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  1. I raise you by an additional two sir.
  2. I think a lot of them would be US only and a lot of UK sites would be US only. If you have any Yankee friends, see if they'll get it and ship it to you in the UK and then send them the money. Thats what Pyro_Monty and I did when Island Thunder came out and it was released in the US before the UK.
  3. Just want to wish everyone a very happy St Patrick's Day! We'll sing a song, a soldier's song, With cheering rousing chorus, As round our blazing fires we throng, The starry heavens o'er us; Impatient for the coming fight, And as we wait the morning's light, Here in the silence of the night, We'll chant a soldier's song. Soldiers are we , whose lives are pledged to Ireland; Some have come from a land beyond the wave. Sworn to be free, No more our ancient sire land Shall shelter the despot or the slave. Tonight we man the gap of danger In Erin's cause, come woe or weal 'Mid
  4. Hmm.. Maybe he should have to serve his sentence in an Israeli prison then I don't think they'd mind paying to incarcerate him and I dont think they'd have to spend money on all three years either
  5. It happened.. I was there, I saw it. He said the gas chambers at Auschwitz were a hoax. I stood in them - maybe he needs to too.
  6. It'll be interesting in the end to see if there was an IRA connection. This robbery seems awfully similair to the Northern Bank robbery that took place in Northern Ireland a year or two ago.
  7. I was quite impressed with it as well. I saw it back in the fall when it was released in the cinemas here. Informative and entertainin - well worth the money.
  8. He's over at militaryphotos.net - he's a moderator over there. Try there if you can't get ahold of him at other places. ;-)
  9. Glad to hear everyone came out of this ordeal healthy and safe.
  10. You and your family are in our thoughts. I hope everything turns out well for you all.
  11. Thought I'd update my entry. Name: Todd Yovanovich Date of Birth: 23 January 1987 Location: Pennsylvania, USA Occupation: I'm currently looking for a new job, I was travelling around Europe for the past two and a half months. Romance Status: It's complicated. I'm involved with a woman named Tatiana right now. She's thirty, and she's from Russia, and she is a doctor. Image: Favorite Aspect of GR: infantry combat simulation as opposed to the spec ops counter-terror games.. a nice change of pace Least Favorite Aspect of GR: poor friendly AI Favorite GR Mod: Pyro and patrici
  12. Dude, are you still seeing the same chick?? The walk-your-evil-dog chick?? I thought that fell apart while you were away. Right on man. Russian. mmmm. ← Yeah, we had a problem. But things seem to be getting better.
  13. Well, I've decided to attempt to learn how to cook something for her on Valentine's Day since she always cooks for me every other time. I thought it would be nice to cook for her for a change. Gonna attempt mashed potatoes, corn, hamloaf, and then bake a nice cake and write Я тебя люблю on it (I love you in Russian)..
  14. No, this is Marianna. The woman that walked my evil dog is Tatiana. No idea mate..
  15. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showp...2&postcount=297 Pictures continue onto the next page of the thread.
  16. Im in London now, but this happened yesterday in Warsaw. was walking along the street, and a woman started speaking to me in Polish. I explained to her that I didn't understand, etc. Then she started speaking to me in English. She spoke very quietly, and there were tears in her eyes, it was obviusly difficult for her to talk to me about this. She never asked for money. She explained that she had lost her job and was now living on the street and asked if I would buy her some food. I thought I might be getting ripped off, so I asked well, what kind of food? She said whatever kind o
  17. Hard to believe that the adventure is nearing its end. Tomorrow I fly off to London, and then the day after that I fly to Limerick. The day after that (three days from now) I fly back to the US, to Boston. Then on Tuesday (six days from now) I fly down to Baltimore/Washington and my mum picks me up. All I can say is "Wow".. Sometimes it feels like I've been over here forever.
  18. So I wasn't killed in the roof collapse, even though all my family was worried that I was. They have a copy of my schedule though and knew I was planning on being in Lodz that day though, so Im not sure why they were worried. Anyway, Im in Warsaw now. Only nine more days of adventuring - then I go home.
  19. I got tired of the double standards, and she was 'busy' with applying for a medical residency program. So busy that she didn't have 15 free minutes all week to e-mail me, but she had 30 minutes free everyday to take a walk with another doctor (who was a guy) and to go to one of her Russian friends in NYC for the weekend. I figured if she doesn't have time for me now when shes only applying for the residency program, whats going to happen when shes actually *in* the program and working such crazy hours? She really, really wouldn't have time for me. I tried to talk to her about all this, but
  20. So I went to Wieliczka today, thanks for the suggestion Earl! It was very impressive.. Yesterday I went to Oswiecim and Brzezinka (Auschwitz and Birkenau).. Very.. well, something else. I have no words for it.
  21. Happy birthday to my mate Streinger!
  22. Yeah, I think things are pretty much over with her.. Women: make the highs higher, and the lows more frequent.
  23. Made it to Poland. Having a good time with my friends here, a lot of fun. Think things have pretty much run their course with the Russian woman though..
  24. Well, Im in Berlin now. A lot of history here. Saw the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, the Zoo (dont see why that area is so infamous though), Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall Documentation Center, the Holocaust Memorial (which I did not personally care for, I think a different design should have been chosen), the East Side Gallery - 1,5 km of the original wall with artwork on it, etc, etc, etc. Very surreal feeling, seeing the Wall. Especially standing next to it in the former East Berlin and looking up at the bright blue sky and seeing the birds flying freely over the border. Also str
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