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  1. Cool.

    I don't do too much gaming at all anymore. I play Red Orchestra 2 occasionally. 

    I've been fairly busy with life. Got married, moved to Pittsburgh, had a son, got divorced. Served in the Air Guard, became a dual citizen with another country - which did not make USAF very happy at all.. Things are decent though, and I've been employed by local government for the last several years in the public health field. 

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  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Life has been unbelievably busy.

    I'm serving in the US Air Force (PA - Air National Guard, something like the RAF Auxiliary for our British friends :) ) and living in Hershey, PA - home of the infamous Hershey's chocolate company. My town smells of milk chocolate and is over-run with tourists from New York.

    I'm in my last semester of college, doing 21 credits of classes and testing out of 6 other credits - a total of 27 credits this semester. A year's worth of school in a semester. And of course commuting an hour each way to get to school.

    The wife and I are moving to Pittsburgh in June, she got a job at one of the hospitals there (she's a doctor). So we'll be trying to buy a house and qualify for a mortgage in this screwed up economy. I'm looking for a job in the security industry. I'm volunteering for Iraq this summer, but it looks like I'm going to be left behind. :(

    Here's a picture from March 2008 when I graduated from basic training:


    Thanks for the b-day wishes! Glad you got the Christmas card Rocky!!

  3. Hey everyone,

    I'm sure theres a few old-timers around here who remember me and my antics with women.

    Well, I got married on 21 December 2007. To Tatiana, a Russian doctor. :D Rocky, this is the same Tatiana who's letter who forwarded to London for me ;)

    Life has been busy. I backpacked around Europe for 3 months from Nov 2005-Feb 2006 (Eire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, London, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland).

    I've been to two colleges - Harrisburg Area Community College and Millersville University. I've been a history education major, but I think I'm going to switch to History major, Government minor with a Russian emphasis and try to score a job with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after I graduate.

    I've also joined the military - the 193rd Special Operations Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. I'm shipping out to Lackland Air Force Base for basic training on 5 Feb.

    Here's a picture of me and my new wife:


  4. Well, as some of you know I've been dealing with the recruiter and MEPS for the past few months. I've been hoping to join the Air National Guard. I admitted on the medical history form to being in counseling - when my parents got divorced ten years ago. MEPS wanted to see my medical records, so I signed a release statement and released them to the recruiter who faxed them to MEPS.

    Word came back from MEPS today - I'm permanently disqualified for military service because of adjustment disorder that has been treated with medication. I was never medicated EVER, so I dont understand why that was what disqualified me. I called my mum and she confirmed I was never, ever medicated for any psychiatric or emotional problem. The recruiter is mailing me the records. I'm going to review them (all 50 pages) line-by-line and find out what is says about medication since I was never medicated.

    If the records say nothing about medication, I'm going to call the recruiter and ask how I can appeal this. I'd ask for another doctor to review them or if we could do anything else. If things go through after the review and my records have no mention of medication I plan on filing a formal complaint against the doctor that disqualified me.

    I don't accept this outcome, I want in and I'll fight my way in if I have to. Anyone have any advice???

  5. Well, I had to go again to MEPS to ###### in the cup again. Something went wrong with the first sample. Here's part of what I just e-mailed my girlfriend.

    I hope this e-mail will find you still in the cardiology department. Hopefully you had a peaceful night's sleep too. I couldn't sleep again - I finally fell asleep around midnight. And my alarm was rather cruel when it started buzzing at 0430!

    I got to the station at 0530 - and didn't leave until 1015. Only with the United States military does it take almost 5 hours to pee. For the first three hours or so they were processing other people - so I sat out in the main lobby and watched tv. Then they started doing the ###### tests - and they let me go first. The friendly petty officer actually recognized me and remembered me! Of course I couldn't pee the first time. So I drank and drank and drank.. And then it was Niagara Falls when I was ready to go! Then they had to fill out some paperwork for my records - then I went home. After going to the bathroom AGAIN. And I even ended up going to the bathroom for a THIRD time when I got home.

    Then I called SSgt Crouse - and we're meeting sometime next week to discuss jobs. She said though that the Information Management job doesn't qualify for the bonus!!! :-( I'll have to find one that does. She said my test scores are so good I can do pretty much whatever I want. I was talking with one guy at the station - hes joining the Navy as a nuclear reactor operator... He said he 'kicked the intelligence tests ass' he got a 91. He asked what I got and I told him a 95! Haha!! :-)

  6. Well, I went to MEPS yesterday and today. I don't feel like retyping everything, so I'll just post the e-mail I just sent to my girlfriend.

    The phyical was a long, boring process. We had to get a briefing, then we had to sign papers, then we had to take an alcohol test, then we had to take a blood test, then we had to take a ###### test, then we got to take 2 vision tests (I got to take a third because I'm going to the Air Force), then we got to take a hearing test, then we got to talk to the doctor about our medical history - then he looked at my eyes, ears, mouth, balls, and butt.. Then we had to take a flexibility test, then I (again cuz I'm going into the Air Force) got to take a strength test.

