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  1. What did Neill have to say when you called him the other night?
  2. I no longer have faith in the British government's ability to keep me safe while I'm here. In Dublin the Garda were EVERYWHERE on foot, here when I needed them - they weren't to be found. One would think that the police would be at such a place, even in my wee town when we have a fair the police always have a strong presence. It is a shame. There are some great people here - especially Rocky and Pyro_Monty. Truly great guys, and Rocky is a heck of a host to guests! But reading the BBC and such it seems like the country is on an express elevator to heck, and is rapidly turning into 'Chavist
  3. Definately stay away from Princess Street! I was the victim of a crime there last night. Walking along the street, minding my own business when I saw a group of 10-20 teenagers.. This one girl comes up to me, and starts dancing around me. Then she starts acting like she's humping me. She takes my hat, and passes it to one of her friends. He trows it into the street. I look at them and ask "What the hell was that for?". At this, they start kicking me in the back of the legs. If there had only been 1 or 2, I would have fought them since I was bigger. But I'm not going to fight on 10:1 or 2
  4. Hahaha. Well, Tyovan is off on the next stage of his awesome journey - Edinburgh. He was lucky too, 10 minutes later to the train station and he would have been stranded in Fife because a fire in a nearby tyre place shut the whole city centre down, trains too. Apparantly there was a gas bottle n the middle of the fire and until it cooled (in about 12 hours) nobody was allowed within a 1 mile radius. ← I made it here alright. If any other Scots are thinking of coming, I suggest staying well away from Princess Street. I think the entire city is down there, along with a bunch o
  5. @ Ronin, no not too loud at all. The cold bothered us more than the noise.. It was only air rifles though, not much noise from them!
  6. Here are two photos from the Black Watch Museum - very cool place, I definately recommend a visit if you're in the region!
  7. Having a good time here at Rocky's secret bunker somewhere in Fife.. Been having a great time. We went shooting earlier today and I've heard rumours that the targets might be scanned up later tonight and posted on the forums. Also had a really good time at the Black Watch Museum in Perth. Also went to the pub with Pyro_Monty up in Sheepshagger City, the night was good - but the morning afterwards was no good.. Off to Edinburgh tomorrow....
  8. I can assure you there will be no gay bar visits when you arrive here in a couple of days! ← That's absolutely fine with me mate! I still can't believe I went with them..
  9. Survived Northern Ireland - got talked into going drinking at a gay bar with my two gay hostel room-mates last night.. If you want more (strictly heterosexual) details: www.xanga.com/tyovan4
  10. Got mistaken for a British soldier at a nationalist pub in Derry's Bogside!!!! Scared would be an understatement.....
  11. Sex will come when we're both ready for it to be part of our relationship. I'm not sending her flowers because I want to get laid, I'm sending her flowers because I love her and want to show her my love even though I'm seperated from her by an ocean
  12. @ earl - I think that place is closed in the winter.. @ the.ronin - I was thinking of having a half dozen red roses delivered to her house around Christmas time
  13. Having a grand ole time here in Ireland. Went to Limerick and took a bus through counties Limerick, Tipperary, Laois, and Kildare to get to Dublin.. VERY beautiful country full of some of the most friendly people with the most indecipherable accents that you'll ever meet. My advice: come to Ireland! Friendly people, fun night-life, beautiful country-side, safe.. Its grand.. The only thing that sucks about the whole thing is the woman I love is still back in Pennsylvania..
  14. Its still hard for me to believe I'm doing this, but I leave for the airport in 30 minutes.. :|
  15. The rest of the family, its a very rare occassion when I do it.
  16. @ Snared_Gambit - about $5-6K @ WhiteKnight - I had the trip planned before I really became close with her.. now I don't know what I'm gonna do without her for so long..
  17. Honestly, I'm flying from London -> Amsterdam because I was afraid of taking the ferry since I don't like boats and can't swim.
  18. Well everybody, I'd just like to say that I'm leaving to go on a trip through Europe on Thursday. Starting to get a little bit nervous about it, but I'm sure I'll have a good time.. Here's the itinerary if anybody's interested in seeing it: For those of you who are wondering about the trip, here's the schedule: 24 Nov. Leave 25 Nov. Limerick, Ireland 26-28 Nov. Dublin, Ireland 29-30 Nov. Derry City, Northern Ireland 1 Dec. Letterkenny, Ireland and Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland 2-3 Dec. Belfast, Northern Ireland 4-7 Dec. Aberdeen, Scotland 8-9 Dec. Fife, Scotland 10-11 Dec. Edi
  19. tyovan4

    Do you drink?

    I jsut want to see who all drinks round here. I've deen brinking tonight and I dont think I'm the only wone who does..
  20. Dear Lord.. Raven Shield all over again..
  21. Here are two semi-recent ones of me..
  22. When are we going to be seeing the interview questions and answers?
  23. http://www.nationalcivilwarmuseum.org/ It really is quite good. Only $7 to get in too. I've been there a few times, and I believe I took Pyro_Monty there when he was with me. It's not visited by very many people, so don't worry about the crowds. It's only about an hour or so from Gettysburg, but if you go be warned its kind of in the ghetto part of town!
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