 for heli and u need an other weapon 1st: try to pick a weapon from a friend who died or 2nd: try to switch into Secondary Wepon befor changing the weapon, when u have it then try to take the new weapon from the ground.... doesn´t funktion everytime but i often do this and am lucky with it!!!!
  9. Kaapo....i know,i know!i wrote it down if u didn´t notice Kap, when i die i use the "BIG SNIPER-Rifle" caLLED M99 ...;-) But i usualy use Demo(first one) or sniper (24).....in Raamans mod...... without mod i like M416, so....don´t wanna run with a loud weapon like the m99 and a (bad) secondary weapon.... That was just an idea for John.....he doesn´t need to this, just in case and if it´s not too much work for him, it would be nice to place some zeus into the map(s) Just an idea!!!!! Tx for Reply Kaapo RileyFletcher_01 i like that one u posted...i like it!!!!!
  10. Thank u very much J..... ah,i got one think to tell: when u do ur next map, would be nice if it would be possible to leave some Zeus on the way through the map for Helis.....) When i do it with mods like R-Maan, i can handle that better...otherwise i have to loose all my bullets for heli or die to get my M99 for example!not nice,isn´t it So if u can manage that.....go ahead Big j!# Greetz VIC
  11. i saw a Tracer version v1_1 on server....where is that version JHON:-)))))))) greetz VIC i saw a Tracer version v1_1 on server....where is that version JHON:-)))))))) greetz VIC
  12. can´t c ur vid, it tells me that it´s "private"

    any possibility to c part 2?????

  13. nice bro...u wrote it!i just finished telling John the same!:-)))))

    Was very funny

    Greetz VIC

  14. Yeah Big J, u did it again!!!!!! New map is the bomb like the last 4 ......i told u big and comlicated map r the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST!!!! In my opinion u could put more enemies in the new buildings! Greetz VICMAAL don´t stop.....dont u STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP Big J!!!!!!! ah yes one thing i played with TWA clan for bout 2 days and on PUTTPUUT´s last picture something happens.....i crouch on the roof to the ground of the otherside...but it wasn´t activated so guess.....i couldn´t go back.....car and tank stood in my way.....ham.......admin had to kill me....to get back into the game!) Greetz VICMAAL
  15. Yeah Big J, u did it again!!!!!!

    New map is the bomb like the last 4 ......i told u big and comlicated map r the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST!!!!

    In my opinion u could put more enemies in the new buildings!

    Greetz VICMAAL

  16. Hey Daro-bro, nice man, nice and again very nice.....ur maps are somekind of wired......but extrem exiting....i love this one like ur first!!!! PLS continue and keep in touch Doe greetz VICMAAL74
  17. hi Daro.......

    happy new year bro....

    as i can c u r trying hard to get us new maps, well doing dude!

    I am going to play ur new map .....very exited bout it!!!!

    pls answere my bro!

    greetz VIC

  18. sup my brother...dobre!!!!!

  19. Dobre dien..... I love ur map my brother! I know we didn´t talk for a while, but i am still active ) U did well, i had lot´s of fun D TX Map worked well, no problems....
  20. Hi all i played Trident twice...... didn´t have any problems so far..... liked it very much, like i did with Dualzone! That map is again that kind of maps i realy enjoy playing, long distance( big once)....not too much enemies, helistress can be manage very good!!! it didn´t have or c any BUGS in there or any other problems! Instead of Chalco, for example...this a map oldschool veterans like to play!!!! If there r specific reports u need from me, then pls tell me bout them!!!! It´s my first report ,so have mercy with me!!! I can imagine that this map is on of those who will be on each server, full with aditctive freaks!!!! U did well and pls continue cause GR family needs u as u can imagine!!! Greetz VICMAAL My PC INFO: Prozessor: AMD Athlon™ 64*2 Dual Core 5000 +2.60GHz RAM :2.00 GB 32 BIT System Grafic Card ATI Radeon HD 4300 Series
  21. is still alive.....

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