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  1. lookd nice, but those gun graphics are terrible. Compare FTB's gun skins to this...big diff!
  2. Yeah, I don't wanna be playing with the same few guns over and over....and those gun GFX need a serious improvement....can they at least take some pointers from FTB3?
  3. From what I see, there is going to be very few guns just like GRAW2 for psp. Would it hurt for some DLC that contains extra guns? C'mon FTB3 has 80+ weapons....and some mission DLC.....since it has no online, they need to add some game modes that will add to replay value...they could have at least made COOP online if anything...if they want this game to see, they need to go the extra mile, and give psp owners something that is worth our while.
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