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  1. He created a great gaming/novel legacy that will carry on... RIP Mr. Clancy
  2. Bob, I found an AI that's spawning inside a building. Took me awhile to find a spot where his hand and gun come through the wall. Can't get my screen print to work with GRAW since I updated my computer, so I'm hoping to show you Tuesday night (I'm assuming we'll go through the map then).
  3. Agree with all the above John. Your dedication to keep the game alive went above and beyond! Enjoy your break, even if it becomes permanent. I only wish I could build maps like this.
  4. Ooh, I hope Bob gets this loaded on the TAW server for tonight's session! Wish I had time to test it right now!
  5. Glad to hear you're able to reconstruct things John. I just wanted to add, regarding your external HD remark, that it's worth paying the small fee for external storage offsite (places like Amazon are only U.S. $20/year). I actually have both an external HD and offsite storage. That's because if my house were ever broken into and my things stolen, or the house burned down, everything on the external HD would be gone too. Just something to think about.
  6. Realize John that god mode isn't supposed to work on the servers (according to the documentation, but haven't actually tried that). So whenever we're pointing out problems playing on the TAW server, it's never in god mode. But maybe timing is an issue. Not sure if we had players at the gate ready to blow it when we finished the bunker (saved bunker for last). Just curious, can you trigger the marker to display before allowing one to blow the objective? (earlier in the code) In that way, the marker would always clear, wouldn't it?
  7. Well John, almost there. Ran it tonight with over a dozen of us on the TAW server and no problems in the bunker. The ONLY issue we had was the Gate objective indicator on screen did not clear when we were at the extract. Otherwise, it ran smoothly.
  8. True. How about this as a solution to that problem John. Can you install a trap door between each level and only trigger them when the floor is cleared? So when Level A is cleared, then you can open the trapdoor to Level B. When Level B is cleared, you can then open a trapdoor to Level C. Certainly easier to test and ensure the triggers are hit in a certain order.
  9. John, we did get the cell doors open. All of the prisoners were free. The prisoners then went from level C (where their cells are) up to level B in the back. As Bob said, the center room on Level B could not be cleared because none of the 3 doors gave us the X to open them. All the prisoners were at the back door of that room (at the door itself near the back hall to the train). I also wanted to note an issue I had on Level A. Realize too that there were 16 of us playing this mission last night in case that makes a difference. We cleared all the objectives and left the laptop and bunker for last. The laptop objective on the surface (in the building on top of the bunker entrance) was still showing the whole time we were in the bunker. We cleared level A, but the main objective marker stating to Clear Level A never disappeared. A few minutes later, I went into that first hallway on the left on Level A and the objectives still hadn't cleared (even though it was the first thing cleared when we entered level A). When I went back over to the laptop on level A in that left hall, it started downloading again. So I went to the OPEN door to get to the desk (again) and it wouldn't let me through. The gates on it were open, but it thought they were closed. It gave me the option to press X to open it, so I did and it opened (sound anyway since the bars across the door were already open). At that point, I went to the desk again and it cleared those finally that second time. But the "Clear Level A" message was still on the screen. When we stormed the bunker, many jumped down to level B (and C?) when we started on Level A. Maybe there's a dependency on clearing those objectives? It seems like if we don't stay on Level A and clear it before even going downstairs that it gets confused. Hope that helps.
  10. I think the changes you make may fix things John. But just to add to what Bob said...I jumped in after Mongo was out, but just before Bob got his errors. Since I came into his map with the problems, I encountered the inability to clear level A too. It was sort of stuck in some loop. But I'm not sure if it was your map or the server. I left level A as is since it wasn't working, completed level B, then went to level C. In the process of completing level C, the server crashed. Mongo said we've been having crash problems lately, so I'm wondering if what we experienced had more to do with the server acting up rather than the map.
  11. x2 on what Rahn said. Same problem with the X in the bunker. Took me awhile to figure out what was going on since the X's were appearing elsewhere in the room. Love the hidden bunker BTW!!! That's actually my favorite part of the whole mission. Although, the new air towers are pretty cool too. So far, I just ran through quickly in God Mode. I got tired of killing guys and decided to just run through to finish the objectives since I was running out of time. I'll test more later. But even though I left a lot of AI alive, I still have over 400 kills (was playing in Hard mode). Your new missions are putting the original GRAW 2 missions to shame!
  12. I just remembered one other thing that happened when we played last week. Direwolf got stuck under the back of the bus at the beginning. He was laying prone crawled under next to a barrel. I know I've tried crawling there but couldn't go under. Somehow, he couldn't get back out again and had to be killed. Not sure if adding another barrel is an easy fix if you're going to fix what Bob pointed out.
  13. Ah yes, maybe it did say Ground Floor. Somehow I missed that. And you're right on the "British" thing. It didn't occur to me about the differences. Over here, the bottom is either ground floor or first floor. They're interchangeable. I'll get used to it (just as I'm used to seeing the different spelling of words which I see in many of the books I read anyway). I'm amazed with how many people around the world actually speak English! Kudos to them. I haven't seen the tank get stuck inside the building since that one night, and it didn't do it last night either. Only thing I didn't check was the new spawn point at the fort.
  14. Running through v1.2 tonight and I don't see any way for us to spawn on that roof. That's one tall building! Problem solved. Something I thought I noticed before and just confirmed it in the data center. The on screen messages are off with the floors that are cleared. Was hard to tell with the delay of the laptop downloading, but I took my time and waited on each floor until the message appeared before going up to the next floor. Floor Cleared --> Message Received on Screen 1st Floor --> First Floor Cleared 2nd Floor --> First Floor Cleared 3rd Floor --> Second Floor Cleared So the 2nd and 3rd floors are giving the wrong message.