    There was only one other Air Force guy there.. Some of the people going into the Army struck me as being a little bit sketchy.. Surprisingly the military personnel working at the station were very friendly and helpful, and the civilian people working there were basically ######. I thought it would have been the other way around. The one petty officer (like a sergeant for the Navy) was very nice to me. He made my day a lot easier.

    I passed the physical 'with flying colors' and even got the maximum score on the strength test! We looked in our folders and got our results for the intelligence test that we took on Monday. I got a 95/99.. Most of the other people there got scores in the 50s! Anyway, I'm qualified for almost every job in the Air Force. I called the recruiter after I got home and she told me that. She was very impressed with my scores.

    The ###### test was the most difficult thing for me. Of course you know how often I pee - so imagine how hard it is for me to pee on command! I couldn't do it the first time.. So I spent an hour drinking like 10 cups of water. Then when I was waiting to see the doctor, I told the Petty Officer I was ready to take the ###### test NOW!! So we did - and I definately peed that time. I had drank so much water though that I ended up peeing two MORE times before I left! "When it rains, it pours" I guess, haha!

    She said though that personnel specialists (the job I was looking at) don't qualify for the $15K bonus!!

    I want that ring for you - I want that bonus. She suggested I find another job that they do have vacancies for - so I think I did. Information Management - http://www.goang.com/careers/detail....f-24524e19365b

    It's basically working in an office - taking care of mail, communications, working on websites, etc. Safe. And I took several computer and web-design classes in high school - so I actually have a background in it. And it gets the bonus! And I can do this job at the base in Middletown - so instead of having to spend one weekend per month up at State College - I'll be home Saturday nights after drill is done. Which means we'll be able to spend more time as a family.

  7. Well everybody, I'm going off to MEPS on Monday and Tuesday of next week to take my ASVAB and get my physical done. I'm going with the Pennyslvania Air National Guard. I'm about 99% sure I'm gonna be enlisting..

    The benefits are fantastic, the experience will be priceless, and I'll get a chance to serve my country at home and abroad (preferably Afghanistan as opposed to Iraq).

    I'll write about my experiences after I get back from there next week.

  8. Despite my "10" she is still at the 7th place....

    BTW she is really attarctive, not less than the babe at 1st place anyway.

    I hope for you TY is not going to read this topic otherways you'll receive a visit soon :rofl:

    Too late, I've seen it! :shifty:

    I might have to make a return visit to Fife, I'll say that! :thumbsup:

  9. I met one person who was friendly to me - most of them stared at me. The people in Brussels weren't friendly. I met friendly people in Brugge, but they were from France.

    French was a common language in brugge, Luckily my bro was a bit fluent in french..

    He's goin Hong Kong this year, meh me wanna go too.. the ticket is well dear tho' ..


    What about the scottish? :shifty:

    The Scots.. Well..

    I've met Scottish guys from GR.net - great guys, absolutely world-class. Very, very nice families as well. People in Aberdeen and Fife were nice and friendly. Not so much in Edinburgh though. I was attacked by a group of kids there too - which was definately unfriendly. I've never been to Glasgow nor have I spent a lot of time in the countryside, so I cant really speak for what those people are like.

  10. Radioactive steam has leaked into the atmosphere in Pennsylvania, USA.

    The accident happened when a water pump broke down at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, 10 miles (16km) south-east of the state capital Harrisburg.

    There are fears some of the plant's 500 workers have been contaminated.

    The authorities have declared a "general emergency" but did not inform the public until five hours after the gas escaped at 0400 local time.

    Director of the County Civil Defence Organisation (CCDO) Les Jackson said they had drawn up an evacuation plan, but nearby residents have not been moved yet.

    He described the scene at the large power station in the Susquehanna River as "a madhouse".

    Spokesman for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) Joe Fouchard said: "There's a hell of a lot of radiation in the reactor building."

    A spokesman for Metropolitan Edison - one of the companies that runs Three Mile Island - said the nuclear reactor automatically shut down after the malfunction, but not before the leak.

    According to a US Government report radiation has been detected a mile away, but the calm weather has helped contain the spread of the noxious fumes.

    One of the nuclear engineer at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, William Dornsife, said: "There was very little wind this morning, so the radioactivity shouldn't have gone very far."

    "What small release there was will be confined to the local vicinity," he continued.

    The emergency status will remain until there has been a thorough investigation by teams in anti-radiation suits.

    The nuclear industry has been under increasing scrutiny in the US recently.

    Five plants were closed down there just two weeks ago over fears of the effects of earthquakes on cooling towers.


    Just thought I'd post this since I saw it on the BBC website and TMI is less than a mile from my house..

  11. Unfortunately I'm back in the States, and I'm only 19 - so not a drop of alcohol today.

    That picture was taken in Poland - during my first experience with vodka. Drank 50 cl of the stuff. My friends were proud and told me I was a real Slavic man!

    This was the after:


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