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  1. All depends on the shooter. My dad has been doing CAS (Cowboy Action Shooting) with an old-school single action Colt for the last year and a half. He has a small range set up on the back 40. He's never been in the military or had any formal instruction other than his CAS buddies. He can hit a 9 inch gong 5 out of 6 shots at 100 meters with his cowboy revolver. It's unreal. I'm lucky to hit 5/6 with a damn rifle over a benchrest. Some of those CAS guys are crazy accurate. They have a form of competition to hit a man-sized target using Sharps buffalo guns...AT 1600 METERS! They have to use elevated tang sights and arc the bullets in like artillery, but they still hit the target.
  2. Rifleman: M1903 (War of Infamy) <- sound is incredibly awesome Support: FN Mk43 (Navy Seals) or M96 (FL-AVA1.4) Sniper: PSG1 (GR) or MSG-90 (Navy Seals) Demo: MP5SD 10mm
  3. I do not require any of the CDs to play. And no, I am not using any hack or warez or anything of the sort. I have the infamous "MSI vid card bundle" version of GR. Because the MSI CDs are slightly flawed, the fix from RSE disables the CD check.
  4. If you got your copy of GR with an MSI brand video card, the CD will not be detected correctly when patches are applied. I had this problem as I have an MSI board and the bundled version of GR that came with it. A fix is available from GR tech support (ghostrecon.com) but only on a case-by-case basis. You will need to provide a dxdiag report to tech support in order to prove that you have an MSI card that came with GR. Hope this helps.
  5. KB/mouse here. Funny little anecdote: My little brother refers to KB and Mouse as "Two-Hand Luke style" as if it were some sort of martial art. This is because he plays console games rather than PC and has a hard time with KB and mouse FPS's. I have several copies of Ghost Recon so I gave him one. When he took it he looked at me and said, "Ah so...I must study Two-Hand Luke style, and return to defeat the Master" :lol:
  6. I have GR and DS and have patched to ver. 1.4. I just purchased IT, so what should I do to install it successfully? Will I be required to uninstall everything and start over to get IT in before the 1.4 patch?
  7. Hiya, I was indeed using the default M24 sniper rifle. I wish I could post the screenshots here but I don't have webspace to host them.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. HX4 eh...looks like I need to go out and by IT mission pack then. I think I'll try Sabre Teams tonight, on the strength of the recommendations here.
  9. I was wondering if anyone ever compiled a list of the top 10 most popular "must-have" mods before the hacking? I'm new to GR and would like to play some mods, but I would like to concentrate on the "best" mods rather than try to unintelligently wade through the plethora of add-ons available. Please post the top few mods that you consider to be "indispensable"... type of mod (weapon/mission/skin) does not matter. I only ask that the mod you list is complete, relatively free of bugs, and easily available. So far I've seen alot of mention about Navy Seals and Saving Private Ryan so I may check these out first. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  10. I'd have to agree. I also should point out that alot of SMG's shoot pistol rounds but I doubt you'll see range limited there. Now, I understand almost nothing when it comes to modifying values, but a pistol range limit isn't realistic. As for accuracy, it just takes practice. Traditionally, I've always subscribed to the notion that pistols are not considered "accurate" beyond 50 yards. However, recent exposure to "Cowboy" shooting has changed that perspective. These cowboy guys were able to consistently hit saucer-sized targets at 100 yards or greater over iron sights using heavy 1880's technology revolvers and ammunition, sometimes while mounted on a "horse" (really a lawnmower you had to ride for one part of the competition). I'm talking unreal accuracy...I would be hard pressed to duplicate their accuracy with a rifle and a prone shooting position....and I'm a good shot with a rifle.
  11. Reading around this board, I see requests for replays or screenshots at times. I finally found the replay file of triple kill...stupid me never thought to look in the origmiss directory. It seems I cannot attach files on this bb, but if anyone cares I can email it to whoever wants to see it. The weapon used was the M24 that comes on default sniper soldier (Haven't tried specialists yet, only had GR 2 weeks). I have no patches/DS/IT at this point, just straight retail CD. (Can't patch the game cuz I have the MSI-bundled version which doesn't work with patches )
  12. Well I started playing this game just a week or two ago and I made it to mission 5, in the city. I used my 3 man alpha team (2 rifleman, 1 support) to wipe out the bad guys near the bank but there were still a couple inside according to my threat indicator. So, I grabbed my sniper and was headed across the street towards the front doors of the bank when I noticed a bad guy coming up the street to the right near the parking garage. I was out in the open in the middle of the street with no good cover and nowhere to run, so as he came up the ramp I dialed in and shot him. Much to my surprise, 3 kill messages echoed onscreen. I was so dumbfounded that I didnt notice a bad guy in the bank, who heard the shot and promptly opened up and killed the sniper. So I saved the replay and by changing the camera angle I discovered there was actually 3 bad guys coming up the ramp, single file...and my shot caught them all through the neck/head.
  13. OK then, I guess I will have to wait until RSE fixes the patch incompatibility with the bundled MSI version I have. Currently none of the patches work with MSI-bundled version of the game.
  14. Hi, I have downloaded several mods, and can't get any of them to work. So far I have tried (from the Mod Packs listed in "Recon): Navy Seals v.2 Black Sun Arcade 2.0 Black Sun 3.0 The Dam Free Libya - I think I need Desert Siege for this mod. Anyhow, I installed all the above mods to the proper folder. I can pick a mod from the Options menu and activate it. I then quit the game and restart to load all the mod files. At this point GR bombs to desktop. If I attempt to try using a mod without quit/restart, GR bombs when starting a mission or at best, crashes when you try to pick soldiers/kits. I have GR ver., which came bundled with MSI graphics cards. I realize there is a problem with patching this bundled CD that is currently being worked on by RSE tech support. I am running Nvidia driver ver. 41.09 and DX9 so I'm fairly sure my drivers are up to date. Any ideas?
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