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  1. This list will be updated as I unlock more. i was impressed when Ubisoft announced 39 weapons, but upon unlocking them it seems that we only have a handful and the rest are just the same but with a silencer attachment. Lame-oh! And speaking of silencers: even if your gun comes with one, you can only zoom in with the sniper rifles....makes no sense but oh well The GHOST Classes *SCOUT: Parker and Ramirez *MARKSMAN Garcia and Bill *CQC SPECIALIST Jordan and John *AUTORIFLEMAN Stiles and Wayland SCOUT HK 416 assualt rifle (my #2 fave) HK 416 assualt rifle w/ S. SKS SKS w/ S. AK
  2. Ubisoft stepped up their game with Ghost Recon Predator for the PSP. You command a 3 man team into Sri Lanka, taking out a group of terrorists, The People's Action front or Activists for short. I'm only halfway through the game so far, but this is what GRAW 2 PSP should've been. There's a leveling-up system, in-game achievements, and unlockable weapons and customising options for your soldiers camo and guns. The story so far is basic Ghost Recon fare, with your standard mil-shooter objectives: rescue civvvies, destroy enemy installations, eliminate the opposition, recover Intel, then reach you
  3. so true!! cant wait to pick it up next month...if i cant wait til then, I might just go ahead and import.
  4. GameStop has it listed, but they do not have Ghost Recon Predator listed, and that game came out a day or so ago overseas. I havent seen a trailer for FS, but have seen one for Predator. Has FS been cancelled or was it every intended to be produced for the PSP? I figured it was kind of od that we'd get TWO GR games for the PSP back-to-back. The screenshots for Future Soldier on Gamespot is showing Ghost Recon Predator screenshots.
  5. Game doesnt look that bad....Seems like there will actually be some tactics involved instead of it beiung just a regular shooter.. ..i cant wait til its released here in the States
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