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  1. Thanks! It feels like GRAW has a nice pacing that allows for this kind of playstyle.
  2. Hello! Since we enjoy games that encourage team play we decided to pick up GRAW and play its campaign, and we're uploading it all on YouTube to share with any Ghost Reconistas out there. I played through the campaign back in 2006 and the others haven't played at all, so we're expecting some nasty surprises along the way. I don't remember much, I only vaguely recall that somewhere at some point there will be a chopper doing bad things. That will be fun. To keep things interesting and people on their toes we're playing each map only once, to avoid grinding our way to victory. We did two rounds of firefight mode to warm up to the game before taking on the campaign, because if you can slide then you're pretty much set to take on anything. So without further ado, here's how the first mission went.
  3. It seems that this server is no longer available. I suggest un-pinning this topic.
  4. Hello! I'm currently trying to wrap my head some simple modding, and I've encountered some problems while renaming the sniper class. I've changed these in Le Môd/actor/MP actor files/Platoon 1/mp_plt1_snip.atr <ActorName>Journalist</ActorName> <ClassName>Journalist</ClassName> It works fine when I do the class selection, but when I reach the AAR screen after the mission it shows up as SUPPORT in the speciality column. It's like it reverts to support if what it reads is unfamiliar. I can't figure out what else would control the speciality column. Any tips? Messing about with kits and actors doesn't seem as easy as I had hoped, haha.
  5. Wow, awesome! Having a GR YouTube project in the works this is great inspiration. Will have a closer look when I get home from work.
  6. I bet Riley was all like this when he put the headphones on http://tinyurl.com/8ha8wfv
  7. Really happy with my Turtlebeach PX21, and yes, can't play games without headphones!
  8. Thanks Yeah, I really prefer playing missions in some kind of context, so doing it campaign style made the most sense. It's also easier with having people participating who aren't familiar with GR and the various missions, since they'll have a fresh take on things and won't have any favourite missions etc. And I very much share your love for organization, as you may have noticed, haha. I'm a bit worried about how we'll do though, seeing as we'll only have one attempt per mission. Missions where you can fail in other ways than losing your team (such as UN troops being killed etc) could prove problematic since we might not know the missions well enough to nail them right away. But the possibility of failure without being able to keep trying until you win will hopefully make things interesting! If we'll have any vacant spots I'll announce it here if anyone would like to join in Keywords would be relaxed but heavy emphasis on teamwork. No rambos
  9. You're welcome! The image is horribly inaccurate though, as clearly the demo guys should have their goggles down.
  10. Of course, here you go; http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-4cPZb9RBlho/TzglnMPjj5I/AAAAAAAAAEg/tlpPDP-giuw/s1600/Ghost_Recon_1920x1200.jpg It is cool!
  11. I got the font, but in the end I decided to use Google sites which unfortunately does not allow fonts other than those available there. Still good to have for the future! As for what I was doing, I wanted to get some people together to play the original Ghost Recon campaign (some whom have never played the game), so I set about creating a website to get them interested in joining as well as providing a platform for the campaign as we play. Hopefully it'll help convince them to pick up an old game for some tactical fun! https://sites.google.../playghostrecon
  12. Hear, hear! I've got some friends who haven't played this wonderful game and it would be easier to convince them to join in if it was free. It's pretty cheap as it is, but it's hard to convince people to dish out money for a game over 10 years old.
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