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  1. So basically where is the problem? Is it with Gamespy or is it in the game itself when people host? Most of us use routers so maybe thats the culprit? Wish I knew.
  2. Well never thought I'd be reposting the same post after a few months. For a while there I wasn't getting "punted" no matter what server/host I was on after intital post, and all those great replies but now it's right back to the same stupid issue. Being dropped. Its gets a little frustrating having to continue to rejoin someones host four or five times in one session. Hey GAMESPY...fix your stuff will ya, I wanna play this game for longer then two minutes at a time please!
  3. Is there any word on a fix for the "rate of fire" keybind crash? This is such a frustrating situation to no be able to change your rate of fire in game. This seems to be a "host" side problem because I'm able to hit my "z" key, though the "rate of fire" doesn't work when doing this I still do not crash game.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm still getting the drops, no matter if I host or join. Connection failure-connection to the server has timed out. My friend host and he gets dropped, if he doesn't then I do. He has to restart the game several times. I use Gamespy for FlighSim X and the only real problems I have with that is when logging in, it tends to drop you several times during that process then once the game starts it runs fine. I really think this is an important issue since it does interfere with the proper function of the game play. Ubisoft is allowing Gamespy to act as the server for the game so I think Ubisoft needs to address Gamespy for a solution, not the players. If Gamespy moving to a new data center was suppose to be the solution to the problem, it didn't fix anything that I can see. I have my hopes up. This is a great game but haven't been able to play it long enough to get any real enjoyment out of it.
  5. Been trying to find any information dealing with randomly being dropped from a server after joining. I can join the game and anywhere from five minutes to ten minutes the server justs drops me. I'm pretty sure I'm not being kicked by someone since it happens on a friends host as well. I can rejoin with no problems. I get a message box that just states something about not being able to connect to server. I also notice that others have this happen to them on servers I've been on. They just all of a sudden drop and then rejoin a few minutes later. Please, what is this and is there any way to fix it?
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