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  1. A beautiful young waitress wearing a traditional dress Ive seen the Lederhosen here, now its my mission to see a real Dirndl. Since Ive seen the guys traditional dress, I want to see the women. Oh, and about Tatiana: Having a dozen red roses delivered to a woman on her Christmas (yesterday was Orthodox Christmas) will score you MAJOR points.
  2. Went to Neuschwanstein today, made it up that hill in about 15-20 minutes. Pretty darn impressive place, although the tour is EXTREMELY quick. Still worth the visit though. Now, I need to find me a young schön Kellnerin wearing a Dirndl... )
  3. Drinking two liters from the Hofbräuhaus within an hour is NOT recommended. You will go well past that funny stage and the world will begin spinning all around you and you will feel extremely sick. That is the life lesson I learned today.
  4. Well, Im going there tomorrow so if they have a place to get online, Ill let yall know how it went. As for today, Im in desperate need of a haircut and Im giong to Schloss Nymphenburg here in München.
  5. Youthfulness does not necessarily imply fitness. Although I did manage to do 9 miles in a few hours in Northern Ireland, so 3K shouldnt be a problem.
  6. @ earl: thanks mate Why I was mad about the train was that a lot of the seats were already reserved, not just because people were sitting in them, but because there were signs above them saying they were reserved. The company should have known that all the seats were reserved, and they should have advised me to take the other train that was arriving to the same place at the same time! Yeah, I did ride the London Underground. Very crowded. I had no real problems on my other journeys with the British train services, and I will always remember the kindness and compassion of two certain Scot
  7. No headache, felt fine in the morning. Was very less than pleased with the German rail service the other day. They sold me a ticket on a train with no open seats. I ended up sitting on the floor. Not amused. In my words in an e-mail to my giflriend "Why the ***k would they sell me a ticket for the train if there wasn't a seat for me on it?"
  8. German New Years is always so much more fun than an American one! Legal alcohol and good fireworks! Viel spass!
  9. Ordered her season one of Little Britain on DVD for x-mas, she finally receieved it and loves it - thinks its really hilarious. Giving her a "call from the future tomorrow" since Ill be calling from Europe in 2006 but itll still be 2005 in the States. Missed my train stop yesterday at this Rheinland village I was going to. Couldnt figure out how to open the antiquated doors of the train..
  10. Oh - and Rocky, she got the bear and really seemed to appreciate it and said it was very sweet. Spent an hour and a half on the phone with her yesterday, things seem to be getting a little bit better now...
  11. Ich bin hier in Deutschland jetzt. In Köln (Cologne) right now, going to the Dom (Cathedral) in a few minutes..
  12. In Ieper (Ypres) now, this is my third and final day here. Come here and bring your children here, its very much like a religious experience. You will leave here a different person. You wont get the experience going to one cemetary on a guided tour - make your own tour. Go to Hill 62 and climb in the original trenches and dug-outs like I have. Wander the countryside like I have and go to each cemetary you come to and realize theres another one like that a few hundred metres down the road and another and another and another. Go see the names on the Menin Gate - and realize those are only the
  13. Called her, she told me to stop pushing and to let things run their course, and we'll have all the time in the world to talk when I get home in February.. In other subjects, Brugge is AMAZING!
  14. Things have gone from bad to the apoccalypse with her. Might go home early (if she'll talk to me) to try and sort it out
  15. Was in Den Haag today, I'm there now. Staying down by Holland-Spoor station, incidentally right across the street from a red light district in this city. This happened by chance, not by choice. Called the lady last night, told her (in Russian even!!) "I love you and I'm very sorry. Please forgive me." She said she was still a little bit angry with me, and that we will talk about this when I get home (in February! ) because its not something that should be discussed over the phone, it should be done in person. Just ordered her Season One of Little Britain for the new DVD player that she
  16. In Den Haag now, last two days in Amsterdam. Yes, its as its described. A few blocks of wall to wall brothels. A door with a big window, and a red light above with a woman behind. Most wearing bikinis, but some in lingerie too. A few rather kinky outfits. Gotta get into the sidestreets and alley-ways to see most of it though. No idea of prices, sorry fellas. One did come out of her booth and grab me and try to get me to 'come in and play', but I wasn't interested. The area gets very annoying due to bums constantly asking you for money and drug dealers constantly trying to sell you cocaine.
  17. Before I left I dropped my car off the insrurance for the time that I was going to be gone. No sense paying insurance on the car if its just gonna be sitting in the driveway for a few months while I'm over here. Well, both of my wonderful fathers cars were broken, so he decided to drive mine into town. And he hit a deer and did severe damage to the car. Now he expects me to pay to fix it. No way Jose.. Told him it shouldnt have been on the road, not my fault his cars werent working, or my fault that he hit the deer - I'm not paying a penny and he has until the first week of February to fix
  18. Wandered through the Red Light District last night - turns out my hostel is located in it.. Its just as its always described. Didn't do anything though, just depressed me and made me want my girlfriend even more.
  19. In Amsterdam now. Just as soon as I felt used to an Irish/British keyboard, I go to a different country which uses a DIFFERENT keyboard configuration!! Aarrghh..
  20. I'm honestly ready to go home. I've learned to appreciate things much more. My country, my family, the woman I love, being able to sleep in my own bed without having five other snoring people in the room with me.. I've been gone enough for one trip, and I'm really kicking myself in the back-side for being gone so long. I'm sure in five or ten years I'll look back and think what an absolutely wonderful experience it was, a once-in-a-lifetime thing that most people don't get to experience. In the long term, I know its worth it. In the short term, I'm starting to hate it. Leaving London
  21. STOP THE PRESSES, STOP THE PRESSES, IT CAME!!!!!!! And for the first time in my life, I experienced tears of joy.
  22. I said some very stupid things on the phone and in an e-mail to her. I just really wasn't myself yesterday. Luckily I haven't lost her (yet).. Shes not angry anymore, just empty inside. Said we both need to take some time to think more about us.
  23. Horrible day yesterday, one of the worst days of my life. Made an awful mistake, and ended up hurting the woman I love - which is the last thing I've ever wanted to do.. And now I'm waiting to find out if she can find it in her heart to forgive me or if I've lost her...
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