  15. I'll add an experience I had with regard to Jimmy's last remark. You've got 3 gates going into the fort. Once the truck comes out, you can go into the fort without ever opening the gates (that would be me every time ). When finished with the objective, I couldn't open the 3rd gate from the inside and had to go to the middle gate to open them. I realize now that you might not have the "open gate" trigger on the third gate (maybe assuming no one would come in that way?). Or maybe that trigger isn't there from the inside or is missing after the fort objectives are completed? I haven't tried it out to see what the full situation is. I can do that tonight or tomorrow.
  16. I had this problem in the first version once after I killed the AI in front of it. He landed there and I only got the X to pick up his weapon. Once I stepped away from him after passing near the laptop, the X for the laptop stayed with me anywhere I went in the room. I was able to trigger it that way. But I agree, it's a little confusing/frustrating until you realize this. IIRC, it was the 2nd floor (the end furthest from the stairs and the room had 2 laptops in it...it was the laptop against the outer wall). Maybe move the AI further away from the laptops?
  17. John, Found one more thing to fix. The TAW server still had v1 on it, so we were playing that version tonight. We triggered the tank in the building at the extract to start up, but the doors never opened. The gun of the tank came out through the doors, and I was able to lock onto that with a Zeus. But even after blowing it inside the building, the doors never opened. On a side note, I wouldn't mind being updated to "Beta Tester" below my avatar. I'll continue to test maps as I have been over the last year or so.
  18. Yeah, I spawned on the first building last night too. I was another one that didn't crash with all of us playing. I used to crash a lot, but almost never do anymore with my newer, faster PC. I'm thinking the crashes are due to individual's computers not being able to handle the load or something. One other thing I will note even though I didn't witness it. Last night when most of us were waiting at extract, I heard Glaucus (I think it was Glaucus anyway) say he spawned inside a wall and was then killed. Not sure where that last spawn point is, but figured it was worth noting. Maybe if people keep testing, they can purposely die at the end to see if it happens to them.
  19. Yeah, did enjoy a lot! I absolutely love the new ambient sounds...birds, jets, breaking glass (this last one had me once turning around to see if something was behind me because that's where the sound came from ). Ran it on LAN, Hard Mode. By the end, I had killed 540 AI and I left a bunch alive. Phew, that's a lot of AI! There were a couple of times I was being sniped and had to move around to see them. Wasn't sure if they were shooting through buildings, so I went back through to those spots. And I then was able to see they did have a clear shot of me, so all was good. I was also able to get the laptops going (not going to spoil it either, but excellent job on that BTW) simultaneously. Got one going, went to the next one and got it going. This is not a map I'd play on hard mode if I was by myself without unlimited life!!! And I'll add one more time, love those ambient sounds! A lot better than the loud music in some of the maps which gets old really fast.
  20. I think that looks good. It separates out the instructions for regular or weapons mods, and from troubleshooting (if crashes occur). Can't see it being any simpler or clearer than that. And anyone downloading and installing the new maps already is familiar with the file structure under GRAW2 (and where to find it all).
  21. With regard to this...can you change the name of the objective on the screen (HUD locator) from "Terrorist Leaders" to "Terrorist Leaders (Optional)"? Or maybe "Optional: Terrorist Leaders"? If you're in game going from one objective to another, there's really nothing telling you this objective is optional. It probably comes up when you first join (or maybe not if you join a game already in progress?)? If people head right first when starting out, that's the first one they come to.
  22. Thanks Rahn on the info on GodMode. I installed that which made testing the map much faster. In addition, I just had to add the sound_rego_4.xml file to the sounds folder on it for everything to work. I think Bob's method is definitely the simplest. Just add the xml to the sound folder. And John, great map now that I had a chance to get all the way through it. Didn't find any problems.
  23. No idea Rahn. I didn't ask at the time. But maybe I don't need to make as many changes as what John's instructions say. Here's Bob's response: So it appears that those of us running Rahn's weapons mod only need to copy a single xml into the sounds folder (and this is how I ultimately connected Thursday night after I had "put things back"). No need to rename folders and such (unless that was only for testing the sounds in the other thread?).
  24. I sent a PM to Bob asking him if he had any trouble (although I think he said he uses his own .bat files at some point, but I could be wrong on that). Maybe he can ask anyone else that was online Thursday night if they starting it with the sound file .bat or the Rahnman's Mod .bat. They start with coop and then switch to tdm, so this might be something we need to test on a server.
  25. John, I played the latest version for awhile yesterday afternoon (ran out of time so couldn't finish it), but I'm a little confused about something. I'm running Rahnman's weapons mod. Made the modifications to do the "sound test" by installing everything. Then played this map Tuesday with TAW on their server. Had to use your .bat file to play the map running on their server. Then last night, got started late in joining TAW and started it up with your .bat file. They were running a tdm map which I had, but I instead got the message that their server was running a different version (not of the map, but of the application...same message you get if you don't have Rahnman's mod installed and try to join a server running his mod). I had to put my local folder back and run Rahnman's .bat to connect to the tdm map they were running (and played just fine the rest of the night with them). So that has me wondering (because maybe I'm a noob at this and am missing something?), are we having to switch which .bat we use depending on which maps are running? I'm really confused why I had problems connecting to their server running your .bat with it setup to play the map we're testing here. EDIT: Re-reading this, not sure if it's confusing. If so, let me know and I'll clarify a little more. And Bob...Elevator Music...good one!
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