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  1. Happy Birthday WhiteKnight! Have a great one!
  2. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ubi buyback some of their stock and put into place poison pill arrangements, if they are able to.
  3. finster

    Rocky's Bday

    Hope you had a great B-Day Rock.
  4. Nice review NYR! what a relief!
  5. Sweet! Big fan of Freaky Friday! Will try to make it. fin
  6. Those are great pics. This makes me want to get back into heli games. I used to love the ah-64a apache game on the back in the day.
  7. This looks GREAT! Really clean and tight. Nice!
  8. Started grad school last week. Been working on homework since...
  9. Whether you go with DSL or cable, I'd recommend getting a router to attach to the broadband modem. I've used Linksys products and it makes it so much easier. I think the wired BEFSR41 is around $60 these days. The router provides a firewall and allows you to connect multiple machines to the same internet connection. The hardware firewall means I don't have to run Zonealarm or another piece of software on my machine, meaning less resouces gettin gin the way of GR or JO. my .02
  10. I think there was one mod where the first mission had you riding in a jeep. Was it Harntrox 5 maybe? I could never do it correctly.
  11. Got up to watch Tour coverage on OLN at 9. Had coffee. Currently deciding which fireworks display we'll go see tonight.
  12. Uh Oh. Pretty soon it will read All discussions about art are hereby banned! at the top of this forum...
  13. Glad to hear she's feeling better. Ice cream always seems to help too. (not on the injury, for the injured)
  14. I don't know exactly how these compare, but NC has a good point about refurbs. Dell AUS Factory Outlet
  15. I think the "blow to the chest" may also be describing "cardiac concussion". Here's an article from my local paper on the subject, focusing on youth sports: Cardiac concussion excerpt: "The cause is a little-known medical event called commotio cordis, or cardiac concussion. It occurs when an athlete suffers a blow to the chest in a specific time between beats of the heart. The organ goes into ventricular fibrillation, or some other irregular heart rhythm, and then cardiac arrest. Though it occurs most often in baseball, it also has been reported in softball, ice hockey, lacrosse, boxing and fights, and in vehicular accidents."
  16. If you haven't made changes to display setting, like WK mentioned, it sounds like something is corrupted. If you're on XP or 98, I'd suggest going out to Microsoft and finding a "Powertoy" called TweakUI. There's a feature in there that allows you to repair certain things, one of them is "Repair Icons". It's worked for me when things have gotten goofy in the past.
  17. Nice find Havok, and GREAT research Nino! That's really interesting and a great read.
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